Mutharika rubbishes University of Malawi survey, says researchers dealt with ‘flies’

President Peter Mutharika on Saturday trashed a recent poll by Chancellor College which revealed that 40 percent of Malawians have trust in him and other leaders.

President Peter Mutharika : The Chanco researchers were asking flies

A survey conducted by the Department if Political and Administrative Studies at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College have shown that Malawians trust the clergy and traditional leaders more than they trust politicians at various levels , including the Head of State.

Titled ‘The Paradox of Traditional Leadership in Democratic Malawi’, the survey results show that the clergy are most trusted  with ratings of 83 percent followed by chiefs at 76 percent.

The survey was conducted by political science professor Boniface Dulani, head of political and administrative studies at Chancellor College Happy Kayuni, Micheal Chasukwa and Gift Sambo.

Norwegian Program for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research Development sponsored the survey.

But Mutharika punched holes on the credibility of the research.

“A certain professor from Chancellor College, whom I will not name, did a research which says only 40 percent of Malawians have trust in me. This is not true. This is a lie. May be he was asking flies in his research, not people,” the Malawi leader said.

He told people to disregard the poll.

The President  said contrary to the poll, he is the most popular leader in the country.

Mutharika said this when he officially opened Mangochi Technical College.

President Mutharika  said he is popular because of development projects his administration has delivered since assuming power in 2014.

Mutharika  said he was meeting the president of International Aviation Association on Saturday evening on possible funding for the construction of Mangochi Airport and Mzuzu Airport.

He said several development projects were on the cards.

According to the survey, 91 percent of the 1200 households that were approached nationwide were of the view that traditional leaders are in a better position to spearhead development in their localities as compared to elected leaders who are viewed to be “thieves and cashgaters”.

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Yahya Jammeh

Mr. President is your argument supported by another research or assumption? If you think the Chancellor College professors are not competent to conduct research, then you had better close down the college because they will not be able to impart the knowledge to our children to become researchers. Some of these professors you are castigating also went to the same world class universities you went to either in the UK or US. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.


Kulira uku. The tragedy for you guys is that you don’t know that you have simply become irrelevant and quite a liability to Malawians. The truth huts and huts even more when not accepted. Sort it out guys good luck.


Then fire them Bwana Chancellor Sir. How can the same professors you employed be interviewing flies? It shows they are not competent sir, complete failures. Please professor, as head of that university, can you send them back to training so that they learn how to conduct research with human beings and not flies? Hahahahahaha…truth pains. Kutchuka salilira.


Oooooh no! My president is not a listener that is why he is failing to rule this country perfectly. This is the discontentment from the people. A best friend is the one who tells you the truth as it should be. If I were him I would have listened more and correct the anomalies so as to become popular as per my aspirations. But alas! This Peter has chosen to open not his ears for wisdom. Your downfall is fast approaching than you think. 2019 is drawing closer and closer.

Peter wa Mathanyula

Sometimes you need to acknowledge the findings Mr President. You won with 31% and want to be 100% popular? Mmafuna research sample ikhale mmudzi mwa ngolingoliwa? You lost trust ya ambiri with with your headless leadership pokanika kuchita act on your corrupt associates.

Traditiinal leaders spearheading the development? These ITK fellows can they innovate in this era of ICT when they still wear raw animal skins that stnks. Mr President, please educate our prople so that innovation not history/ tradituon should propel develooment. Can the village head be a role model of development? Lets see what he has to offer. That is a misplaced comparison. Next time compare politicians with ICT spelialists, teachers, bankers, business people, doctors, engineers, pilots, tourist operators, drivers, agriculturalist etc. Why wasting time and money on mediocrity. Religios leaders my foot. Which religion. Does Malawi have a religion. Do… Read more »
Rift Valley

We did not expect the professor to agree with the findings of the survey. The fact of the matter is that everyone knows that politicians, let alone APM, cannot be trusted. How can you trust someone who controls the ACB, Boards etc and fails to take action on errant ministers, CEO’s and the like? Our beloved President is indeed in denial. Sad. Please take the survey as an opportunity to mend ways. If I were you I would send a few guys on buses to get honest insights on what people say. You will be shocked.

Hassan Ching'ambah

If the report had said 95% of the people have trust in his leadership, then, he would have praised the resercher for the job well done. Shame !!


This was a credible research. It was the same guys who did the afrobarometer survey and found that DPP shall win the 2014 General Elections. The President should learn to accept criticism and forge the way forward. You need to go back to the grassroots and rebuild the confidence in the rural masses.

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