Mutharika urged to deal with Malawi ailing economy, corruption and nepotism: ‘Hold off publicity stunts’

President Peter Mutharika has been urged to renew his vows to fight corruption  and be hands on in rebuilding the country’s economy as well as stamp out nepotism other than engage in hideous photo-opportunities staged by his  inept handlers  instead of tackling the real fundamental issues that are making Malawians angry.

Tett and Germann: Cortuption concerns

The IMF has projected the economy to grow between 3 and 5 percent, and 7 percent in the medium-term.

Commentators and international cooperating  partners  have since spoken of the need for the President to deal decisively with issues issues of corruption.

Malawi News columnist George Kasakula wrote on his ‘Hitting the nail’ that if President Mutharika wants to regain the trust of Malawians to give him a fresh broad mandate like they did to his brother Bingu in 2009, then he must deal with the fundamental issues that are worrying to Malawians.

“He must deal with the economy, for example, and put necessary infrastructure to make sure that all Malawians participate in meaningful activities that would spur real growth and not the imaginary one he and Goodall Gondwe [Finance minister] want us to believe in,” Kasakula advised.

He persuade President Mutharika to  take “bold steps” to help local farmers benefit from their sweat, which he pointed out is not the case at the moment when they are being exploited by marauding big companies that roam the rural areas during harvest time, taking their produce almost for free and exporting it abroad where they stash their proceeds, without government collecting any meaningful tax.

According to Kasakula, the President must  institute tangible far reaching reforms in agriculture, health, education, energy, among other sectors, that will make a real difference and move  Malawi forward.

The President has also been asked to decisively deal with corruption and not shield anybody in the corridors of power.

“If Mutharika wants to be believed that he deserves a second term, he must deal with corruption just as he promised Malawians before the 2014 elections, without shielding anybody, whether he or she is a close friend or family member,” wrote Kasakula.

He the also called for an end to ‘Lhomwelisation’.

”If the President wants a second go at presidency, he must start making Malawians, from Nsanje to Chitipa or Nkhotakota to Mchinji, to feel that they all belong to this country by stopping the monopoly by only one tribe or region, as is the case at the moment.This practice is called nepotism or tribalism and it has no place in the modern day Malawi,’ he wrote.

On corruption ,  European Union (EU) Ambassador Marcel Gerrmann, also  emphasised the need for government to ensure that every kwacha is accounted for and spent wisely in the prevailing harsh economic times if the country is to recover.

“As EU [European Union], we financed a conference last April on corruption, which was also attended by the President, but so far we still haven’t seen a report or recommendations a year later.

“I think it is important if this done if the fight against corruption is to be won in this country.”

On her part, British High Commissioner Holly Tett also said corruption needs to be tackled “ for the country to move forward in terms of growth.”

Tett said there was need for strong commitment towards reforms, priority areas being on agriculture such as transparency in Admarc, fertiliser, seeds and the review of the Control of Goods Act.

The impoverished southern African nation is recovering from drought-induced economic stagnation and remains heavily reliant on borrowing, with about a third of its $3.5 billion total debt coming from external lenders.

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Winston Msowoya
Prof.Muthalika,how would you send a theif to catch a thief.Firstly,you are a theif yourself how would you control theft in your government? Secondly,you are a tribalist,how would you control tribalism in the country and thirdly,you are a deadly nepotist yourself,who would you control nepotism in our country? You are deceiving who? You and your late brother Bingu have the same characters one is DIVIDE AND RULE and yes it works for you as it did to Banda’s rule.One time you were heard calling MP Kamlepo Karua,”that northerner MP”.As far as the President of the nation has shawn the way to… Read more »
Joji Wina

Mukasowa chochita mukumangoti President this, president that. Komanso mukazimbidwa ndi nsanje mukumati Lomwelization on everything.Kodi mukufuna chiani kwenikweni? Why all this hate? Remember nkhuku ya njiru simaswa mazira. Nokha mukuti IMF yati economy will growby 4-5 percent and 7 prcent in the mid term.What more do you expect?


Ameneyu siku Malawi palibe angapange ndiziko lathu ili 2019 tikuchosa basi mukuziwa chipani chopanda milandu zithu zisithe mpaka kubwereka ma gensets it’s shem to our country.

Tenzi Mzungu
APM should order census in civil service to know contributions of each region. From there let people talk about nepotism or tribalism. It is only from the civil service where we have equal chances of being employed. What Kasakula and Lucius are concerned with are political appointees which go to loyalists. This happens every where. Then visit NGOs . People from southern region are not dominating . Northerners dominate if we consider their population. It is only from the civil service where one gets pension and from some companies. Kasakula ? When have you become APMs advisor? Continue writing bad… Read more »

Waiwalapo Action Aid aise


tett and germann are talking sense. i wish peter had a chance to read the newly elected SA prestdent speech or has but waiving it off as he always does. asadzadabwe


In as far as I can see it is equally a waste of time to ask and hope that mutharika is going to make a turn around. Actually all of us must just unite and call for his immediate resignation. Let his vice finish the remainder of his term. Let us go to the street and protest.

We can’t have children dying in hospitals due to power blackouts – a situation that any proactive leader can anticipate and get it resolved in time.

How much worse do you want him to perform to prove that he has failed?

Eish! The donors have spoken……and straight to the point. The message is loud & clear: DEAL WITH MALAWI AILING ECONOMY, CORRUPTION & NEPOTISM; STOP PUBLICITY STUNTS!!!! This has be the concern of the majority Malawians since the day DPP came into power more so since APM became president of this country at the 36% votes approval. Now it’s not Malawians making the appeal but foreigners who wish this country well. Unfortunately it’s too late now for APM and his DPP led government to make a turnaround with only 15 months remaining before the next general elections. The best solution is… Read more »
Joji Wina
Whose representation is the 36 percent of vote? .Weren’t these voters Malawians? and Who did the rest of the people vote for? You speak as if the rest of Malawians voted for one candidate. Shame, shame, shame!. Talk real issues brother not zansanjezi. Turnaround has already been done on various areas including infrastructure, National IDs, Community colleges, Lean cabinet and many more. While I agree that there is still corruption in government and the country in general, you also need to recognize efforts made towards curbing the malpractice. Moreover corruption is even worse in NGOs/CSOs, churches and in private sector.… Read more »
Listen and Love

Malawi deserves a better minister of economy and a better President than the current crop of leaders. In fact Malawi needs a Regime change to turn the economy and life in around. The Good news is that WINDS OF CHANGE are once again sweeping the Southern African countries and Malawi is not spared. NEW ERA FOR MALAWI IS AROUND THE CORNER. GET READY. GOD IS IN CONTROL.

kaka ni dada

He has failed for 4 yrs, I don’t think it will be easy for him to tackle all the mess he has caused in one year. Malawi needs a capable leader with capable thinking to make right decisions at the right time.


How and where do the diplomats get the power and authority to talk to president like this…trump and May messes alot but we don’t interfere or advise them about internal matters.This nosense must stop. We a sovereign state

@ Nachisale

@ Nachisale. Listen to yourself. Our problem is not trump or may. It’s actually your pretender at state house who is our problem. Hallo nachisale

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