Nankhumwa takes Mutharika-Atu vibe to Mulanje, says all politics is local

Governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice-president (South) Kondwani Nankhumwa who is also Minister of Foreign Affairs, on Wednesday, May 13 2020 conducted two  under-the-tree meetings  in his Mulanje Central constituency to encourage constituents to vote for President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in the forthcoming fresh presidential election on July 2, this year.

Nankhumwa says President Mutharika has settled for Atupele Muluzi of UDF to be his running mate in this election because he is young and magnanimous with equally the best interests of the country at the top of his agenda
Nankhumwa on campaign trail in his constitutency drumming support for Mutharika
DPP’s Mayi Nachuma speaking at the meeting
All politics is local: Nankhumw ain his Mulanje constituency campaigning for Mutharika
DPP meeting in Mulanje

The metings were held at a Shuga Village Ground and another one at Khaya Primary School Ground.

During the meetings, which were conducted around catchment areas of voting centres, Nankhumwa said President Mutharika and the DPP are not cowed with the fact that the Supreme Court of Appeal has upheld the decision of the lower court which nullified the May 19, 2019 presidential election and ordered fresh elections.

He said he knows that DPP won the last elections clean and this was testified by various local and international election observers.

“We know we won the May 19, 2019 election, and many local and international observers agreed that it was a free, fair and credible election, but we are here again because of the attitude of opposition political parties and their leaders of not accepting defeat.


“ We are, however, not afraid, not one bit, because we know we will win again at the polls and this time with a much bigger margin,” said Nankhumwa, who is parliamentarian for the area.

He informed the people not to be frustrated or disappointed by the turn out of events but  to  show anger by coming out in large numbers to vote for the DPP/UDF alliance as it is the only remaining  hope that will  continue to bring development to  the country across all sectors.

Said Nankhumwa: “Mutharika is a vastly experienced leader and is by far ahead of those that are offering themselves for the  leadership of this country from the opposition. He is the only leader with the best interests of this country at the bottom of his heart and it is only fair and logical that we give him all the support that he needs to continue developing this country and to uplift the social and economic status of the people.

“This is also the reason why the President has settled for Right Honourable Atupele Muluzi to be his running mate in this election because he is young and magnanimous with equally the best interests of the country at the top of his agenda.

“ I have known Atupele for a very long time and, apart from the fact that he is my personal friend, we also work together at various forums where I have been privileged to appreciate his abilities as a leader. We therefore must give him all the support”

One of APM enthusiastic supporters who attended the meeting  at Shuga Village, Chimwemwe Kalanga Malikisi said he is always happy and encouraged  when their MP conducts these meetings because it gives them the opportunity to interact with him  and to share solutions to various challenges facing the constituency.

“We have listened to what our MP, Honourable Nankhumwa, has told us regarding the forthcoming fresh election and we are ready to support our President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his running-mate Honourable Atupele Muluzi as they guide us to the promised land of milk and honey,” said Malikisi.

Nankhumwa was accompanied by Regional Director of Women for the  South, Bertha Nachuma and other regional officials.

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9 months ago

Tcheya kuzaphwesano Chubu anachipopa ….Bwezani khasu kwa mwini Munda Basi ….

9 months ago

TONSE Alliance kuzagwa nayo

Malemu Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

What else can Nankhumwa do now that Atupele is poised to take dpp to its roots udf? Dpp is finished with the imminent death of poor Muthalika. You are busy campaigning for Atupele. These Muluzi guys are the biggest crooks. Do you think they have forgotten how Bingu embarrassed them? The best policy is to work with your enemy and attack him from inside. That’s what Bingu did when he dumped his United Party and that’s what Atupele and his father did. Mission accomplished. Pitala has nothing to lose. He has no children here. He has no brothers and sisters.… Read more »

Thyolo Thava Boy
9 months ago

Mr Nankhumwa why lying to people that APM & Atupele have the interest of Malawians at he bottom of their heart? Deep down your heart you know how much wealth you and the two guys you are talking about have accumulated dubiously at the expense of the people you are cheating. Let me tell you that God has rejected your party and its president because of the evils you have committed in this country. Are you not surprised that all things in this country are against your leader and DPP? Don`t you have the wisdom to read the hand writing… Read more »

nafundo zalo
nafundo zalo
9 months ago

external affairs. my foot

9 months ago

Where is Peter Mutharika? Ndi malonda a mphaka kodi? Look at the first picture in this story. People looking suspicious, nkhope zachikayiko. Please please Ife tikufuna timve manifesto from Peter Mutharika, Chakwera themselves omwe analembetsa pa chisankho cha President.

9 months ago
Reply to  Dina

Akuti Petulo ali chigonele …….malungo kikikikikik

Keen Observer
Keen Observer
9 months ago

Kulira kwa Munthu Wankulu Bankhumwa misozi kuzagwera mmimba

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