Mutharika in trip worth taking, to sign K150bn deals : Off to Brussels, London

After a long time without taking an international trip due to austerity measures, Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika on Monday starts a two-stop key visit in Europe which is likely to be a game change for economic development of the nation as he is expected to put pen to paper on three multimillion dollar financial agreements.

President Mutharika off to Europe in an impressive itenary

President Mutharika is expected to start his tour of duty  holding  bilateral talks with   President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker in Brussels, Belgum.

The Malawi leader has also scheduled an important meeting with  managing director of International Monetray Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde.

He will also hold bilateral talks with European Union (EU) commissioner for trade Cecilia Malmstrom.

State House directr of communications Bright Molande confirmed about the itenary and said President Mutharika will “bring back huge fortunes for the people of Malawi.”

Molande confirmed that in Brussels, President Mutharika is expected to 185 million euro (about K150 billion) for big projects.

He said the projects include  the 100 million euro for Lulima Project, 70 million euro for nutrition and 15 million euro for financing the National Authoriising Office at the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development.

Mutharika is also scheduled to be a speaker  at the influential European Development Days’s meeting.

The Europe trip gives Malawi hope  that it will not be just mere tourism trip and that the delegation is also reported to be lean.

From Brussels, the next stop for Mutharika will be  in Britain where the Malawi leader has been invited to address students at the reputable Oxford University on Friday.

He will address Oxford Union  which is one the oldest, most forthright, and respected establishments for education.

World icons including Nelson, Malcolm X, three US Presidents, several British Prime Ministers, Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa and stars of sport and screen have given an address to the Union over the years.


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37 thoughts on “Mutharika in trip worth taking, to sign K150bn deals : Off to Brussels, London”

  1. Brussels Town Monger says:

    by the way, Brussels would call on leaders to appear before the IMF Chief to explain how their respective countries are fairing especially in the management of finances under the loan agreements and other models. Your president is actually summoned to appear before the chief, to assure IMF of government prudence and possible to get a warning of the withdrawal of the agreement if certain indicators are not corrected or management in both short and long terms. He may not be a happy guy after the meeting, but its still good news there at home- Who said Malawi can do without donors. And his Trip to UK is not well timed, security in Uk is under high alert levels, not the best time to travel. Sometimes advise him accordingly. regardez

  2. Hatred came from quarter system. They stopped your mission to flood dull northerners in all university campuses. You thing people are ignorant like the time of kanyama chiume when he was education minister. He tried to push you in every angle in order to flood dull northerners into the government departments. He has travel to Europe to collect money so that you may increase sabotage his government. Makamaka iwe Winston msowoya you will cry for your life because if John Tembo managed to depot in your country he sensed evil from you. My friend you will cry, you will hate throughout your life and you will die because of high blood pressure. Tizalamulira mpakana kale tikafuna kusintha azitenga pa central koma inu ayi muzingokhala atsogoleli a mabungwe a humanright.

  3. winston msowoya says:

    The remarks of the Europian representative on Peter Muthalika,are self-explainatory.This shows that the President’s leadership is null and void and that he is just coercing the matters.We are now 53 years of nationhood but,we can not stand on our own economically.The spokesman for EU,has hit on the nail and that his trip to Brusels and London is a big challenge to Mutalika’s leadership which has been responsible for our down-fall economically and politically and of course, this will retard our economic advancement hence,our political failures.If Muthalika has red the comments of the EU Spokesperson,this is the time to pull up his socks.What he must know is that,the funds which we receive,does not come from the pockets of EU leaders but,rather from the pockets of ordinally citizens and,they do not feel confortable if their money is carelessly used by the President and his running dogs.It is heart-breaking to see that 53 years of independence,we still remain beggars and rely on other people,don’t we feel ashamed to receive money like manna from heaven? Surely,Peter and DPP,have failed disappointingly and shamelessly.Indeed,we have resources that could enable us to develope our nation because,we have the brains and is sad that,Malawians have developed other nations,but on the home front,it is a disaster.In South Africa,our people went deep in Gold mines,whereby,the countrymen could not.With good leadership,Malawi could be one of the developed nation in Southern Africa.In a country,whereby citizens are divided tribalistically and regionalistically,nothing good will emerge from divide and rule syndrome.Right now,Malawi is ruled by the President who does not hide his hatrade against the Northerners who have become foreigners in their own country,they are denied education and development which are the right of every citizen.It is sad trend for our children,their children and the coming generation.It is stupidity and lack of patriotism to import foreigners to come and do the jobs that our people are capable of.

  4. makezi says:

    These are kicks of dying horse. There is nothing good can come from mutharika government apart from kuba. Apa wazipangira ma billion ndi mwana wake yekha george chaponda.

  5. Kadango says:


  6. watipa says:

    we are tired of state funeral, retirement age is 65 so why having this guy in office again let energetic people be in office to transform our country

  7. kalulu Wadwala says:

    One constituency in southern region is having 5 roads tarred. Plem Construction already on site. Then we have Chikuli road from Chileka starting soon. Unless Lazarus breaks into the southern region and convinces the people that he too is Dpp then he can as well forget. Dpp works on numbers not region. Chitipa belongs to Dpp so is likoma and nkhotakota . Then urban kasungu and lilongwe..the eastern region with atupele..MCP can bark the next 40 years and still not get into govt. MCP must come to seek forgiveness from southern region..

  8. Moya says:

    Ngongole for future generation…i pity our borrowing appetite. All those projects will b Elephants projects.



    1. Ngowe says:

      Uncle Ministry of Health is still receiveing Global Funds money hundreds of millions of dollars.

  10. yosefe mateyu says:

    Chakwera is too small to challenge Peter. He is a thief church pastor with zero government experience…

  11. Mr Malawi says:

    Yakukanikani CHANCO , ndiye ku Oxford mukachitako chiyani? Shame on you DPP fans.
    Zikakhala ndalamazo inu mwazipangira kale budget ya mabanja anu. Kuiwala amalawi osauka.
    For sure God will do something for his people. A Malawi tabvutika mokwanira

  12. Munyane says:

    Kodi ena mukamati this prodigal son Chakwera Bomaa mumanena boma lake liti? Ifetu kwatu kuno kMwera MCP tidaikana kaekale. Tsono which president can win without the whole southern region? Muzizatinso mwaberedwa? Inu matama chifukwa cha fake research ya Afrobarometer ndi uchigawenga wa Chingota ndi Mulomole basi? Muona ngati aMalawi ndiife opusa eti? Muyesa ma pla anuwo agwira ntchito?

  13. Vulumbute says:

    Koma inu anthu andale ndinu osekesa kuambiri, mutonamiza anthu akumusi kuti APM akukatenga ndalama K150billion?????? Mutoyesa zaulere eti? KODI MPHATSO AMASAINILA?

  14. Boma koma limeneli. Champweteka alowe m’botolo afufume, aphulike. Adatero Jef wa Jef. Kapena apite ndi iyeyo ku ulendo kumeneku. Osangoyamika bwanji kuti akukatitengera chuma? Kodi ku MCP kulibe katangale? Nanga Lazarus Chakwera anamanga bwanji chinyumba cha cha 650 million? APM Bomaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Chaka chake ndi chino mumvetsa

  15. Thini says:

    Zinthu zimasintha ndithu. Lagardi uyu masiku amenewo ankabwela yekha kuno kudzacheza.

  16. Malawian Mwanavava says:

    Mr Peter Mutharika you are flying out on the very same day dialysis machine is switched off at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. You are going out to give lecture at another countries’ University yet your own University Chancellor College is closed for over six months now? I only wish if students of that University knew what their invited guest is doing to their fellow but poor students in Malawi. Last time you went to USA where you spent over one month and you also said you went to sign business deals and not even one business has stepped in the corridors of Malawi. You only went to USA to have your holiday with your close allies and your rheumatism /Nyamakazi treatment. Mr president please be serious with your country. It is going to do you good if you can just humbly resign and give the government to the right energetic people

    1. Wee says:

      Ku CHANCO kulibe vuto liri lose. Maphunsitsiwo ndiye adyera. Kungofuna nthawi yoti adzi hitira maganyu a maliseche a fake.
      Asiyeni choncho abakhara.

  17. stupid says:

    Muthane kaye ndi mavuto a Chanco. Nonsense. Ndalama katengeni muzagawane ndi Chaponda. Zina muzipasa mahule anu amakuvinirawo.Ife tazolowera umphawi. Sitionaposo kusintha. Mxiiiiiiiiii

  18. mkandawire says:

    A P M………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..2019 BOMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  19. KKilembe says:

    We love celebrating the future. Where are the billions he signed during his two trips to USA? I dont want to believe nything until I see the colour of the money.

  20. Ayuzy says:

    Kukafukura golide amene mukhale mukugawana mchaka chimenechi; osati zopindulira amawi, Amalawi tidzayamba kupindula mukadzachepetsa misonkho agalu inu

    Pa payslip kumaiwona K150, 000 koma net pay K90, 000.

    Mkumati mukuthandiza amalawi?????

    Alonda olandila K40, 000 mukuwangwanjula mkutsala ka K32, 000 only. Kuyamwa zoonda kale, mpaka muyamwano magazi agwape inuu

    Sindikhulupilira munthu wandale; Mbuuuuuzzzzziii

  21. CHIM says:

    mkakumana nfi mnzako chaponda
    mukadunga ndalama zasthu zakuba

  22. European Spokesman says:

    The EU aid works through 5 year cycles called EDF or European Development Fund. Malawi’s allocation is €560 million for the period 2015-2020. The EU realeases this through annual disbursements called Tranches. The money quoted in this article is just a Tranche of an already allocated amount signed for in 2015. The Malawi leader didn’t have to travel to Brussels for the EU to release the Tranche. All Malawi needs is to meet the conditions and the EU will honour a request for the next disbursement. It is not a political issue and it is not negotiable. A phone call to the EU Delegation in Malawi could have given you accurate information for your article instead of this propagandist hogwash!

    So, welcome to Brussels, Mr. President and enjoy sleeping in our hotels and driving in our streets that have proper street lighting and no potholes. Enjoy bathing our water which comes from green hills that are well conserved because our people do not use charcoal for cooking. Enjoy watching our Tv which is run by professional reporters with no political pressure. Enjoy eating our food which is grown in well irrigated fields because we did not steal tractors meant for farmers. Enjoy breathing our fresh air because our city has roads, pedestrian pavements, trees and public parks unlike your filthy dust bowl called Lilongwe! I hope you’ll learn one or two things here instead of just shopping in our modern malls and designer stores. Bienvenue à Bruxelles Monsieur le President!

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      I like your comment, European Spokesman. You see, the cancer that we have in this country is ignorance. It is this ignorance that make us clap hands for something that was bound to happen regardless. It is the same cancer that make us sing praises for the president for doing something he is paid to do. Yes exceptional performance naturally attracts praises and rewards. The reward will be giving him another mandate after the expiry of the current one if Malawians feel he has done exceptionally well. Apart from protecting his corrupt colleagues, there is nothing exceptional worth pointing about this president.

      All good leaders the world over work by appointing the right people in the right places. This separates exceptional leaders from “the let me try ones”. This is an area our leader is greatly challenged. Appointment is based on cronyism, tribalism, regionalism, nepotism and all the undesirable elements in a modern society. By practicing the foregoing one limits the choice of people to competently serve them.

  23. pathfinder says:

    kkkkkkkkk ade is jealous, unya uona. sungakhale ngati nyasatimes ayi, inasiya kulemba zachabe za mutharika. pano zambiri zamutharika zomwe akulemba ndi zabwino zokhazokha. ngakhale ochita comment akungoti mutharika yoli yoli. hahahahahahaha zindikudziwa kuti bambo ako a chakwera akumva bwanji? chifukwa nayensotu JB akungoti mutharika yemweyo.

  24. Maunits says:

    Which 2019? Mwagwa nayo tikudziwa kuba maize gate kunavuta ndiye tikapemphe mzina la financing important projects yet we know you the thieves have already planned to use it for campaign. MCP BOMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Tambala wakuda kokoliko ku state house tinamanga tokha BOMAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  25. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

    Ndiye mukuti ndalama zikhala zikutuluka pati mwapanga kale budgetzo? azikati akalankhula anthu azikamufupa? dovu chuchuchu azungu kuseka kenako kuimilira ndikukaponya mu mmbale? kapena ulendo wokagwada ndikuyenda chamimba kenako kufupidwa? tafotokozanitu nanaga! Ngati tukapempha, how do we know kuti akatipasa mwanena apazi? kikkkkkkkkk!!!!!! sizionatu izi mwanena apazi.

  26. Thini says:

    The President travels to Belgium on the invitation of the European Union (EU) to attend the 2017 European Development Days (EDD) which is held each year and brings together the development community to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. President Mutharika will address the gathering. ( time ziti?) Iyi ndiyomwe yalemba Malawi Voice yawo yawo.

  27. chamba says:

    As a country you mean a best thing a president can do is begging. We totally a sick nation.

  28. kagame says:

    Hahahaha nothing significant in signing deals because EU doesn’t trade with corrupt leaders. I would not be proud of him addressing oxford when chanco remain closed. We will inform the EU not to entertain this corrupt moya.

  29. sheshe says:

    Bravo bwana president. 2019 boma

  30. ade says:


    1. Ndaoloka jordan says:


    2. Pido says:

      mumaona mdima wokhawowokha when others can see bright light. Change your mindset

  31. mpunga says:

    APM yemweyo 2019 Bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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