Prof Wiseman says Malawians need to condemn wrong things as Kachaje tells PAC ‘corruption worsening’

Wiseman Chijere Chirwa, a professor at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College,  said at Public Affairs Committee (PAC) sixth All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference underway  in Blantyre that  lack of visionary national leadership and worsening corruption as some of the factors that have worsened poverty while a few elite become richer.

Kachaje: Corruption is worsening in Malawi

Professor Chijere Chirwa: Refuse the ‘its okay culture’

Chijere Chirwa said that in order to deal with corruption, Malawians need to change their values and refute “its okay culture.”.

He said: “As a nation, we need to condemn wrong things whenever necessary rather than just watch while things are going astray.

“People who have stolen public money have gone scot-free because all we do is talk about the act and no condemnation is done.”

Chirwa also urged Malawians to use the law as “a tool for justice and the truth.”

Economist Henry Kachaje, who is one of President Peter Mutharika’s most acerbic critics,made presentations  on how corruption is affecting Malawi economy.

In his presentation titled  ‘corruption: It’s impact on social economic development in Malawi,” Kachaje unveiled that corruption is worsening in Malawi.

During the comments session Minister of Health Dr. Peter Kumpalume said that Zambia is more developed than Malawi because it has mineral deposits and not because of corruption in Malawi.

Kumpalume indicated that once Malawians start owning this country and detesting corruption, things will improve for the better.

The minister said there are instances where people provide partial information about corrupt practices which eliminates chances for proper action to be taken against the perpetrators.

“For action to be taken, we need full details, yet Malawians are not bold enough to reveal such details and that negatively affects the fight on corruption and things need to change if we are to win,” said Kumpalume.

However, responding to his sentiments, Kachaje challenged Kumpalume that there are countries that have no mineral deposits and yet they are better developed than Malawi.

“This country is simply underdeveloped because it is being mismanaged, we have no leaders,” Kachaje said.

Making his contribution Democratic Progressive Party’s Vice President for the Central Region, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba, said Malawians are fond of blaming those in the government when it comes to corruption forgetting that everyone has a role in the fight against corruption.

Ntaba said: “We are all beneficiaries of corruption. We are disgusted as much as you are. ”

He added: “Ending corruption needs to be everyone’s responsibility.”

The conference is being held under the theme: The State of Governance and Public Trust: Reclaiming our Destiny.



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9 thoughts on “Prof Wiseman says Malawians need to condemn wrong things as Kachaje tells PAC ‘corruption worsening’”

  1. Malawiboy says:

    The average Malawian cannot even see this argument because they do not have internet, or a computer.
    All these arguments are totally pointless as the majority for Malians cannot see them.

  2. Apao Kugola says:

    To say “we are all beneficiaries of corruption” Really? Za uchitsiru.

  3. Rex C Msiska says:

    Malawians are lazy? No. These are the same Malawians, who are regarded as honest and hard workers in all the SADC countries and beyond. These are the same Malawians who farm in this 20th century with holes and produce enough for corrupt politicians and officials and the government is just politicking over it. You cannot be a responsible father if you tell your children to work hard in the farms or in their education, but when they have done that, you take the harvest, sell it for your self leaving the family without food and no fees. If they query, surely you cannot call them lazy! Like wise Malawi as a Nation is the mother for all malawians regardless of Region, political party affiliation, even tribal group. The policies this mother, Malawi makes should to develop and improve the lives of all malawians, but when this mother, Malawi starts treating her children by political affiliation and tribal belonging, surely this is not ‘just like complaining’. Leaders must be able to identify the resources it has and use or deploy them efficiently. NOT ON A SINGLE DAY HAVE I HEARD OUR POLITICIANS, MORE ESPECIALLY FROM THE RULING PARTY CONDEM TRIBALISM WITH HEART COMMITMENT. THIS IS KILLING MALAWI. I HATE TRIBALISM.

  4. Mudzamva liti says:

    Kumpalume, know that Zambia is Zambia and Malawi is Malawi. usatitayitse nthawi pomafanizira Malawi ndi Zambia. Lets solve our problem here; “lack of leadership”.

  5. Maunits says:

    Go Kachaje lecture them. How can a whole president go and lecture at the university abroad at the time University of Malawi closed six months ago. Do we a leader in this country and what is Ntaba saying this is very stupid. I do agree we need anew architect to govern Malawi not Peter has failed tremendously. Our children have stayed out of school a week now no one is considering this as serious and dangerous to the future of the country. Malawi was number one in SADC in terms of education just in 1990 backwards. No country could beat us on education. Our competitors were Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana to mention a few. Look now how the education has dwindled in the country very sad indeed.

    1. Baba wa Boyi says:

      The problem is you are being dishonest.

      Educational standards did not start going down because of Peter Muthalika, they started going down because people like you gave Bakili too much credit for multiparty, when all along he was hiding and only came out when all was done.

      Malawians have accepted Quota in education, and you expect standards to go up.

      If you do not know standards in Education began going down when Kamuzu Banda started Kamuzu academy and declared that only the brightest kids will go to the academy, and changed his mind when all the best students that were the first intake at the Academy were from the north, and he quickly brought in the 10 per district.

      Unless we realise that a good future can only be had if we put the right people in positions, we can not expect to develop.

      A president does not develop a country, people do, and if the country opts for dull people to go to university at the expense of the capable, it will not matter who the president is.

      We have strikes not because of the president,but because of reasons we do not care to find out as a nation, because we have scape goats (politicians)

      Malawians are lazy, but get angry if they are told so, Malawians are thieves but point fingers at only politicians, Malawians are murderers but blame their murders on politicians, Malawians are ignorant, you only have to read the comments on this page no substance in their comments.

      1. Nikharuka says:

        Here is a way to end the perceived inequality about entry to university aka quota system, so too the perceived inequality in allocating development projects. We must decentralise money allocated to education and development projects so that each district receives an allocation proportional to its population. Then it will be up to each district to decide who should be sent to college on public funds and what development projects to be undertaken within the district. To expect every one else to pool money together to fund the education of children from one district because they are “more intelligent” is just plain unrealistic.

  6. Angel of Doom says:

    In Malawi, we have a problem of comparing ourselves to others, and blaming everyone else if we do not measure up to others, but ourselves.

    Nobody is responsible for anybody’s life, you are born alone you die alone. What you become in between being born and dying is up to you.

    You cannot live in a good house if you do not build one, what amounts to a good house is not up someone else but yourself, if what you call home is good for you, then you live in a good house. The problem starts when you start comparing your house with someone else’s.

    It is dumb for people we call leaders and critics to compare Malawi with Zambia. Zambians are Zambians, they never had a referendum for multiparty, and yet they were also a one-party state, Chiluba was not arrested as a trade union leader who architected multiparty, instead he was arrested for corruption, by his own part. There is a lot that can be said that clearly demonstrates that comparing Zambia with Malawi is folly.

    Even During the one-party era, we used to have University sports between Zambia and Malawi, and Zambians always laughed at their Malawian counterparts for not being allowed long hair, bell bottoms, miniskirts, wigs, etc Yet 40 years latter a people talking nonsense about how and why Zambia is better off than Malawi.

    Malawians are their own enemies, never mind thieving politicians.

    Look at the latest scandal of lawyers, the majority of Malawians do not look at that as corruption, and they do not think it has anything to do with affecting development badly. If someone steals 11 million from, would you be in a position to do an 11 million project for yourself?

    Unless and until we learn that corruption is not detrimental only when perpetrated by politicians, and chiefs, but by anyone.

    We should also learn to differentiate, thieving from corruption, corruption does not always involve cash. Most of the cases Malawians call corruption and thievery pure and simple and should be left to the police not ACB.

    Msonda was put down for suggesting following up on previous resolutions to see how far they had been achieved. Only fools can shoot that down. We always take government to task about following up projects, what’s the difference with PAC? Unless we as a nation stop seeing everything with political glasses we will achieve nothing.

    Malawians are not after a better Malawi, they are just power hungry.

  7. chimanga says:

    Ine ndakana zimene a Ntaba anena…..I am not a beneficiary of corruption. Let him speak for himself and not me

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