Mutharika’s absence at M’mbelwa’s wedding is another evidence of DPP hatred for the north

DPP president Peter Mutharika’s absence at the wedding of Inkosi Mbwelwa at Edingeni on Saturday and his failure to send even an apology or representative is clear evidence of the long held knowledge of the deep rooted hatred that the Mutharika family and DPP party has against the Northern region.

There is perhaps a direct connection between a country’s poverty and the leadership competencies of some politicians like Peter Mutharika.  Mind you there is an eternity of turn-ons for some politicians in the Opposition and CSO Grand Coalition today, a diversity of incompetent advisors and half-baked experts most of whom don’t even know what they are talking about.  The insatiable gluttony for power ensures that people like Mutharika put themselves above the people they are supposed to serve and above tradition.

On condition that you can fight back the stink of moral depravity Goliati style, I would bring you up to the withering Peter Boko Haram Mutharika, that guy who in a deliberate display of abject arrogance and total disregard for Ngoni Tradition and the Northern vote, decided to shun the wedding ceremony of Inkosi M’belwa the Fifth, the Paramount Chief of the Ngoni, under the pretext of launching the DPP Campaign at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe.

The First Couple with the newly wed
The First Couple with the newly wed

This, mark you, is the fellow who in the presence of one Charles Nchacha labelled the current Speaker of Parliament, Henry Chimunthu Banda, a hoaxer and a Ntonga to the bone, despite the fact that the Speaker is a native of Nkhotakota North.

To Peter Mutharika, it is an unpardonable sin for one to belong to the Northern Region of Malawi.  Even his elder brother, Bingu Daniel Mutharika Phiri told off the Vice President, Khumbo Hastings Kachali in the presence of fellow cabinet members that he did not care about the Northern Vote.  Peter is just re-reading the ugly and divisive script he inherited from his uncaring brother.

Although we do not live in an ideal world that is tax free, Mutharika was supposed to mend fences with the people in northern Malawi by joining his colleagues on the Presidential Race to attend this auspicious function at Edingeni, in Mzimba.  Even the erratic Chakwera abandoned his Texan nasal twang to succumb to the lures and importance of this occasion despite the fact that he was stashed in a tent somewhere away from the important dignitaries sitting close to President Joyce Banda.

This is exactly what Chakwera, despite, his own distaste and disgust for the North meant when he disclosed that the DPP does not care about the Northern Vote.  I still remember DPP’s power broker Chaponda crying foul, alleging that Chakwera was hitting below the belly and breaching the rules of engagement after he made this damaging declaration known to the romping Press.  In anger and total embarrassment the Mangunda Baron, Dr. George Chaponda rushed to the courts in search of redress for the stinker.

Sleaze and hypocrisy go far too subterranean in this country.  Never doubt that Mutharika is always involved in whatever his water boys do and whatever nonsense Chaponda tells the public.  That is how the DPP communicates.   Mutharika has for years worked hand in grimy glove with the current desperado of the northern snub, George Chaponda, so they are basically comrades in dishonor.

I am quite prepared to believe that the calamitous Mutharika acted in all honesty by not only advancing and supporting the northern snub, but by ensuring that he was not well represented.  This, mark you, from the man who wants to be a State President.   Yes indeed, he would probably be bad as his elder brother Bingu Daniel Mutharika Phiri if Malawians were to make the deadly mistake of voting this tribalist in power.

More distraught is surely his indescribable running mate Saulos Chilima, whom he plucked out of the corporate world.

Given their current abysmal circumstances, the Chilima-Mutharika ticket is indeed doomed for oblivion as it continues to recede further and further into the vapors of moral decadence coupled with appalling political naiveté.

With this calculated coldness and conceit, it is hard to see how Mutharika is going to survive the electoral onslaught by the Peoples’ Party on May 20 2014.  Previously such pride has seen better and well-grounded politicians failing to make it to State House, if hardly in mediocrity and pomposity; but what certainly can there be that – whatever the bright–eyeballed buoyancy of a dangerous and suicidal running mate in Mr. Saulos Chilima, that he will provide him with enough solace when the time comes?  Hopefully he will not be repeating the appalling capitulation to the obsolete and instructive political philosophies of the homicidal Nicholas Dausi which poisoned the fountains of Malawi politics during the DPP–MCP reign.

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