Wakuda, Kandodo join MCP rally: Chakwera ‘confident’ of winning 2019 elections

Former Finance Ministers and a relation to founding president Kamuzu Banda, Ken Kandodo and People’s Party (PP) legislator Wakuda Kamanga on Saturday joined a politicall rally in Kasungu addressed by Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera who vowed to unseat Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the 2019 elections, arguing that the ruling party and its leadership has failed to govern.

Chakwera (left) is flanked by Wakuda Kamanga and Ken Kandodo

Chakwera praised Wakuda and Kandodo for attending the MCP rally, saying they wanted the “the right thing to be done” for Malawi

The leader of opposition said  MCP is geared  to bail Malawians from their  social, economic and political turmoil.

He was speaking when he presided over the launch of Tambala Football Trophy in the area of Kasungu North East Constituency where, Elias Wakuda Kamanga, is the member of Parliament.

Chakwera said  Malawi  was bleeding under “corrupt” and “clueless” leadership.

He said Malawi is suffering an economic crisis because of corruption and theft of public funds as citizens are now suffering in their families than ever before.

“You can even judge by just looking at the faces that  Malawians are living in a very miserable life than ever before. Y es they might have little maize which they have harvested but they cannot afford to mill the maize because they do not have money in their pockets,” said Chakwera.

“This DPP Government has failed , they don’t have a clue on how they can  play around with macro and micro economic formula in order to unplug money flow to the general populous. As Malawi Congress Party, we are more than ready to bail Malawians out of this miserable life with uneven, unequal economy,” said Chakwera.

The opposition chief said DPP has failed “to rig” economic development of the people of Malawi.

Chakwera has pledged to turn round the country’s economic fortunes if elected President.

On sports development, Chakwera said government through Football Association of Malawi has a duty to scout talent from grassroots like Kasungu North East Constituency.

“But look what is happening , there is no talent identification system from grass roots level, so how do we develop sports?” said Chakwera.

Taking his turn, Wakuda Kamanga commended Chakwera for unveiling himself at the launch of Tambala Football Trophy.

Asked if Kamanga has joined MCP for naming the trophy ‘Tambala’ which is a symbol of MCP,  the parliamentarian  said  he has not joined yet but could not rule himself from becoming the party member.

Kandodo also  refused to comment if he has joined the MCP .

A new Afrobarometer survey recently showed that if elections were held today the MCP can win the poll and Chakwera can be Head of State.

Afro barometer, an African led, non-partisan research network in a nationwide survey conducted by the Centre for Social Research at Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi (UNIMA), interviewed 1 200 adult Malawians in both urban and rural settings.

The surveys released on Tuesday last week are drawn from data collected during face-to-face interviews in December last year and January this year.

Professor Edge Kanyongolo, Professor Happy Kayuni and Dr Nandin Patel gave the research findings in Lilongwe during the Afrobarometer Round 7 Dissemination.

According to the report, when respondents were asked which party’s candidate would they vote for if presidential elections were held at the time of the survey, 32 %:picked the MCP followed by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at 27, and the UDF scored 11% while People’s Party got only 7%.

The presidential, legislative and local council polls are scheduled for 2019 in April.

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25 thoughts on “Wakuda, Kandodo join MCP rally: Chakwera ‘confident’ of winning 2019 elections”

  1. sanjero says:

    50+1 abwana chakwera akunama gworisani central just the same as carsberg does amapangabe advertise ngakhala akuziwa kuti mowa pa malawi pano green central ndiye 50yo plusb1 ndiye north ndi south votes

  2. DR NEUTRAL says:

    Why are you busy campaigning in our MCP strongholds instead of the south where we don’t have an MP? Bwererani ku church madala ndale zakukanikani. You are destroying our party!!! Recycled politicians’ Munapusisa amayi pano mukufuna mupusisenso Chakwera. Shame!!

  3. Sir, says:

    My piece of advice is that Honorable Chakwera can make it to state house only if he changes strategy. He concentrates holding meetings in central region and partly appears to the north. take it or leave it,you won’t make it bwana. Late Chakufwa Chihana goofed also with same system – he concentrated on visiting his home -north and Muluzi and Gwanda capitalised on that. I wish I met you bwana Chakwera so that I share my thinking with you. This is the time to be visiting us in the south so that voters in villages must see and know you otherwise people in the village do not know who Chakwera is. Come on bwana change your style. Do not forget that things might start changing for better and it would be a tall order to defit DPP!

  4. Sekerani Sikalioti says:

    Welcome back Mr Wakuda and Mr Kandodo. Kwanu mkwanu mnthengo mudalaka njoka.
    You have made good decision in the right time. The only winning team is MCP

  5. Thyolo Thava says:

    Ka udf mkachipani? Concentrated kwa achawa ku Mangochi or Machinga… who is that sane person who can take dpp/udf alliance serious?

    1. Anzijo says:

      Don’t fool urself bwana .inu ndiosusa basi mpakana mmanda

  6. santana says:

    December and January when the maizegate issue was talk of the day. When black-outs were everywhere. When donors could not be dreamed of resuming budgetary support. When the opposition was talking too much on hunger. That was the time when the survey was being conducted. And we don’t know from which region were the samples were taken from considering our usual voting pattern. Chakwera will be confident of winning the elections only if he conquers part of the south not by depending on these opinion polls.

  7. Kabunthu says:

    DPP woyeeeee! Inenso Woyeeeeeeeeeee!

  8. MWENDANATO says:


  9. Novida says:

    Only fools can celebrate and hallucinate that they will form a government while they don’t have grass root structures across the country. Tinkakuuzani 2013 kuti DPP sizocheza koma inu makani. Tsono chipandecho chili ndi yani pano? Tabazipaka chitosi chanu chomwe mudzalira mutaona kuti madzi odzipukutira palibe.

  10. Rift Valley says:

    The possibility of most PP Followers voting MCP is stronger than many UDF members supporting DPP during the coming elections.

    Further, I doubt whether many Northerners in particular and Afford followers in general look kindly anymore on DPP if recent utterances by over zealous DPP diehards are taken into consideration. I bet this is giving APM and his group sleepless nights.

  11. wishes says:

    Mukaphatikiza DPP ndi UDF answer yake mukupeza chani?

    1. Ayuzy says:

      zili ngati additional ya Manyi ndi mikozo = sewage

      1. mndambala boy says:

        kikkkkkkk hahahahahaha mai ine hahahahahahaha!!

    2. gwamba says:

      27+11=38 and 32+7=39

  12. John Museveni says:

    Mr. Kandodo mwagonjatu tsopano. Taonani mukukhala okhumata chifukwa cha manyazi. Sorry!

  13. Ayuzy says:

    Monkeys are just transferring from Malambe to Masau trees, hope to see them back to their respective trees when Masau period ends.

    That’s Malawian giants whom I know best……. Sachedwa komanso safulumira kuchoka mzipani.

    Wakuda-Kandodo = Mene ainyozera congress madolo amenewa simungamvetse

    1. Kandondo sold Kamuzus propertise to Bingu. Its the same stupid man who left MCP and join DDP he is nothing than opportunity man. Who goes where there is honey. Malawi need fresh people. Iam starting loosing respect in MCP but Its better with MCP than horribel DDP

  14. Phiri says:

    Wakuda Kamanga and Ken Kandodo are the very same people who were in DPP.

    1. chapita says:

      so what? nanga poti onse ali ku dpp anali ku uuuuuuuu? ask henery mussa, akuuza bwino.

  15. Richard Soko says:

    Alliance of leaders and not the electorate . Do not treat voters as robots.

  16. chamba says:

    Boss why a research should include an alliance of UDF and DPP. May be ask them to conduct another research about udf/dpp alliance if people support it or not

  17. Maunits says:

    No thieves in MCP Chakwera the only leader to drive economy of Malawi to the right direction. Else we will perish by the anger of GOD. We have all hope as Malawians to put the MCP in govt. Pitala failed miserably when he was minister during the late Bingu how can such a person govern the country. USELESS go to the drawing board and start again other wise out of power come 2019.

  18. yosefe mateyu says:

    anyway DPP is in alliance with UDF a factor not considered in the results and, the study was only conducted in December and January

    1. gwamba says:

      just add their percentages you will come up with those alliances’ results.

Comments are closed.

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