Mutharika says in UN speech: Malawi aims to end Aids by 2030, guarantees human rights

President Peter Mutharika has said in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly that his government will strive to achieve an AIDS-free generation in Malawi by ending the epidemic by 2030.

President Mutharika addresses the United Nations General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York

President Mutharika addresses the United Nations General Assembly at the UN headquarters in New York

Mutharika said Malawi will focus on expanding access to HIV treatment and prevention programs in order to reduce new HIV infections, saying AIDS is a public health threat.

“We aim to put 15 million people on (HIV) treatment,” said Mutharika in his speech monitored by Nyasa Times through UN live webcast.

He stressed that Malawi aspires to stamp out AIDS definitively during the next 16 years.

“Malawi is well on the way to achieving this goal. Together we can end Aids,” said Mutharika introduced before the speach as Presiden, Minister of Defence and Commander-In-Chief of Malawi armed forces.

The Malawi leader said the fight against Aids epidemic requires that “we do business unusual.”

More importantly, he said, “it will require continued shared responsibility.”

Mutharika appealed for global support to help Malawi manufacture life-prolonging anti-retroviral drugs “and making it more accessible.”

Malawi President expressed optimism that his government will strive to end the era of AIDS.

In his 14 minutes address, Mutharika also said his administration remains committed to uphold, promote and guarantee freedom and human rights.

He was mum on criminalisation of homosexuality in Malawi but talked of “strengthening legal protection” amongst citizens.

“My government will continue to promote human rights by among others, enhancing awareness of human rights,” he said.

He nonetheless said his administration will continue to crackdown on fraud, corruption and theft of public resources, saying “these vices must be dealt with to ensure protection of human rights.”

“My government remains committed to fight against corruption,” he said, informing the UNGA that Malawi is still “pursuing suspects” in the massive financial scandal, dubbed “Cashgate.”

The Cashgate scandal outraged donor countries, causing them to demand audits and withhold $150 million of aid to Malawi, where 40 percent of the annual budget is donor-funded.

The President denounced corruption as evil as it deprives the people of Malawi, particularly the poor, of their legitimate right to economic prosperity by diverting resources meant for socio-economic development into the pockets of a few greedy individuals and also scares away potential investors.

“Full enjoyment of people’s human rights could not be achieved in a society full of fraud, corruption and theft of public resources. These vices must be dealt with in order to protect people’s human rights and ensure delivery of expected service from their government,” the President said .

Mutharika also reaffirmed its commitment to take a leading role in the implementation of post 2015 development programs for the benefit of its people.

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No need to panick fellow countrymen. First this pathetic president addressed half empty hall. I would not be surprised if the audience was mostly assistants of abscent presidents. Secondly, the audience could not even pick much of what Muthalika said. Even the Malawi handclappers, as usual had to clapp as a matter of curtsy.


Does the UN provide translators? Coz I’m not sure if anybody understood him. Kikikikikikikikiki


Is he and his “wife” included in the 15 million HIV+ Malawians?……hmmmm,

English Guru
our leaders are all about titles, so he was happy to called president, minister of that commander-in-chief of this. from what I know commander in chief is a ceremonial position, attained by virtue of being president. it doesn’t make you the greatest soldier, no! barack obama is commander in chief of the world’s biggest army, but he doesn’t go flaunting that title at the UN! but not our african leaders! scrap that, there are civilised presidents in africa who don’t do this kind of thing! its the malawi presidents who are seriously about all these meaningless titles. that made our… Read more »
English Guru

should have just written an email to communicate that message instead of blowing hundreds of millions of tax-payer funds to deliver that empty ass speech. better still, you should have just sat down and say i second comrade mugabe’s speech! it had more substance!


Kodi ku UN amayankhula aliyense or wokhuta kachasu?


Who wrote this tired speech? Eradicate poverty first then every thing will fall in place, it’s as simple as that! Get your priorities straight dude!!!!


My blame should go to mbendera for systematically rigging elections. Mbendera can you see now how he has disapproved you that he is not a leader? Spending so much amount of money to UNGA saying he is going to end aids/hiv in malawi. Cannt he questioned his medulla as to why leaders of developed countries (usa, britain,etc) keep mouths closed on the matter yet they have resources. Awadi ndi maloto achumba!!!!!

AL Hasan AL Majid

Hahaha putting 15 million Malawians on HIV treatment means putting all Malawians on HIV treatment? Whatever this guy smokes must be surely banned.

Chatty Man

Mwayendako wachabe ulendo umenewo a president you will come empty handed!

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