Mutharika says will definitely seek another term at 81 years

President Peter Mutharika has maintained that  he will definitely  run for a second and his last term in office during the 2019 tripartite elections.

President Mutharika speaking at Kasungu on stop over from the north: To run again in 2019

The 79- year-old President,  who will be 81 years old in 2019, last week  told a rally in the northern region that he is still young .

Some quarters say Mutharika is past his prime time as a politician though Malawi’s constitution does not bar anyone from contesting as president on the basis of age.

But the President has stressed that that he will not be wished away, pledging to keep leading  the nation to “prosperity.”

In his address  at Raiply in Mzimba when he officially inaugurated Export Processing Zone factory, a subsidiary of Raiply Malawi Limited, Mutharika said he is  bringing a lot of development to the North and would do better in second term.

”We have the Mzuzu–Nkhata Bay Road, which assessors say is the best road in Malawi. We are also completing the Jenda– Edingeni Road that will connect to Zambia border. We have plans to construct the road that will connect Chikangawa to Nkhata Bay. This will be done during the second term of my administration,” Mutharika said.

He also hailed progress on the Njakwa-Livingstonia and Karonga-Songwe roads.

“But this was my first term and I will continue my work in my second term. In three years, I have managed to construct 10 major roads across the country as opposed to others who built a single road in 31 years,” Mutharika reiterated

He stressed he is going to be seeking another mandate in 2019.

Mutharika had a few official engagements in the northern region which included officially opening a K9 billion Export Processing Zone (EPZ) factory at Raiply Malawi Limited in Mzimba District.

Mutharika speaking at Kasungu Boma, on his way from the north, said the country is paying dearly for little investment made in the energy sector in so many years.

“Electricity is a big problem because the nation failed to make long term investments I the past 50 years. We only invested for an electricity generation capacity of 20 megawatts which was not enough,” Mutharika said.

The president then laid bare plans to arrest the perennial power outages saying that by Christmas, there will be an additional 75 megawatts through generators to add to the current 147 megawatts the country is generating.

He further said that by 2019, the country will have an added 305 megawatts through interventions like maintenance of existing power generating plants and construction of new ones.

Indicating some key achievements by his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led administration , Mutharika said it must be appreciated that over the past three years, inflation has fallen from 24 percent to 8.4 percent, as of September 2017, that interest rates have dramatically fallen, with the base lending rate down to 18 percent by July, 2017.

Mutharika dispelled some comments that go around that he always favours the southern region in terms of development projects.

“As Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government, our development favours no particular region. We take development everywhere, be it the north, centre or south,” the President said

If elected in 2019 , Mutharika will be  ending his second five-year term as president in 2024.

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Dangerous Dave

Good for the vice president who will take over easily just like Joyce Banda did. Anything can happen after 70. Bingu just collapsed unexpectedly. Zidzachitikanso izi.

Your words are quiet true bwana just in three years you done a recommendable job, I remmember the days you just took the office you inherited huge problems including natural catastrophies of floods & drought & at that particula time there was no single donor for this National & worst still Amai Joyce Banda had left calamities of cashgate & there was no food a bag of maize was selling at K20,000.00 it was really hell. Nobody can cheat me I have seen with my own eyes where we are coming from and where we are going Mr. President may… Read more »
Mzanga Dausi

I think he is talking about next presidential eRections and not presidential elections.


Imani bwana, owina wina. Honestly, you have no competitor. Malizitsani za magetsi anthu asowe zonena.
Get the Mozambique grid, we are done and we will have surplus. Game over! Economy ndiye mwaikhoza. Inflation down than many countries in SADC.
Chimene mumandisangalatsila ndichoti simuvunduka ngati madzi a mbeseni. Thima lili pheeeee. Olo opposition atukwane bwanje. You have demonstrated that you are a true states man


Well, there will always be some fools who vote for him, if only because he visits them with free chitenjes, plastic desks and chairs for their schools…and yet more empty promises. Please, Malawians, surely you can choose someone better than him??!!


We have drawn lessons bwana. We do not want a gogo president. You are outdated to deal with matters that inspires the new generation. Your time is gone and please go honorably to ndata and rest. If you insist I challenge you, should you win then expect to be humiliated when one day people become tired. You have have no personality to inspire the nationa and nothing will people attribute to your leadership. Please bwana go home and rest…………….eeeish

Dipipi wa Yudiefu
This fool is not only a Prince of Thieves or Pathological Liar who sleeps walk on the job, but he needs to go to Zomba Mental hospital before Wandale goes there for a thorough examination in his head. We may be having a completely mad person for a president and by the time we will be discovering this country will have gone out of control. He lied in parliament about previous governments not having invested on electricity for 50 years. This time he says only 20 megawatts. One Chakwera produced a long list of things this fool promised Malawians that… Read more »

Kkkkkkkkk…. let him stand so he can follow his predecessor to exile after elections.


Peter can,t you learn from your friend Mugabe just retire with honour than been

Fake Petros
Mr President, of course, you have the democratic and constitutional right to seek your second term. I guess any civilised person would NOT any problem with that at all. But what is definitely a problem is that Malawians now need a fair playing field for the electoral process by bringing to parliament the Electoral Bill. We do not want any longer to be ruled by a president who won by less than 33% of the electorate. U president si ufumu woti poti your kinsmen have liked or viewed you eligible then you are put on the throne. Sizakuntundu zimezi!!! Mukuopa… Read more »

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