Mutharika says innovation will solve Malawi’s problems

A Malawi society that spends its energies in relevant innovation is assured of finding solutions to the country’s long and short term problems, says President Peter Mutharika.

President Mutharika in a group photo with the innovators.Pic Francis Mphweya-MANA

President Mutharika in a group photo with the innovators.Pic Francis Mphweya-MANA

President Mutharika presents an award to the 2015 MBC to the innovator of innovators (on a wheel chair during the function.Pic Francis Mphweya-MANA

President Mutharika presents an award to the 2015 MBC to the innovator of innovators (on a wheel chair during the function.Pic Francis Mphweya-MANA

Mutharika takes to the dance floor  with a woman at the MBC innovators awards event

Mutharika takes to the dance floor with a woman at the MBC innovators awards event

He was speaking on Friday at College of Medicine Sports Complex when he patronized -as guest of honor- Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) annual Innovation Awards.

The President noted that innovation overrides adversity for the betterment of any society.

“Our country is facing many challenges. Many of them are not problems to defeat us, but challenges to be resolved. But these challenges are real; the pain is real; the suffering is real. And we need real
solutions,” said Mutharika.

“Determination, handwork, discipline and integrity yields great achievements some of which we are witnessing tonight as we celebrate the greatness that exists among us,” said Mutharika.

Malawi President encouraged the spirit of innovation among Malawians as that can lead to finding solutions to the problems that the country is currently going through instead of specializing in finger pointing.

Mutharika gave an example of the science and technology innovation award winner who invented the Padoko phone charger which derives its energy from a motion bicycle saying this is a feasible solution to the problem of electricity absence in the rural areas.

“I am delighted to see that there are Malawians who are innovatively looking for solutions. We are being challenged to be innovative, not militant. Take time to think. Thinking needs patience – which is not a virtue of many Malawians. We all have the duty to innovate solutions for this country,” said he.

He added, “It only takes each of us to work with a sense of patriotism, integrity and hard work to make this country different. It takes all of us. And it takes innovation. Dream your dreams, yes dream in colour, pursue them, achieve them. Where the spirit of innovation drives us, you never think of I can’t. You always think of I can! And with that spirit, as a country, I know that we turn round this country. I know that we can.”

He noted that the pillars of progress – of which innovation is one- should be rewarded accordingly so as to excite other citizens to embrace patriotism to the fullest.

“By awarding innovative Malawians who have demonstrated these virtues, MBC has also shown that, in their own way, they can achieve greater things with discipline and integrity. And that they can do more, to more Malawians,” he said.

The public broadcaster awarded outstanding individuals in areas such as health, arts, business and education among others.

Some of the awardees in some categories were artists Elson Kambalu, disc jockey Sautso Ndalama who despite his physical challenges manages to spin the music tables using his feet. Coincidentally, Ndalama was awarded the best out of all the awardees.

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No Laughing Matter

MBC does not need innovation to fix their dilapidated building. Just fix It for heavens sake. It is an eye sore


What solutions is APM himself putting forward to solve the country’s problems? He is the President and should be leading the way for others to follow. Instead he appears to be clueless. What does he expect others to do to solve the problems that are really the government’s responsibility?


Wy did this man come late than scheduled???
Learn to kip time u clueless president in a Chinese collar kkkk kkkkkk

Zanga Phee!
So sad with our leadership, if Padoko charger was from China you could see how that guy set for dinner with the President,he would have been even given 21 guns salute because he is from China.This is the time to be creative as God has started reviewing our own boys in this industry.China is there today because their mission is to use what ever comes out from somebody’s idea they go for it and multiply it, send out for trials after succeed then they launch it.(Leadership of Malawi) should we underline as jealous envy or what?because the thing is real… Read more »

Can someone tell me the meaning of innovation. I am at pains to believe that Disc Jockying is innovation. How owning a bank such as FDH or MSB can be innovation.

Koma ?????

i commend these ‘innovators’ but what is an innovation by a Malawian understanding? This questions comes when , undoubtedly, Mwayi is a an achiever in netball circles, but whats the innovation? A ‘new way’ of playing netball, of scoring baskets? For the artisits, what’s really ‘new’? innovation is about ‘newness’ and use to the intended user!

the innovator of innovators is one because he has a novel way of doing things, using his feet…real innovation but the others may be achievers but not necessarily innovators!

All the same, congrats to you all!

Telling the Truth

Anything organised by MBC is political designed to support DPP and Peter Mutharika. MBC is DPP propaganda tool. It is disgusting to watch MBC. Malawi is not moving forward because he is not reviving the economy. High inflation and deepening poverty have worsened since Peter Mutharika became President in May 2014. In the face of deepening poverty and suffering it is impossible for Malawians to respond to Peter Mutharika’s call for hard work, integrity and partriotism. Peter Mutharika is out of touch with the suffering of the majority of Malawians.


We ave aloooooooong way!,,, mabvuto alipo ndithu


Instead of giving the top award to the science guy you are giving to a DJ. It’s an innovation contest. Not a fucking talent show. Africans!

darth vader

have we started mass production and export of the charger yet? no? ok.

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