NAM ‘cannot help’ Emma Mzagada: Family calls on govt for help

The family of former netball star Emma Mzagada has called on government to assist them with financial resources following the netball stars’ illness that has seen her bed ridden for years as Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) says it cannot help.

Minister Mussa recently visited Emma Mzagada on her sick bed

Mzagada’s sister Jessica Mtekama said  as a family, they feel government should do more to assist Emma.

Currently, Emma Mzagada who is suffering from Osteomyelitis- a bone infection, is at Malamulo Hospital in Makwasa Thyolo where she had her bone wound cleaned at the theatre and that according to Mtekama  is just a relief and not a final solution.

Earlier this year, Emma’s suffering was brought into the limelight through Nyasa Times when the Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development Henry Mussa visited the former star and assisted the family with K200, 000.

“The minister promised to return and as a family we expected much out of the promise and we are still waiting since what Emma needs is a complete surgery to help her once and for all,” added Mtekama.

According to Mtekama, the family is also very thankful to Michael Ussi who has assisted them to take Emma to Makwasa for treatment.

Moreover, Mtekama said they expected more assistance from the Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) which was formerly notified about Emma’s sickness 3 years ago and only assisted her with K20, 000.

“We expected more from NAM, sadly they have watched Emma suffer and done nothing and at this stage what Emma needs is an advanced operation out of this country to help her get better,” she said.

Speaking in an interview NAM’s President Rose Chinunda, says her association cannot do anything since they have no allocation for such funds when need be.

She further explained that her association wishes their constitution was amended so that it can give them the muscle to help when such need arise.

Osteomyelitis is a medical term for a bone infection, usually caused by a bacterium which most commonly affects the long bones in the legs.

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5 years ago

mmalawi ur a pusi siulkudzia chimene ukuyakhula uwu ndi moyo sitikukamba za ndale zilombo ngati inu ndinu amene mumapitisa masewero pansi and not happy with u r coment

5 years ago

Countrymen and countryladies, blame game will achieve nothing. I suggest an account be opened and an appeal for assistance be sought. The general public can be contributingtowards the players medical attention. Government can come up through the minister to top up. Can NAM or former netball players, like Mary Waya, Judith Chalusa, Elleanor Mapulanga and others champion the process? Please let us do something.

N. Chidothe
N. Chidothe
5 years ago

NAM Please do something to help our sick player. Let me thank the minister for the efforts he is doing in the world of sports, I wished you had this post long before because as you can see the tnm is back because of his effort. KEEP IT UP MTENGOWAMINGA……………..

5 years ago

Useless NAM,so your waiting to amend your constitution while the patient is dying? Do something otherwise u just need players when they are in good health and abandon them when they are sick….

5 years ago
Reply to  Brian

I don’t think NAM should be blamed in any way. It is not NAM’s responsibility to take care of former players. Anything they can do is out of a mere good gesture not fulfilment of a responsibility. This is the same as you going back to your former employer and telling them they have the responsibility to take care of you which is not correct. The family is responsible for Emma not NAM and they have to stop pointing fingures

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