Mzuni student suicide brings about mixed reactions

Death of a Mzuzu University (Mzuni), Gospel Khoza, who is believed to have died after stabbing himself in the neck while in his hostel around Dunduzu has been received with mixed reactions as, while others think the suicide version of the story is “a mere stunt” some are suggesting that it is high time the country started debating the topic suicide seriously.

Mzuni publications directorate, in a statement signed by its directors—Emmanuel Mwenye and Aaron Davis—confirmed the death of Khoza who was a third year Bachelor of Arts (BA) Cultural Heritage student.

Gospel Khoza – gone too soon (RIP)

‘Question marks’

According to northern region police spokesman, Maurice Chapola, who said the matter was still being investigated, 22-year-old Khoza is alleged to have taken poisonous stuff before stabbing himself with a knife.

Reports indicate that an empty bottle of acid and a knife stained with blood were found in his room.

But observations have questioned the ordeal arguing to some extent, it does not make sense.

“Committing suicide by stabbing oneself to death? Well, that’s a rare case,” Anjazi Chipambana opined.

Another, Tabitha Kayira, courted in the possibility of foul play, saying someone might have murdered Khoza and put the acid in his room for cover up.

“It’s high time we employed homicide experts in police service. Also, we need journalists that are learned beyond communication…. They should know how to dig deeper in suspicious deaths like this one,” said Kayira.


A postmortem conducted at Mzuzu Central Hospital (MCH) revealed that cause of death was “due to stab wounds.”

However, reports on campus that could not be independently verified suspected Khoza “might have taken that route” after he recently broke up with his girlfriend.

Nyasa Times understands that, prior to his death, Khoza had “been having some depressing moments for some days” which could not be figured out.

It is also understood that Khoza was due to repeat an academic semester for underperformance as per the University’s requirements.

A note on a wall in his room reads: ‘Pepani komano munthune ndatopa.’

Below the note, there are sets of four and five figures, on of which reflects his birth year.



Scores of commentators reacting of to the development lamented that cases of suicide in the country, especially amongst the youths, were on the rise because discussions on the topic were not exhaustive.

Another social commentator, Madalitso Khomba, married Khoza’s death to how terrible the issue of depression had become in the country.

“We need affordable mental health facilities in the country. Many people are going through stuff that they don’t know what to do or where to turn to. I believe that many lives wouldn’t have been lost if there were facilities.

“Minister of Health and his crew should look into this issue with seriousness. We are losing many young people to suicide, who would have helped in developing our nation with their skills and talents,” he said.


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Thomson Simwaka
2 years ago

It also draws back to the relationships that parents would make with their children. Some of the so called depressing moments are particularly induced by the way parents handles their children. We need platforms that would encourage openness between parents and their children. In college students face alot of challenges and without a full support of parents who understands these things, would definetly result into some students taking in some actions that do not benefit both parties. On serious note, this could be a lack of parental responsibility and guidance.

Baba Tunde
Baba Tunde
2 years ago

There’s a course called Bachelor of Arts Cultural Heritage? Government should stop providing funding for some of these courses. RIP Khoza

2 years ago

Koma khani ndiyoti munthu sangadzibaye ndi mpeni ndi kumwa acid .Pali khani yaikulu pamenepo kafuku fuku achitikedi tidziwe dzoona .Dziko lisakhale chete kufa kwa achinyamata ngati amenewa okuto akanatha kutukula dziko ndi luso lawo.Fufudzani mukuya mutidze dzosatila.

2 years ago

Mzuni has no standards. There is no student centre at this tumbuka university. There is no quality assurance at this dead so called university which is in fact a tumbuka conspiracy club. Fotseki!!!

Timothy Soko
Timothy Soko
2 years ago
Reply to  Psyuta

There are very few northerners at this university due to quarter system . Infact ther are less than 25%. The deceased is not from the northern region either.

2 years ago

This case is really hard to understand. I also strongly suspect foul play. We need homicide investigators in the police because a lot of alleged suicide cases in this country do not make sense. Lack of police expertise in homicide are the ones concluding to every death as suicide. But if indeed it was suicide then this brother was deeply depressed because it takes some guts for one to stab him/herself. Depression is real and we need to discuss it deeper in our society. Zinatha zija zoti mamuna salira amapilira,that is whats killing a lot of men in our society… Read more »

Ndafera Nkhande
Ndafera Nkhande
2 years ago

MHSRIP. While the ministry of health is tasked to find solution to this problem, i am of the opinion that churches have got a role to play in our society.In years gone by evangelists could visit schools and colleges often times.These days students resort to taking hard stuff and in most cases have no time for the word of God which sooths the mind. Teachers too have a role to play in schools and colleges.Do not be so hard on students because of your affinity to others.I remember of a few students who failed exams in college and were weeded,… Read more »

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