Mwaiwathu hospital in BP screening campaign: Warns on herbal or Chinese drugs

Medical experts at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi have reiterated that high blood pressure (hypertension) is a “silent killer” and about 30-40% of adults are hypertensive with 60% of these don’t know that they have hypertension.

Kalengo, Christopher Banda, Guy Banda and disease awareness cordinator Kadam'manja (in green uniform)

Kalengo, Christopher Banda, Guy Banda and disease awareness cordinator Kadam’manja (in green uniform)

Hospital Services Manager Dr Guy Banda

Hospital Services Manager Dr Guy Banda

They have since discouraged people from taking herbals and Chinese related products, saying they contain harmful substances that lead to kidney failure.

“Herbals and chinese medicine are no good and can harm and damage your kidneys. Some of these herbals contain detrimental substances that can lead to kidney failure.

“Kidney failure is a serious condition and every expensive to have your blood cleansed where the kidneys have been damaged,” said Dr Staphael Kalengo, Head of Dialysis Unit at the hospital.

Kalengo said this during disease awareness media briefing at the hospital’s premises in the commercial capital.

The kidneys cleanse one’s blood by removing waste and excess fluid, maintain the balance of salt and minerals in the body and help regulate blood pressure.

“When the kidneys have damaged, waste products and fluids accumulate in the body, causing body swelling and shortness of breath.

“If left untreated,  diseased kidneys may eventually stop functioning completely. Kidney failure is serious and potentially fatal condition,” he explained.

While Head of Accidents and Emergency, Dr Christopher Banda, zeroing on hypertension, said some medications like “birth control pills or over-the-counter cold medicine” can cause high blood pressure as well.

Banda said hypertension is called the “silent killer” mainly because people often have no symptoms, “yet it leads to some serious and sometimes even fatal conditions”.

“High blood pressure is a silent killer because it can lead to some very serious complications. It can lead to abnormal heart rhythm and it can also make you likely to have a heart attack or heart failure, kidney problems, or even a stroke,” asserted Banda.

He therefore advised those with hypertension to always take scientifically proven medication as directed by medical personnel and monitor their blood pressure in their homes with monitoring devices.

“There are many risk factors for high blood pressure. Some factors you can’t change. Others are modifiable based on your lifestyle.

“Factors that are modifiable include being overweight, not exercising enough, eating unhealthy diet, consuming excess salt, drinking alcohol and smoking. If you have a family history of high blood pressure, you should work with your doctor on reducing risks,” advised Banda.

Meanwhile the hospital is conducting high blood pressure screening exercises in various locations ahead of the disease awareness open day on November 21 and are being carried under the theme ‘Hypertension and the Kidney’.

According to Disease Awareness Committee Chairperson, Lutengano Kadam’manja, the screening exercises are aimed at raising awareness about high blood pressure, kidney problems and other non-communicable diseases which are getting common.

“Its our corporate responsibility to sensitise the communities so that we should be able to enjoy life together.  We want to prevent high blood pressure and related diseases amongst us by providing improved diagnositic services to communities,” said Kadam’manja.

“We are also expecting medical experts from South Africa who will join us and also conduct high blood pressure screening on November 21. We shall also have various activities including testimonies survivors of stroke, high blood pressure and other diseases,” she said.

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KKKK ndinkadziwatu ine kuti misika izayamba kuvuta mtsogolomo chifukwa cha kuona patali kwathuku. mulungu ndiopusa kulenga mitengo? mmesa zima drugzo ndizimene zikupangitsa ma Bp, cancer ndi zimatenda zina zosadziwika? LA mmesa ndi artemesia? chabe mumangoikamo ma poison anuwo mu artemesia annua mo. ginger, papaya, turmeric,mint, mvunguti, adyo, uchi, ect zikomo chifukwa chobwera poyera ndi zintchito zanu, Kaye kunyada ma doctor tikakupezani nzipatalamo. Muisova.

vuto lake aMalawi timakonda kunyoza. koma kuyamika zero pa ten. Mwaiwathu saves a lot of lives. anthu mukayenda yenda ku malmed kaya kwa gombwa kaya ku adventist kenako zikathina nkumabwela ku mwaiwathu…. the staff do the best they can. ma patient awo amakhala odwalika zedi. and most of the time, they bring them back from deaths door. as for herbal medications, aMalawi kutengeka too much. mukangomva herbal basi go konko. as someone in the health sector i can tell you that yes, some herbs are good and they work but others will give you kidney damage and liver damage! that… Read more »

Would like to thank mwaiwathu hospital for this theme: hypertension and kidney disease,to my fellow patients let’s ask ourselves y we are having increase in these diseases which are non communicable than communicable ones.lets join hands against these diseases, big mwaiwathu


Guys , lets be serious .Achipatala they are not gods.They shudnot be expected to work out miracles when we refuse to go for testing early-tikudikira kuti titikitike kaye.

Nowadays, herbs are the real deal.These so called western drugs tend to have so many side effects when consumed. Google it and see the benefits of natural medicines. Gone are the days when people could just follow blindly and take things said by the so called health professionals as gospel truth. I will give you a simple example. Ever heard of Viagra?? it is touted as a highly potent drug that enhances libido and causes rock hard erections. But just google its side effects. There is a multitude of them. Now, Gondolosi which is a natural root, does the same… Read more »
Dr Nfiti Sidutsa Manda
Dr Nfiti Sidutsa Manda
My friends at Mwaiwathu, do not despite local medicine. Local medicine are potent and effective, even more effective than these second hand expired drugs western and indian pharmacies sell you at a high cost. Why do you think a lot of people die at Mwaiwathu and other hospitals. Its because of these western medicines, the pioson and kill people. You think you parents and their parents in the village you come from would have leaved and given birth to you if local medicine were not working? Do not be silly and believe anything you are tolk in schools, white people… Read more »
JJ King

These people are saying nothing true. Traditional and Chinese medicne go beyond convention medicine as such shoulde not be undermined. Our learned doctors are just full of hatred and jealosy


Mwaiwathu, are you colluding with Big Pharma to rip us of our hard-earned cash by prescribing metformin, glibeclamide and stuff like that? Herbals are the big deal. As for me and my family, we have gone herbal. And it’s paying off immensely!

mtima wa nyani

and ndi staff ocita leak information ya ma ptient, kuwerenga mu file ya peshenti opanda mwini wake kufusidwa ciloledzo basi kumakauza azizao- acina molini kawale2 ETC. ma stafu opanda efikis ya nchito yao.
conde livampu principles of the cipatala. timamva zambili koma ulemu cabe kaambaso poti palibe anacitidwapo sue kuyambila ma dokotala kutsikila mmusi mwake.


We have taken these herbal medicine since Mwayiwathu inception and you have never thought of giving such important messages.We call this “Management by Crisis” Where were you all this time?Then you say chinese medicine are not good at all and they destroy kidneys,you haven’t told us about which medicine as there are a lot of herbal medicines around.Please give a comprehensive detail about this or else we just think you want to promote this hospital where people are destined to die.

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