New Covid Variant Shake UK Bingo Halls

After the Delta, the Omicron variant has been discovered in South Africa, and now, it has been detected in 38 countries as stated by the WHO (World Health Organization). This new variant is potentially more transmissible and even no deaths have yet been officially reported, several countries are ramping up measures to avoid and reduce the spread of this more deadly virus. The UK Health Security Agency has recently announced that the Covid-19 Omicron variant had been discovered in the UK with hundreds of people who have been tested positive. Similar to every company, the bingo halls in this country are trembling with the various preventive restrictions imposed that can be the final nail in the coffin for their businesses.

The casino industry could be the boost that Malawi needs to it’s tourism industry

What do we need to know about the Omicron variant?

First sequenced in South Africa, the new variant was announced on November 25 and like previous variations, it was named by the WHO after Greek letters. In fact, according to Salim Abdool Karim, the South African epidemiologist, this dominant form of the virus was first detected in Botswana and has spread in South Africa. The Omicron variant causes more infections and spreads as fast as the Delta.

Compared with the early variant, not only does Omicron tend to be better able to reinfect people who have been previously infected but also those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. As stated by the British experts, Omicron is spreading faster in the country increasing concern among the experts and the Brits.

Although the cases are starting to rise, the chance to return to lockdown measures over Christmas is lower according to the experts. The deaths and hospitalisations have, actually, remained relatively low. In fact, the vaccine has extended to teenagers over 12 and those over 18 can receive a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Nevertheless, it hasn’t been yet declared if the vaccines would continue to provide a certain level of protection against this threatening variant.

The previous lockdown has cost millions to the UK bingo halls

The bingo industry in the UK generated more than 82.51 million pounds in revenue meaning that this sector is a significant part of this country’s economy. As a result of the pandemic, these figures have shown a considerable decrease. With the three stages of lockdowns since March 2020, stringent measures to slow the spread of the virus were imposed. In these successive lockdowns, the indoor entertainment and visitor attractions were forced to close which surely affect the bingo halls costing them millions of losses. Today, the country hosts more than 350 bingo halls and clubs and some of them are facing a significant revenue loss. With the closure of the bingo rooms, people felt more isolated and started to have fun with online bingo games. By registering at SammyBingo’s £10 sites for bingo, these players have a large choice regarding the low deposit games that allow them to amuse themselves while trying to boost a huge sum of money. With the menace of the Omicron variant, some UK-based bingo halls and casinos are trembling as they are at risk of closure meaning that they can swing heavily into loss again.

Bingo halls tumble on fears over Omicron variant

The bingo industry represents the highest share in the revenue and unfortunately, these figures have shown a decline owing to the pandemic. The biggest bingo companies in the UK have decreased by more than a half percent of their annual revenues since the spread of coronavirus and the newest variant can also wreak another chaos. As the bingo halls had been given the green light to reopen since July 19, 2021, the operators have to overcome extremely difficult years. The fact that the lockdowns have significantly cost them millions of losses makes them worry about the emergence of a new variant. This new variant that appears worrisome presents a serious threat not only to public health but also to bingo operators.


The Omicron variant resembles the predominant Delta variant regarding the transmission which is twice as contagious as the previous variations. In other words, those who previously contracted the virus and recovered can also be subject to catching it again. There is no official data to show that the virus can be vulnerable to current vaccines so we should wait for a few weeks whether these vaccines are required to be updated or not. Awaiting the result of the vaccines’ efficacy, the bingo operators fear to experience the largest drop in this interminable Covid-19 crisis.

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