National Bank of Malawi female staff given a dressing down

Wife to one of top gurus at National Bank of Malawi NBM was ‘hired’ by the bank to talk to women employees at the magnificent NBM Towers and ended up dressing them down.

Magola: Could not comment

Magola: Could not comment

The bank hired Veronica Masikini, wife to Tayemu Masikini, Head of Administration at the bank to talk to women staff members on dressing and etiquette but the lesson did not end well.

According to insiders, Mrs. Masikini who is also Group Financial Controller at Times Group turned the whole ‘lesson’ into her pride show and told the women staffers that she ‘does not hesitate to fire people’ at Times Group.

True to her word, almost 68 people have been sacked at Times Group due to what management said was ‘unfavourable economic conditions’

“She was all over herself, telling us that she does not hesitate to fire people and she even told us that we should not be carrying wrappers-zitenje- to the office as women saying this is being old fashioned.

“ She says if there is a funeral, the bank can provide a car for us to go home and pick chitenje, how a Malawian woman can move without a chitenje?” wondered one woman who attended the meeting.

Sources said Mrs. Masikini ridiculed most of the banks female staff that they don’t know how to dress up asking them to borrow a leaf from her.

“When they told me I was going to talk to you about dressing today, I made sure I got my best outfit, you should take a leaf from this,” Masikini is reported to have told the women.

National Bank corporate affairs manager Annie Magola did not respond to Nyasa Times questions and phone inquiries. Despite sending reminders, Magola did not respond by the time of going online.

It is believed that Magola is the one who hired Mrs Masikini to talk to the bank women employees about dressing and grooming.

Male employees were not invited to the meeting.

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First of all, stay on the topic Mayi Masikini and never switch to your me and me when giving public speaking. You just exposed your selfishness, weakedness and unprofessionalism. You need a big help! And also never talk about your work policy when asked to talk about something else, that’s unprofessional. Now, let me address Anna Magola, you did well to consider someone to come and talk to the ladies about dressing and how they can carry themselves as well presentable women at National Bank. However, you should have done better by choosing someone who has skills for public speaking.… Read more »
Mada Mfumu Makata

Iyeyu Wamatama Eti? Asatinyansepo apa….how can you expect people to emulate your example..ukuyankula nyansi choncho…
Mukhazikeni pansi ameneyu sanavinidwe..
Chitsilu cha munthu ameneyu eeeti


I am only interested in the poor service we get from the bank. A Magola next time ask someone to teach your staff how to serve the public. As for this Masikini (what a name)! she is just a show off! Shupit


A Malawi tiyeni tisegule maso tione, nthawi zambiri timatanganidwa kupanga zomwe makolo anthu amkapanga osafusa chifukwa chomwe amkapangira chomcho. Tizitha kusiyanisa umunthu ndi chikwalidwe, munthu amene akusata chikwalidwe koma opanda umunthu ameneyo ali chabe. mwa chitsanzo maiko ena anthu saatenga zitenje poyenda kodi ndiife tokha a Malawi omwe timapanga period or kumwalira?

George mwalabu

Is that masikin a malawian???? I wonder why and how she can advices our respected womens to go astray from there culture ……I wish I woud have seen that silly woman …..


Nanga period itayambika mwa ngozi ndi kudontha pa dress ?hv seen it at ve Office


Kodi Masikiniyo alibe chinthuzi?

Modicai Longwe
A Malawian woman who knows about real womanhood always move with Chitenje wherever she is going. There is no point that you want to go to attend a funeral then you should go home for chitenje. It is not all people who come from the same location. Like in Lilongwe, one leaves in Lumbadzi, another in Njewa and someone in A23. All these women working in the Ministry of Agriculture, should they go first to their respective homes for chitenje and a vehicle ferrying the dead body at Kamuzu Central Hospital heading to Zomba for burial should be waiting for… Read more »
Thako la Kati---

Ku Mangochi CCAP kunalinso wina ati mai wachisanzo koma anadyesa anyezi kwa Thocco pano saonekanso manyazi !waonekera usilu! Ati patron wa choir !

second wife to Skins

Za zii. Mai ameneyu anachokera kuti. Koma ndi ovinidwa? How many employees have cars? Za ziii. Ukalemera timalankhulira mchigulu, achewa anatero. Ndiye bola ukanakhala obeba ngati Hilary Clinton.

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