Mutharika says Malawi not benefiting from its resources

President Peter Mutharika Wednesday said Malawi is failing to benefit from its own resources as there is no control over them.

Graca Machel with Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace

Graca Machel with Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace

Mutharika, Graca Machel, chief government secretary George Mkondiwa and other officials

Mutharika, Graca Machel, chief government secretary George Mkondiwa and other officials

The President said that makes Malawi and other African countries difficult to mobilize domestic resources for the development goals.

Speaking at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during an audience with Graca Machel an advocate for United Nations Strategic Development Goals (SDG) and founder of Graca Machel Trust in South Africa, he said there is need to learn from the trust on how to mobilize domestic resources.

He said a lot of resources are taken outside the country before the owners benefit giving an example of Uranium which is failing to benefit the country despite being produced in large quantity.

President Mutharika also expressed concern on how the country is failing to earn forex through tobacco due to external factors attributed it to the price mostly being set by the buyers.

“We are about to open tobacco market and as government we set buying price, but they only buy tobacco on the set price the first week of the market season then they set their own prices,” he said.

Mutharika then said as the country we only managed to achieve four MDGs and failed on the other four, but assured the nation that his government is firmly committed to implement the 2030 SDGs.

“We have learned a number of valuable lessons from the implementation of the MDGs, and so we will act differently on SDGs. As part of localising the SDGs, my Government is in the process of formulating the successor of the MGDS II, which expires in June, 2016.

“The MGDS III will be the next national development strategy framework for the next five years, and will incorporate the SDGs that are relevant and applicable to Malawi, together with the African Union Agenda 2063 goals, as a way of aligning our development plans to the international commitment on sustainable development,” explained Mutharika.

He also underlined the importance of linking implementation of the SDGs to the national budget, as well as calling for support from development partners.

Mutharika added that the country believe in efficient coordination and a strong institutional framework, in ensuring ownership by the people of Malawi, and sustained economic growth and development, to ensure that indeed this is achieved and government therefore, is in the process of establishing a National Planning Commission, which will be responsible for the country’s medium term and long-term planning.

Machel said the continent should rethink of adding value to its commodities before selling them to benefit more adding that before the commodities are sold they should make sure that it starts benefiting the continent and then those that provided technological and financial support.

She mentioned the importance of region integration saying that working together as a continent can have more benefits on the resources as they would benefit Africans first before they are exported outside the continent.

She also said she would work with government to process a work plan which would facilitate involvement of all stakeholders especially the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on the implementation of sustainable Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

“The proposed draft would allow series of tips and suggestions from CSOs especially those that work with women, children, youths and the rural community.

“We want the programme to include youths, women, rural community and children because once they are engaged they would take ownership on the implementation of the programme,” she explained.

She said a process would be taken to facilitate the engagement of the youths, women, rural communities and children.

Machel a wife to late Nelson Mandela former President of Republic of South Africa is in the country working with UN organizations and has contributed in the areas of women’s economic and financial empowerment, education for all, an end to child marriage, food security and nutrition, and promoting democracy and good governance, through the Graça Machel Trust.

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Winston Msowoya
How can Malawi benefits from its resources while the leadership is busy looting its meagre products for personal interests.Ask Angolans and Nigerians the leading oil producers in our Continent where oil resources produce billions of US$ each day for the nation and unfortunately,the overwhelming masses of both countries cannot afford two meals a day and poverty is wildly prevalent and their leaders with their families and cohorts,swim in the pools of diamond and golden waters.This is what Malawians must expect if Mathanyula and company succeed to contaminate our reliable resource,Lake Nyasa.Muchenga Coal Mine and Kayelekela Mine,are vivid instance.The fact that… Read more »

President Mutharika, had it not been that you and your fellow idiots in the DPP government had time to scrutinise what you were agreeing to with Paladin before you gave them control over Kayerekela maybe you would not be saying this? But you were satisfied with what was going into your pockets and you said it was a good deal.


Gracia Machel akuchita kunenelatu pachinthunzi choyambacho kuti ”alibe pulobulemu” kikikikikiikkkk……………..

masa masina

in a free market economy, governments or presidents do not set prices of commodities. it is the market forces that determine the price of products on the market.

Francis Kaisi
This president is a disaster to Malawi as a nation. How are you positioning your self on this matter? Are you a commentator or a leader? Are these resources being taken at a gun point? Who signs these contracts and what are the terms and condition? Now you are telling us that the exploration of oil in Lake Malawi will not benefit Malawians? So when we say stop this exploration, you are not listening. Look at niger delta. Its messed. (Nyanja ya sanduka chithaphwi) Mr President you a joke to Malawi nation. Having you as a president is a curse.… Read more »

It looks Peter Mutharika went into government without full knowledge of this countries issues that are critical to its economy. He came in without plans of how to develop sustainable policies – sad that he is a complainant like a man from Molere. We have a tough time to endure as we keep on making mistakes on choosing the right leader. i regret the situation we are in

dee kay

Chitsiru cha president

Lets take our country back
Lets take our country back

Idiotic Mathanyula, so can you explain how the Kwacha is stabilizing without forex???????

2016 welcome

This president is really a big goof. Look, he seems to know the challenges but his tone sounds like he is not the in charge of the affairs in the country. He sounds more of sociopolitical commentator. Mr Peter, you are the best placed person to address the issues you are raising. Dolt!

Mr President, we are not looking for an analyst, we are looking for a leader.The question is, what are you doing on the points you have mentioned? We do not need you to become an analyst and tell us these negative facts that we are already aware of. What we are interested in is to know what you, the president, are doing to change these issues for the benefit of the country. Your statement is very accedemic, it shows how used you are to doing educational researches. We want to know what you are doing to stop tobacco buyers setting… Read more »

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