Mutharika rejects Malawi ‘failed state’:  Newspaper argues ‘if not failed State, what is?’

Malawian President Peter Mutharika  has denied that his country is a failed state, saying there are all signs that the country is becoming a prosperous nation.

Mutharika argues that a failed state cannot buold a beautiful university like MUST in Thyolo

Mutharika argues that a failed state cannot buold a beautiful university like MUST in Thyolo

President Mutharika having a handshake with hid deputy, Saulos Chilima

President Mutharika having a handshake with hid deputy, Saulos Chilima

President Mutharika, First Lady and Vice President Chilima at MUST

President Mutharika, First Lady and Vice President Chilima at MUST

He rejected opposition and critics assertions that  all systems are not functioning with the economic turmoil, corruption and epileptic electicity supply.

Mutharika said  it is absolutely false to label Malawi a failed state, arguing that many things are on the right course.

Speaking on Thursday in Thyolo after being inaugurated chancellor of the Malawi University of Science and Technology (Must), Mutharika said a failed state cannot establish institutions of higher learning like MUST.

“Malawi is not a failed state as some opposition parties and commentators want people to believe,” said Mutharika.

“Malawi is becoming a great nation,” he said.

He called on Malawians to be more innovative saying the country needs people with a scientific mind to become a great nation of achievers.

Mutharika urged Malawians to start believing in themselves,  “thinking big” and “act decisively” to make Malawi great again.

The Head of State called on Malawians  to do more in advancing technology and innovation.

“Science and technology used to be part of us before colonisation,” he said.

“We used to be more creative in making resources that helped in our day to day lives. Let’s embrace the spirit of self-independence. We must be producers and exporters of technology and not consumers and importer of other people’s technology,” said Mutharika.

Meanwhile, Malawi flagship daily newspaper, Times has begged to differ with President Mutharika that Malawi is not a failed state, saying as a matter of fact “it is” as the country enjoys more than 20 hours of blackout everyday forcing some investments to close down.

In its editorial comment, the paper argues: “ What is not a failed state when some public universities remain closed  and students are helpless as if there is no President in the country?”

It adds: “What is not a failed state when unemployment rate is very high. What is not a failed state when hospitals, prisons have no resources?”

The paper further argued that DPP government is giving amnesty to corrupt gangsters in the corridors of power from prosecution on corruption charges from obvious cases.

“The current state Malawi is in is that of hopelessness. It is a country that is moving like goats without a shephered. The President is not seen to rise above the norm and provide solutions to the crisis.”

It also backed claims by critics that President Mutharika is just good at paying lip service.

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APM is only interested in the trappings of the presidency: This is clear to anyone with eyes to see. He does not care a hoot about Malawi. This is why he keeps buying luxury vehicles when the bloated presidential convoy already has excellent vehicles, including some which are used as “spare” vehicles for his use on the convoy. Donor support can resume with a show of seriousness in the anti-corruption fight. When Mrs Mahuka resigned from ESCOM (running away from pressure to make dubious payments) a serious president would have probed the matter to the bottom. But not APM; with… Read more »

monga ine presdent wanu ndikuvomereza kulephera kwanga ndineso chitsilu muntu wanga sukugwira.

southern offender

mr president tell your minister of education and healthy to pay civil servants in thyolo,Mulanje chiradzulu,phalombe.dont you know that you are messing up with your relactant spirit in you.what kind of president are you.our economy is going down because of cheap propaganda from you.fix electricity back.your very lazy president we ever had before

Epaphras Ndalama

I choose to agree that this is a failed state. The argument of the MUST college is NOT VALID because the college was closed a month ago due to water problem. Then, what’s the essence of having a good university and fail to manage it? As if that is not enough, we still have MZUNI, Poly that are still closed on financial and managerial grounds. Plenty are the evidences that allude to this state as a failed one. So, what can stop us from drawing conclusions?

Why is it that the President and Malawians see Malawi differently. The President says its a prosperous state Malawians argue its a failed state. Definitions can change over time so can the definition of failed state. Reasons why Malawi is described different is because those doing the descriptions live different lives. Those who have benefited from the current Govt would want it to continue and when they say Malawi is prosperous they seeing it in their perspective. They are rich and are loving lives with abundance. They cant feel poverty, hunger, blackouts, collapsing social services, insecurity. To them the world… Read more »

corruption, . Ku central medical stores alipo katangale wamkulu amapereka ma contracts under buy malawi campaign za mankhwala yadula kwambiri, ndi ma manufacturer wa malawi wena amango mtchita labelo made in malawi koma mankhwala ku mbwera chokera kunja.


It is actually the usual MCP-owned newspaper that views Malawi as failed state. They deliberately want to mislead people on the definition of failed state. Luckily Malawians know why we are struggling economically or otherwise-but still we can not describe ourselves a failed state. What a shame to the Daily Times!

Don’t blame MCP. It is not ruling Malawi. How can Peter it is not failed state when u can not have electricity, water, donors have not given money because DDP don’t want to take those DDP mentioned in corruption into task. Universities closed. Thyolo university is a loan from China. Thyolo university is lacking teachers. They come from other university to teach there. Stadium is not opened. Presidential villas now are not like they were meant to be. 5 stairs hotel is almost empty rooms. Economy is very bad. No investors has come in the country as he promised. He… Read more »

I think we shud introduce a school for schooling presidents, zokuti we are ruled by a proff…..amadziwa ndi anthu amayiko ena….


‘signs that the cojntry is becoming a prosperous nation’

Prosperous? It’s all relative but prosperous?


A prime example of failed state. You vividly well but you don’t want to admit. Failed state because of its failed leader.
Bola a braz ankayesetsa

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