National Registration Bureau workers in tax battle

National Registration Bureau (NRB) workers have now engaged Price Water Coopers to remove tax on their allowances just days after they had an allowance increase battle.

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Spokesperson for the workers, Chipiliro Mdala says the taxation issue is clearly stated in the contract the workers signed with Price Water Coopers (PWC).

“There is a limitation as to how far we can fight for its removal because it is has legal bounds as far as the tax regime of our country is concerned.

“However, we have agreed to try a few chances liaising with PWC, though informal, for a consideration in the application of the tax. But we should all understand the obligation PWC has as an HRconsultant in as far as income taxes are concerned,” said Mdala.

Mdala said the workers are having their fingers crossed so that by the time the contract will be reviewed, this will also be considered.

The spokesperson was happy that the field stipend/allowance has been increased with MK55,000 for each, which means supervisors and officers will be getting MK205,000 and MK175,000 for each junior staff with effect from the second phase.

“On this note, we would  like to thank all fellow employees for all the contributions made pertaining to this task and let us all feel that we are winners because the long awaited stipend/allowance increase has finally come,” said Mdala.

Mdala said this is a Malawi government project and as Malawian citizens, the workers have an obligation to show patriotism to the country.

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You say you have increased the perks to mk205,000 mk 175,000 how much is that in us dollars ?? If we can release an Arobarometer on that How much does each of the workers get per day in us dolars ?? I personally dont think these jobs we are getting will assist/help somebody move out of poverty,Not at all Rather these jobs gonna make somenody/families poorer and pooer No wonder people end up STEALING from their employers WHY ?? LOW WAGES !!

Bodza la N'nanu
Bodza la N'nanu

Allowances! Allowances! Allowances! Malawians and allowances! Malawians!