Nankhumwa denies plot to oust Chaponda as DPP veep

Malawi’s governing  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Director of Elections and Local Government and Rural Development Minister, Kondwani Nankhumwa, has refuted claims that he is championing the removal of former Agriculture Minister, Dr. George Chaponda, as DPP Vice President responsible for Southern Region.

Nankhumwa: Denies plotting Chaponda ouster, says he is innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law

Media reports indicate Chaponda is under pressure from some quarters within the DPP to relinquish his position or that President Peter Mutharika fires him because he is answering corruption-related charges in court.

Nankhumwa, who is also Leader of the House in Parliament and MP for Mulanje Central, is allegedly behind the machinations to remove Chaponda, who is also legislator for Mulanje South-west, according to the reports.

But in an interview with Nyasa Times on Saturday, Nankhumwa categorically denied any involvement in the alleged attempts to depose the VP.

“I have noted with great concern, disbelief and disappointment that some ill-intentioned individuals are circulating rumours to the effect that I am championing the alleged cause to remove our VP, South.

“I wish to categorically disassociate myself from such rumours. I wish to inform all Malawians that these rumours are a desperate ploy by some people who do not wish the DPP and its leadership well,” said the powerful minister, describing the rumours as “mere propaganda and fabrication by some quarters to score cheap political points”.

Nankhumwa emphasized that there has never been any “bad blood” between him and the party’s VP and that any suggestions to the contrary are “a figment of imagination of some people whose intentions are to sow seeds of discord and confusion within the DPP top leadership”.

“Indeed, Hon. Chaponda is answering criminal charges but I am well aware as much as the DPP is aware that Hon. Chaponda is innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law. As a party, the DPP, let alone myself, shall never set up a Kangaroo Court to try Hon. Chaponda, find him guilty and convict him based on mere allegations. Hon. Chaponda has the right, as every citizen of this country does, to defend himself against any allegations and criminal charges,” he said.

He said he therefore considers “immensely offensive” insinuations and allegations that he is championing a crusade to oust Chaponda as the party’s VP in the South and that he should be banned from actively partaking in party activities.

“It has never ever occurred to me, at any material time, that fighting Hon. Chaponda or anyone else in the party would make me a better individual and successful politician. I am a Christian and believes in the commandment ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’.

“Contrary to these allegations, Hon. Chaponda and I enjoy a cordial working relationship and that relationship shall not falter because of a few misguided individuals who are entirely preoccupied with spreading baseless rumours. We, in DPP, under the able leadership of His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of the Republic of Malawi, are well aware that there is strength in unity and that we shall gallantly fight any forces that are bent on sowing seeds of disunity and confusion amongst us,” he said.

PP spokesman Francis Kasaila told Nyasa Times in a separate interview that the DPP would not move in on Chaponda because it adheres to principles of natural justice where everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a competent court law.

Chaponda is answering three corruption-related charges linked to the controversial procurement of maize from Zambia. A presidential commission of inquiry had found that Chaponda had abused his powers in the course of the procurement process and recommended he should be prosecuted.

Ironically, following the commission’s findings, President Mutharika removed Chaponda as Leader of Government Business in Parliament and replaced him with Nankhumwa.

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Chaponda is unkind , unpatriotic, selfish, tribalists, regionalist just like Nankhumwa.

Josephy Inglis wa pachitakale
Josephy Inglis wa pachitakale

The money and effort Nankhumwa puts to damage Chaponda kuti atenge malo ake sizamwana. Satana uyu!


Nankhumwa ndi mbavaaaaaa eee

Prof. Mathanyula

Swanani, tibulanani, bobodanani mmene muzimaliza MCP 2019 bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sidick Wandale Chakwera
Sidick Wandale Chakwera

Nankhumwa mbava ya ku MACRA Kapena titi Macragate. Ife tikudikira Wandale 2019 kikiki

Roy Chabwera

Nankhumwa kapena tinene kuti kamasayayu ali ndi nkhwidzidi.Ngati samatamba ndi mwayi.Mutifunse ife akumulanje tikuuzeni.He paid ana achamba kuti akumuthamangitse Chaponda so that Chaponda should look like a political liability kuti iye atenge u vice president..


This Kondwani Nankhumwa has become a billionaire all over sudden.He owns Trucks, ma plot and a radio station.He is clear evidence that this government is corrupt and corruption yache yogula ndi atolankhani omwe.He was able to donate 20 million barely a year after DPP got into power.Palibepo zoti chifukwa ndi wachinyamata apa.Mbava yotheratu .

Brian Banda Weniweni

Ngati pali munthu amamwaza ndalama kwa Atolankhani ndi mbava iyi Nankhumwa.Nchifukwa chake anthu samalemba nkhani zake.Nthawi yomweyi ndalama zotsekulira Mzati FM azitenga kuti? Dzuka malawi dzuka.


If im to choose between Chaponda and; Nankhumwa.

Then I go for Nankhumwa

Gloria Tembwe

Nankhumwa is more evil

Mai kalua

Malawi politics stinks a lot , an old man Chaponda clinging on a position after stealing billions from government.


Chimwemwe Chikanda

Chaponda did not steal anything.Maizegate lie was created by Nankhumwa because he wanted his positions in both parliamentand the party

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