Mzuni ‘Friends of Bushiri’ feed the sick, donate towards Mzuzu Central Hospital

Mzuzu University (Mzuni) ‘Friends of Bushiri’ Sunday gave a treat to over a thousand patients at Mzuzu Central Hospital which was also symbolized a launch to a number of charity works they are going to carry out in the country.

Some friends of Major 1 who were part of the charity. Pic by Pius Nyondo -- Nyasa Times

Some friends of Major 1 who were part of the charity. Pic by Pius Nyondo — Nyasa Times

Friends of Bushiri giving out to the sick

Friends of Bushiri giving out to the sick

We don't stress -- Mwenifumbo -- Pic by Pius Nyondo, Nyasa Times

We don’t stress — Mwenifumbo — Pic by Pius Nyondo, Nyasa Times

The Friends, all of whom are students belonging to all the faculties of the northern region public institution of higher learning, said they believe it is everybody’s obligation in the country to see to it that their neighbour is living a happy and wonderful life.

According to president of the chapter, Brighton Mwenifumbo, they believe in reaching out to the “sick and the down-trodden as prescribed in the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Mwenifumbo said their leader and role model, billionaire Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, believes in making sure that no one is “struggling on our journey” to heaven.

“We don’t stress,” he said, “We want others not to stress too.”

What was presented to the four wards of the hospital which included maternity, TB, post-natal, gynaecology and male wards was a package of milk, bananas, salt, washing and bathing soap among others.

Mwenifumbo said in an after-event interview with Nyasa Times that the charity cost them over K200 000.

“We’ll do more to various people and organisations we feel need support for the greater glory of God,” said Mwenifumbo.

Recently, the chapter was in the papers after it stretched out its begging bowl to Bushiri so that he helps towards the rebuilding of their library which got gutted down by fire late last year.

Major 1, as Bushiri is popularly known, has pledged a whooping K60 million contribution towards the same.

Mwenifumbo said Bushiri “might be coming sooner than later” to hand over the cheque himself to the university.

 Nyasa Times understands that the membership of the chapter has risen to over a thousand in a month.

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Thyolo Thava

Enanu osangonyoza..why do you not donate the R3500 silently if ypu have it? Besides how many Malawians with monies remember the poor? There are azibusa olemela mMalawi muno ambiri, INCLUDING amsembe. Ndalama kumangothela ma hule ndi mowa, ena kumangila nyuma ma mistress.

Ana a Bushiri alakwa chani? Asaaaa….


A Cow produces milk and feeds a number of villages but it does not make noise! But a chicken once it lays an egg, it makes noise for the whole village to know. Hahahahahahahahahaha


Inunso mudzayamba kuthandiza anthu osowa zenizeni atolankhani adzakulembani. Musachite nsanje. Do you want charity people to be running away from journalists? Most people who write chicken-head comments do not help poor people. They are the ones stealing government money meant for the poor. They don’t even read the Bible but they want to quote it in their unresearched assertions! Nkhani yake, kudana ndi anthu amulungu basi! Bwenzi lanu ndi tate wanu Satana!


Chief kapoloma ur right.There is no need of pubulising charity.God doesnt bless anthu otchubula.K200,000(ZAR 3500)mpakna dziko lapansi liziwe?Nosense.True,there are students,they are about to be educated.People assist the sick with millions but they dont go on the platfoam.Pliz friends of bushiri mzuni students,give charity in silence God will bless u,but when u want to show off.God will let u down.Have Nice studies in American corner library.Mzakwacha Nixon;Pretoria.+27724922299.

Chief Kapoloma

So what azanuso amathandizatu odwala daily koma they do not go pa public kuti anthu awadziwe cos thats the true meaning of charity “chomwe wapeleka nkono wa manja wa manzele usadziwe”

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