Mzati Nkolokosa a mouthpiece of evil politicians

Yes, it is not surprising to read again about the author of the article; ‘It could be you next’  by Mzati Nkolokosa . To begin with, respect be given to him for the brilliant ideas and good direction of his views, however, it is not a question of anger and common sense in all evil things which have happened in the past few months. It is truth versus lies covering evil from evidence.

Common sense is needed before the evil act has taken place and the author may be one of the common sense advisors to those evil men and women who are involved in the act. In this article it shows clearly that the author was not in his senses since the effort of trying to cover the evil from truth has failed.

Personally, I suggest that the common sense shown in this article might be the one influenced the Malawi Police service to go that far giving out false autopsy results from the Pathologist Dr. Charles Dzamalala on the death of Robert Chasowa, I also suggest that he is also a mouth piece for the Ministry of information and Civic education and that of DPP.

Mzati Nkolokosa

Fire at Blantyre market,  Lilongwe and other places in the country as suggested by the article. Every peace loving Malawian despite poverty and having no security of any kind can think of killing, burning of properties unless employed or contracted by those in power.

It should be from those people in supreme control of country’s resources to have common sense when giving out information to the general public rather than hiding it for their own safety. Evidently, this is a mouth piece of evil and will bring division among politicians as well as members of political parties.

Civil Society groups in Malawi know very well the powers of the constitution regarding regime change. Change of regime I suppose is the not issue on the ground.

As Malawians, let us help each other resolving issues of national importance with respect so that young people get a real way of thinking when things goes wrong. The views of Mzati Mkolokosa in his article reflects his anger and support of DPP and the good of Malawians.

It is not however surprising this coming from him since he wants to be the press Secretary for the Statehouse before the end of this term.

Through history of success in life, tells that when one is vocal, authorities acknowledge your hard work that you do and reward you in kind of a good fortune. In politics this common and one way of making  easy money. The same way of common sense as it has been referred to, could be the cause of fires, death and other evil acts in the country.

Every thinker, won’t be watching things happening in a wrong way as suggested by this article, a rightful opinion can be seen when one is participating in issues that concerns the public and not only about him/her self. Every citizen have a duty to say something toward a certain standardization of things that might be in a wrong.

Valid questions on valid things are still coming on issues that are not being answered yet. As long as the law equip us as citizens, people deserve the truth to be known. The same life politicians want to have, other people can not discounted from. Fair share of country’s resources. It should not the duty of writer such as Mzati to instill fear on people by stopping them participating in national development of the country.

Experiencing events in other countries such as Iran, Israel with Palestine, Bahrain, France, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Greece, Italy and others across the global, the regime is not an issues because they poor masses do not security that of the president or people in power, they are simply demanding a fair share of what they deserve as citizens.

Osamaziunjikira nokha mabwana ndi madona. Kumbukiraniko ana anu M’malawi muno. [Remember other people out there who need the same comfort you have as people in power. Do not put all to your self.]  Chiondigwera chindigwere. But your dreams and steps are being counted by GOD, but the devil is protecting you under the blood of innocent Malawians.


The author is a  1st Year Student, Diploma in Journalism.

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