Mzomera says people of Mzimba Hora keeping cash in homes, need banks

People of Mzimba Hora Constituency  keep their life savings in cash in their homes because of lack of commercial banks prompting member of Parliament (MP) in the are Rev.  Christopher Mzomera Ngwira  asking government  for banking facilities.

Mzomera Ngwira: We need banks in Mzimba Hora

Ngwira said the issue of banking is “a very, very serious issue” for people of Mzimba Hora, saying it has fast growing trading centres.

“People in trading centres like Endindeni and Chindindindi keep money in their houses after they have made good sales and armed robbers attack them,” Mzomera said.

He asked Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe  to ensure  people of Luwanjazi, Chaboli, St Mary’s, Nthumba, Visenthi, Ching’anyi, Chizungu and Chiseng’ezi be provided with the banking facilities.

He also said  people of Lupelele, Malangazi, Jandalala and Katondo should have access to banking facilities

Gondwe said government is  aware of the  problems of  lack of banking facilities in Mzimba

However, he said it is   not for the government to decide where bank agencies or branches are going to be established.

“ It is a commercial matter that is decided by the banks themselves.  All we can do, as I have just said, is to persuade them to be lenient on the factors that are taken into account in deciding where to institute a banking facility,” Gondwe said.

The Finance Minister said government   will continue to “persuade” commercial banks  to open branches “ but we cannot make assurances nor give dates as to when this is going to be done.”

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