Mwanamvekha star performer in Malawi cabinet assessment

Industry, Trade and Tourism minister Joseph Mwanamvekha has emerged overall star performer in the annual Sunday Times cabinet assessment, beating his boss President Peter Mutharika by two marks.

Mwanamvekha: Scores highly

Mwanamvekha got seven marks out of 10 in the cabinet assessment unveiled on Sunday.

The newspaper cites the Buy Malawi strategy, investment foras, the Malawi Trade Portal and Malawi improvement on doing business index as some of the areas Mwanamvekha’s ministry has done well.

“During the course of the year 2016, the ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism was awarded a star performer award for meeting obligations in the performance contract it signed in 2015 as part of the Public Sector Reforms the Malawi government introduced as one way of instilling financial prudence and quality and efficient delivery of service to the public,” says the newspaper.

However, the newspaper faults the ministry for ignoring tourism and doing too much too fast.

The worst rated are Jean Kalirani, minister of Gender, Disability, Children and Social Welfare who scored a too along with minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development who also scored two.

Former Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development minister George Chaponda scored zero, Information and ICT minister Nicholas Dausi had a five whilst Kondwani Nankhumwa, minister of Local Government and Rural Development score four.

Henry Mussa, minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development had a four, Emmanuel Fabiano, minister of Education, Science and Technology has three and Bright Msaka, minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining scored three.

Francis Kasaila, minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation scored four, Peter Kumpalume, minister of Health scored five, Samuel Tembenu, minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs had a five, Jappie Mhango, minister of Transport and Public Works scored six marks.

Grace Chiumia, minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security scored three, Atupele Muluzi, minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development scored five and Goodall Gondwe, minister of Finance and Economic Planning and Development scored three out of the 10 marks.

There was no immediate comment from State House or the Office of the President and Cabinet.

The newspaper highlighted some of the problems that hit Malawi in the year under review, saying Malawi was a nation in crisis in 2016, from crisis occasioned by forces of nature to man-made calamities, the nation was neck deep in problems.

The newspaper says the assessment is premised on the fact that cabinet ministers had to operate in such a hostile economic environment.

“Some of them, like dead fish, went with the flow while others went out of their way to fulfil the mandate they have even in the face of tough economic situation,” says the Sunday Times.

In the past, Mutharika and some of his cabinet ministers have disputed and rejected the Sunday Times cabinet assessments.

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Za ziiiiii za za ntii apitetu Ku energy and mines akadile ndi mukuti egenco kaya

Sorry Times Group. This time round you goofed. It is unrealistic to assess the president in the same boat with his ministers. APM should be assessed historically, for example, the same same period he has been in office versus other Presidents during the same period – NOT against a minister of his Government. On Mwanamveka, what investment has he brought? Is signing an MOU Investment? If I may ask, how many shoe, tooth pick, solar panels, torches and torch cells, garments, paper (for local consumption and export) (etc ) manufacturing companies have been established in Malawi? These are the things… Read more »
This assessment, as read by a contributors who had listed officers does not necessarily become one for officers in the ministry and does obscure out many souls in the ministry and across its departments, agencies and those are working with their sweat and blood. The list provided by the contributor above is short and a bit misleading in view of the roles. The same goes for the other ministries around whose images are subliminal on the basis of the perception in the eyes of the commentators. This exercise needs some on ground interface with the assessed institutions and their counterpart… Read more »

One commentary has singled out officers who facilitated high performance in the ministry. I am writing from the TWG circle too. I think this in not an exhaustive list. There are many who work sweat and blood in the ministry beyond the list provided. Am also aware that some officers have even been sideshow players despite being categorised as star grade contributors in the article.


Jealous down Joseph works.I am in private sector but i deal quite a lot with his ministry.I have been impressed with Joseph ever since.I dont think APM would mind his minister scoring higher than him.It shows APM knows who to place where.Come 2019 APM winner!So no big deal.Joseph keep on working hard and you have motivated staff.Odzisata achina Mkombezi,Mwimba,Mwase your team is super.I always refer to your ministry when i find myself in other meetings with other ministries.I am talking from one of the TWG that were formed.Congratulations APM !Congratulations Joseph!

sazilala mbuno

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee adasambatu masiku ano bwanawa. kupuma mpweya ndi misomkho yathu bwino. musiye zijazi koma.

Yahya Jammeh
The assessment does not make sense at all? What does it intend to achieve? Does it mean anything to evaluate Dausi who has held the portfolio for less than two months together with the other ministers who have held their positions in the same Ministry since 2014? There is no mention of what methodology was used to carry out the assessment. If Times Group feels it has scored a mileage by getting Chaponda out of cabinet, for crookedness that’s great and should do that with the other ministers who have dirty dealings, but not assessing them – otherwise people will… Read more »
Hahaha useless exercise. What are the investments that Mwanamvekha has brought? What has Buy Malawi achieved? How can you compare a President and a minister? The president is responsible for the country whereas the minister is responsible for a sector or ministry. Whatever a minister does has the blessing of the head of state so he equally is responsible for any achievement by any minister. As for Hon Obama Chiumia I am not convinced that she is responsible for what happens in the police, immigration and prisons because these institutions feel they are answerable to the president only. The concept… Read more »

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