Mutharika urges clergy to lead in correcting worsening corruption in Malawi

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has asked church leaders to break the cycle of moral decadence which has seen the nation losing the brotherly love that Jesus commanded the human race.

PIM Church leaders in a group photo with President Mutharika during the audience at Sanjika palace in Blantyre.

PIM Church leaders in a group photo with President Mutharika during the audience at Sanjika palace in Blantyre.

Mutharika made the call when he met with the leadership of the Evangelical Church of Malawi at Sanjika Palace on Friday.

“The Evangelical Church of Malawi is a locally established institution, and you have seen our society degrading into moral corruption. Our society is losing the brotherly love that Jesus commanded us.

“Why do we have corruption among us? Why do others kill albinos? Why do we have hate and envy among our people? Many questions keep coming. As men of God, we must lead in correcting the moral corruption of our society,” appealed Mutharika.

He reminded the clergy that the Church’s relationship with Government is very vital in finding concrete solutions to the needs of the people regardless of their belief.

“Together, we provide for the needs of the body and the soul. We are partners in development. And together, we will do more,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also hailed the Evangelical Church   for their pivotal role in promoting socio-economic development of the country.

He said the church had initiated various projects in several sectors including education which ordinary Malawians and Mutharika (herself) have benefited from.

“And I am a witness of the good works of the Evangelical Church of Malawi. I once stayed at your Ntambanyama premises. At some point in my days, I did study at Nyasa Mission School, so I am one of you,” said Mutharika.

He commended the church for its effort in complementing government’s efforts in health and education sectors.

In his remarks, Rev. Charles Mawaya, who is the Synod Chairperson of the Evangelical Church of Malawi praised Mutharika for taking a leading role in uplifting lives of many Malawians.

For instance, he mentioned things like the farm input subsidy, protecting people with albinism and launching the construction of  Thyolo-Makwasa- Thekerani- Muona Road.

“Your Excellency let me thank you for various developmental activities which your government has done in this country.

“You’re a listening President and the good example is what you have done lately by reducing school fees in our colleges after the students complained,” said Rev. Mawaya.

Rev. Mawaya also assured Mutharika that their church will continue supporting government agenda for the development of the country.

Evangelical Church, previously known as the Nyasa Mission, with its headquarters at Ntambanyama in Thyolo was founded in 1893 by Reverend Joseph Booth.

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Mutharika has no political will to deal with corruption. He is so defensive to his government in just every failure.Imagine passing the buck to the church abale? Imagine passing the blame to the previous governments on power outages and water problems abale?
I hated Kamuzu on his dictatorial power but with this power,he dealt ruthlessly with corrupt Ministers and all in the corridors of power in parastatals and government departments.He could hire you today and fire you the following day. Analibe mzache mdala uja koma osati izi kapena za che Bakili ndi che Joyce.

Winston Msowoya

What an idiot President? it is not the job of the clergy to stop the cancerous corruption in the country.Their job is to preach the word of God to the believers.Muthalika asks why do we have corruption? Idiot,this question must not come from the President and the perpetrator of the evil corruption.Accept it Mr.President,you have shamefully failed to deliver the goods and you must step down forthwith,this vividly proves that you are totally inept and misguided moron unfit to rule.What a TRAGIDY?


How low can this ignorant president stoop? The churches have always preached against corruption or any form of evil. There is no link between the church and the plundering of govt coffers. You the president must be the first to take decisive action on corruption, starting from yourself and ending down to the common man. Please start the action, be exemplary. Then corrupt people will fear and start to obey. Making our country back to its feet economically and socially.


Typical; the President again passes the buck to the Church in appealing to it to lead the way against corruption. He himself is the one who should be leading the fight against corruption and he should be seen to be doing so. To date he has done nothing but frustrate those, notably the ACB, who are doing their best to bring those responsible for cashgate to justice.

Mr President, the most corrupt people in your government are the police it id high time you establish a police complaint commission as is other Democratic countries reduce the road blocks to necessary levels. Your Excellency why are we being policed like this? Disguise your self and visit these police check points littered around the country you LL see how your voters are being robbed. In mchinji right at the border there is always 2 police officers who receive k3000-00 for any parcel which enters Zambia via their position. How much do these guys make per day? And why do… Read more »
Not So Sexy Kaliati

Bwampini is taking us for a ride. He asks why is there corruption in the country yet his second name himself is corruption.

His brother was against corruption in his first term. He talked against and walked the talk. There was no corruption in the country.

Contrast that with him. He has ministers he is shielding from corruption, is that walking the the talk, or bluffing?

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