Mutharika signs K150bn financing agreement between Malawi and EU: Shares story about 3 people ‘Everyone, Someone and Noone’

President Peter Mutharika has signed three financial agreements worth 185 million euro (around K150 billion) after holding high-profile bilateral meetings and  speaking at the European Development Day’s meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

President Mutharika signs three multimillion financial arrangements as Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission looks on

Game change: President Mutharika and Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

The  three financial agreements are 100 million euro for Kulima Project, 70 million euro for nutrition and 15 million euro for supporting the National Authorising Office at the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development.

Mutharika was invited by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission to participate at the opening of a 2-day European Development Days forum which started Wednesday.

The European Development Days (EDD) is Europe’s leading forum on international cooperation and development.

‘Africa viewed negatively’

Mutharika told the policymakers that Africa has always been viewed from a negative point of view, but the reality was that the continent was not poor as it has resources, albeit poverty among its people.

“What we need is a skilled labour force to turn our assets into capital. Although its people are mostly poor, Africa has a lot of resources. Sadly however, part of African poverty is created by global structural imbalances,” said Mutharika.

He urged the European Union to invest in the human capital, if Africa was to develop.

“The case of Africa is very telling. It is important for us to invest in the human capital because much of the African situation results from lack of certain skills and the way we think,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also said that although the Sub-Saharan Africa receives about 134 billion dollars each year in loans and development aid, it was depressing that about 192 billion dollars is taken out from the region back to the donors through tax evasion, climate change mitigation, and the flight of profits.

“The problem is not that aid is a bad thing. We are not out to demonise financial aid. We know that the Europe we see and admire today is also a consequence of financial aid, delivered under the Marshall Plan. So, it means we can have better aid, which would support our trade and sustainable development. And we thank European Institutions for providing more than 32 percent of all official aid to Africa, with Malawi getting about 2 percent of the European support.”

Economic growth and unemployment

The President  pointed out that the challenges facing Africa are bound to haunt Europe “sooner than ever. ”

He said: “The fortunes of Africa are bound to benefit European people and vice versa. Poverty and unemployment in Africa become a migration problem in Europe. This is a problem nearly every European leader has to contend with.

“While you worry about migration, Africa is worried about Youth Unemployment. And here is the correlation. Age is one of the factors that influence migration. Except where there is conflict, it is the Youth who are often driven by the desire to find a better place for themselves in the world.

“Thus, both African and European leaders hold the responsibility to create conditions for economic growth and development in Africa and the world. An economically strong Africa stands to benefit both African and European people.”

During his speech, President Mutharika said although Malawi  has set the stage for growth, but it needed the kind of economic growth in which everyone grows, particularly youth and women.

“But we need the kind of economic growth in which everyone grows, particularly youth and women. Investing in women and youth is necessary for inclusive development. As a country, we are ensuring that our vulnerable people, Youth and Women are part of the development agenda,” said Mutharika.

Investing in youth

Mutharika talked of the need to focus on investing in the Youth as a human capital.

“We need skills that enable them to become productive members of their societies. This means we also need a paradigm shift in the education systems in most parts of the developing world. We can no longer educate the Youth with a mindset to be employed by someone,” he said.

The Malawi leader shared with the policymakers  a story he said he has  told Malawians before.

“This is a story about three people. Their names were Everyone, Someone and Noone. Everyone wanted Someone to employ them; Everyone forgot that there is Noone called Someone; In the end, Noone employed Everyone,” he said.

Mutharika continued: “ To avoid the scenario in this story, we have as a country engaged in a comprehensive skills development programme. We are building community technical colleges across the country in order to equip the Youth with employable and employing skills. This is also one way of creating a skilled labour force that must support the investors who are flocking to Malawi. This is what I would want to see in Africa and the rest of the developing world.”

The President said unless the unemployment problem of the Youth is dealt with, some problems of the developing world will continue to haunt Europe.

“This task is our mutual responsibility,” he said. 

Organized since 2006, EDD 2017 promotes a new global strategy to address the most pressing global challenges and bring together development actors committed to tackling poverty worldwide with a particular emphasis on engaging the private sector as a partner in economic development.

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15 thoughts on “Mutharika signs K150bn financing agreement between Malawi and EU: Shares story about 3 people ‘Everyone, Someone and Noone’”

  1. Chalume says:

    I am sorry, Mr. President. If the community colleges you introduced are our way of getting the youth employed, then we have set our ambitions too low, no? Your children are receiving a great education, and you will have ensured that only they will lead the rest that you want to go to community colleges.

  2. santana says:

    A blow to the opposition!!!! Expect more blows as we approach the 2019 elections. The opposition and its PAC will gain nothing with their negativity upon this government. While the state president is happily signing financial agreements PAC is busy recruiting thugs to invade the streets. If PAC has a muscle let it announce the stepping down of the president as he comes back home. Chingota and Mulomole have messed PAC witin a short time.

  3. Kenkkk says:

    Good work but nyasatimes that is not Juncker, the president of Eu. .

  4. Mwaiwazama says:

    My view is that the speech is empty in all forms:

    1. The West does not look at Africa with negativity. SSA Malawi to be specific has huge resources and the west admires it. What spoils Mw is poor leadership and not its citizens. I love my country so much but i loathe those that mislead it.

    2. Issues of women and youth are not new. We have heard them from all past leaders. Employment is an indicator of countries economic performance. You cannot dismiss it. Jobs creates employment. Every politician talks about women and youth empowerment. What follows: Nothing there is literally nothing. The terms are meant to attract votes and donations but have no impact on women and youth. Unless they are talking about cadets empowerment i would understand
    3. Nutrition. Malawi’s vulnerable population remains malnourished. Someone proposed tractors for mechanized farming. See what happened. Is there policy on these issues and how are policies and strategies drawn and implemented. You buy tractor today and sell it tomorrow at 95% loss loss price. Note who bought them and who is going to pay for the 95% loss. The citizens: What kind of vision is that? Who makes such decisions: poor citizens or leaders? A nation is like a cargo train. With a faulty engine and head it cant pull cargo and you cant push it. Its too heavy. Bring in a new engine and the cargo will move.

    4. After 53 years we cant be accusing West for our poverty. No, What did independence mean? There are countries that transformed within shortest period eg South Korea because of visionary leadership. If 30% of the public resources stolen, misallocated, misplaced, misused, pilfered and abused by those in leadership should we blame the white man for that. Or the citizens? Ohoo No God forgive him. The President blamed the west and their economic policies what about his leadership styles and approach to set policies and priorities? We are poor because we lack good leadership.

  5. Malawians have got an incurable disease of jealous, envy and anger which no matter how good a president can do all what they know is criticism. a pat on its back to the President.

  6. Richman Lilongwe! says:

    Well presented speech. . Indeed I love my president and my country.. An Empty tin makes a lot of noise! Malawians begin to respect your leaders…..

  7. DPP mbava says:

    Ma loan kumangotenga zopanga kuganizira ma business ndi zovuta. Pick 100 business pple from each region organise soft loans for them create employment.

  8. Ngolongoliwa says:

    A good speech indeed; ending without castigating MCP, but come home instead of relaying the needed info, within just 2 minutes of the speech MCP is already mentioned, why?

    It reminds me of the DPP saying “we don’t fear PAC”, yet 11 DPP gurus go attending the 5+1 PAC conference, why? Kuiopa!

  9. pathfinder says:

    Bravo Thom Chiumia. i love reading your stories, i think you are the best that nyasatimes has ever had. I humbly ask you to please continue writing stories about our president. The way you have written about him, it really describes as a professor he is. His speech and everything that’s in this article, its absolutely him. You didn’t make him up, you didn’t create your own image of our president that looks like a puppet or useless. This is how i always have wanted our writers to be, professional and focused. As for our president, good job boss. you are really a game changer. GOD BLESS MALAWI!

  10. Good will says:

    This is very good news to our country and demonstrates the confidence that Malawi is now gaining from the Donor world.
    Keep it up Professor Mutharika.

  11. Patrick Phiri says:

    Very powerful speech. You are the only one who can take Malawi to greater heights. 2019 boma again.

  12. chimanga says:

    Bola mukabwela Chaponda asazazidye ndalamazo

    1. Good will says:

      Lets be positive for once. This thing has not happened before.

  13. gwenyethe says:

    On receipt of this cash assistance the iron is that the ruling elite is busy sharpening teeth in preparation to eat this money. They don’t give it a damn that this money is meant to help sort of some of the challenges the country is facing in order to uplift lives of the poorest of the poor. This is why I don’t trust politicians particularly the DPP politicians. If half of this money goes into the intended projects then they will have done relatively well. But knowing who DPP are your guess is as good as mine.

    1. JJB says:

      Kodi ku Malawi kulibe chakudya, kuti anthu azidya ndalama?

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