Mwenifumbo brands Chihana as an ‘embarrassment’ to intra-party democracy

Alliance for Democracy  (AFORD) presidential aspirant, Frank Mwenifumbo, Tuesday described sitting president, Enock Chihana, as an “embarrasment” to democracy for failure to accommodate people’s  views.

Aford delegates had taken to the floor to sleep as party was discussing the impasse
Chihana and his wife Tadala escorted to the convention venue
Aford MP Frank Mwenifumbo aspiring to be party president arriving at the convention surrounded by his body guards
 Mwenifumbo made the accusation on the sidelines of a stalemate at the party indaba which it was ordered by the High Court  in Lilongwe that it should take place on Tuesday, May 1.
An emotional and seemingly angry Mwenifumbo, legislator for Karonga Central constituency, said he was saddened that  Chihana has forgotten the very democratic principles that his father and founder of AFORD, Chakufwa, put in place.
“He is a hundred percent opposite of his father. I am disappointed in him.AFORD is a people power party, and this guy wants to frustrate this,” said Mwenifumbo.
His rants came after Chihana’s camp refused to go ahead with the voting process on allegations  that he had brought bogus delegates.
Khumbo Mwaungulu, outgoing AFORD publicist, told Nyasa Times that Mwenifumbo  was a sheer “confusionist.”
The party publicist alleged that Mwenifumbo was a ruling Democratic Progressive  Party (DPP) “buy-out.”
“He is here just to confuse and scandalize,” said Mwaungulu.
But Nyasa Times noticed that the genesis of the confusion came in after Chihana arrived at around 2:47pm, about six hours after the official start time.
Mwenifumbo had quietly arrived at around 11:03am, focused  and determined.
He has since vowed that he will not let democracy go to the dogs.
“AFORD should not be run as a personal estate. No! We are past that age,” said Mwenifumbo.
At the impromptu interview with Nyasa Times, Mwenifumbo said there was “no going back.”
He said: “We need to make things straight. Even if it means staying here all night. We will wait. We will wait! This stupidity must end.
“It is a pity that we have let our mothers and supporters to this time. It is late. But I know he schemed so, because I know he is the one who has bought vendors to create havoc here.”
By  night, there was still no solution to the AFORD stalemete.
AFORD was founded by fallen political czar and trade unionist, Chakufwa Thom Chihana, father to incumbent leader, Enock.
Over a thousand supporters are attending the national convention  at St Don Bosco Youth Institute in Lilongwe which has been hampered by court injunctions and threats.

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4 years ago

Kodi convention mukulimbana limbanayo muzalamulila dziko lake liti?Tikukudabwani kapena mwapeza dziko kwinakwake?Chifukwa m’Malawimuno nde aaaaaaaa zanu zinada mumapondereza amitundu yosiyana ndinu mmalo ogwilira ntchito MAKAPE INU

Zina ukaona
Zina ukaona
4 years ago

A wife or another body guard?

4 years ago

From a neutral point of view. Chihana katola enock was in UDF when mwenefumbo was in afford with chakufwa. There is no way enock can claim to be a true afford here. What do u make of a son who joins an opposite side while the father is a president of a party? MWENEFUMBO GO ON. Don’t let him go unopposed. Fight him, take the mantle.

Zina ukaona
Zina ukaona
4 years ago

Wait a minute! a Tadalawo kusasamba kumeneko akufuna amuna awo azalowe ku state house , azakhale mayi wa pfuko? ine olo ‘atandithira doom mkamwa sindingadzaatchule kuti amayi’
Secondly eish a Mwenefumbo pano akuti ali Chopani chanji? si omwe aja analembetsa pa Jenda ati
“Welcome to the North, the Home of DPP” auzeni apite ku DPP Kwawo komweko . nanga munthu wa chisembwere ngati uyu angayendetse chipani chathu cha afford. Ali ndi akazi awiri ku Lilongwe komamso amanyenga ma cousin ake onse ku Karonga ameneyu

4 years ago

Frank kukhozga soni. Leave afford alone. Go rejoin amayi or munthalika. Even in karonga you are always instigating fights with Mwalwanda.

4 years ago

So Enoch Katola has lost the party to the Karonga Mafia! Too bad.

Any way za atumbuka izi ife zisatikhudze!

4 years ago

Chipani cha DaDa. no one can take it.UDF cha mluzi. DPP cha wa Thalika. MCP very democratic

Monte Christo
Monte Christo
4 years ago

Mwenefumbo should not confuse the party
He is /was DPP when Enoch was running the party

Enoch has made the party survive when all including Mwenefumbo went /joined other parties

Mwenefummbo is bringing in illegitimate members which the party don’t know

Enoch is the last man standing in Afford

So to hell with Frank Mwenefumbo

4 years ago
Reply to  Monte Christo

Mbunenesko mwanangwa Enoch was at the post when the likes of Mwenefumbo were hunting for trophies in other parties that exile from AFORD by these opportunistic hunters does not exclude nor kick them out from democratic participation in the convention after it’s Enoch who welcomed them into the party. Allow it is these gunboat tactics that have sunk the natural enthusiasm into party. Take it from MCP founded by Ching’oli Chirwa led by Dr Banda UDF by Mpinganjira now a family property of the Bakilis DPP is a clear story brother to braz let the Aford escape this political trend

4 years ago
Reply to  Zam'tonda

Za a mbwenu mbwenu. Sizikutikhuza

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