Mutharika says ‘clean’ DPP focused on developing Malawi: ‘We are unshakable, unbreakable and unstoppable’

President Peter Mutharika has said his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has made strides in infrastructure development  and  turned the economy from a crisis to achieve growth and that going forward he is declaring  war against poverty, hunger and corruption.

President Mutharika and First Lady taking to the floor to open the dance at the DPP fundraising event held at Zomba State House on Saturday
Mutharika: We have turned around the economy from a crisis to growth
Eastern Region DPP executive gave Mutharika a picture depicting several development projects which have taken shape in the region
Some of the patrons at the Zomba State House DPP fundraising event

“We have delivered development. We are delivering development! And we will deliver more development. Every Malawian can see that,” said Mutharika on Saturday.

Mutharika  was speaking  at Zomba State Lodge during the 2018 DPP Eastern Region fundraising luncheon,

He said  the DPP-led government is delivering development because the party is focused on developing Malawi: “And we promised that in our manifesto”

Mutharika said Malawians voted the DPP into power on trust that the party would deliver on its mandate.

“Our war is not on any person! We declare war on hunger! We declare war on disease! We declare war on poverty! We declare war is on corruption,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said Malawi Congress Party (MCP) came to end colonialism, United Democratic Front (UDF) came to bring democracy and that the  DPP has come to develop this country.

“This is our time, this is our duty, this is our mission,” said the President.

He said  “every reasonable Malawian” agrees that DPP  are developing the country.

“It is only people who choose to be blind who cannot see the development we are doing,” said the Malawi leader.

Mutharika said as May 21 2019 Tripartite Elections is nigh, detractors will target DPP leaders with smear propapanda.

“They will try to make us look corrupt because they know we make every effort to run a clean government,” said Mutharika.

He continued: “They know we have turned around the economy from economic crisis to economic growth because of sound economic management. Our detractors know it well.

“Whatever you will hear in the campaign to come, do not be shaken. Do not lose focus. Let us keep going.”

He urged DPP members to remain vigilant, saying : “Let us keep marching forward. Let them do their worst, and we the mighty DPP will do our best. When everything is at its worst, we the mighty DPP will be at our best.”

Mutharika said DPP has proved to be  “indestructible”,  “unstoppable” and  “unbreakable.”

“They tried to impeach us in Bingu’s time. They failed. And we survived!  They conspired against our former President. Bingu died. But DPP never died because we are the DPP.

“We lost the dreamer, but we never lost our dream. The dreamer died, but the dream never died! They tried to take us out of government. But we came back. They tried to deny us the 2014 Election. But they failed.

“We have been tried by an economic crisis. We fixed the economy! We have been tried by floods, drought and hunger! We survived and prevailed!

“For four years, they have tried to overthrow our Government by sponsoring demonstration after demonstration. But they failed. We survived every evil plot they hatched.  Traitors tried to steal the Party from us. They failed. They tried to spoil our Convention! They failed!

“They will try to do everything to stop us from developing this country, but we will prevail.”

Mutharika said DPP will prevail because the party intentions are clean and all they want  is to develop the country.

President Mutharika assumed power at a time the donor community and development partners had stopped supporting Malawi and government has since operated without budget support.

On this note, Mutharika called on DPP followers to remain committed to the party and keep on going strong, saying the party has a mission to fulfill.

“Don’t lose focus, let’s keep going, together we shall fight this war and together we shall conquer,” he said.

Speaking earlier, DPP Secretary General, Griezeldar Jeffrey said the party has proved to be development conscious by spearheading various infrastructural projects such as community technical colleges and upgrading of strategic roads.

Jeffery said Malawians have every reason to vote the DPP and its leadership back into power to enable it continue with development activities.

On his part, DPP Vice President for the Eastern Region, Bright Msaka assured the president that the region has a huge following in the East due to the development projects initiated in the area.

“The resources realized from this event will be used accordingly and have come at the right time when the party in the East is preparing for an intensified campaign,” Msaka who is also Minister of Education, Science and Technology said.

In appreciation to the first couple’s hosting of the luncheon, the Eastern Region DPP executive gave the President a picture depicting several development projects which have taken shape in the region, the refurbished Nasawa Technical College, Zomba Nursing College, Chancellor College, Machinga District Council Offices and the new barrage at Liwonde, among others.

The fundraising luncheon included auctioning of two seats next to the president and the First Lady which fetched K12 million from Osman Gani of Hotel Victoria and K6 million from Deputy Mayor of Blantyre City, Joseph Makwinja.

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3 years ago

this gani of hotel victoria has been robbing the Malawi government for the last 40 years below is his corruption history
1. victoria pharmaceuticals selling syringes to the central medical stores at 28 billion kwacha
2.victoria hotel serving food to the army 12 billion kwacha
3.kris offset selling exercise books to ministry of education 4 billion kwacha.
He should be the next zameer karim of pioneer investments
check the above and prosecute the guy.

The Truth
The Truth
3 years ago

K12 million paid by amwenye to sit next to this guy without Chapati? My friends, Zameer Karim is not the only one you need to be worrying about, there are dozens of these amwenye eating at the same table…

3 years ago

I am sorry, Mr President, but we are unable to see the development you say you have brought and are bringing to the country because of ‘load shedding’. We are in the DARK! There can be no development worth mentioning when there is no reliable electricity supply. When you totally ignore this deficit, you cannot seriously talk about development. Your presidency has been a total failure. No one listens any more to your boasting about development. You are deluded and blind. With your Professorship and multiple honorary doctorates you are nevertheless useless as a leader and you will be rejected… Read more »

3 years ago

Did he say ” clean.?” Can DPP explain why they bought a lot of UTM T -Shirts???????……..DPP has something sinister in the making and also they want to fake defections!!!!! ………shame on you we are WATCHING!!!!!!, ……..we know your plot, but thanks fir fundraising fir us

3 years ago

Mr Maliseche cannot see corruption in his government because he is so deep into corruption himself………kodi 145M anabwedza.?????

3 years ago

Mark my words you cant win again
Mbava zawanthu inu

Ndalama za MSB mudagawana mukuganiza tidayiwala

Business kupatsana anthu ochepa useless people

3 years ago

Iwe petulo,which infrastructures are you talking?Mwawotcha nsalu za chipani cha MCP,is this peace?You are sending your cadet to do this mind you that our God is watching you,,,,,,,ndiwe otembeleredwa

3 years ago

unshakable, unbreakable, unstoppable, and . . . unbelievable. Until you are perceived as winning the war on corruption, everything is just empty rhetoric. The good news is: it’s not too late.

3 years ago

They say “Honesty is the best policy” If one cannot even realise s/he haa got a problem, forget such an individual has the capacity to solve it. “Ngati sukudziwa mdiso mwako muli chisoso, olo uli ndi chithupya” how do you even seek help to get rid of the problem?
With illicit money found in bedrooms, faking official documents by ministers, ma kickbacks ndi amwenye for defrauding govt resources; how can DPP be claimed to be a “CLEAN” party?

Timpudza Mwansambo
Timpudza Mwansambo
3 years ago


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