Newspaper queries Malawi ministers on ‘patriotism’ over NAC-gate

The flagship national weekly, Malawi News has queried government’s recent accusations of civil society leaders for reporting abuse of National Aids Commission (NAC) to Global Fund, arguing that before blaming others as being unpatriotic, the government should examine the actions of those who dined and wined on the account of Aids/HIV money and consider whether they are true patriots or not.

Kalirani: Patriotism call challenged

Kalirani: Patriotism call challenged

Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa and Minister of Health Jean Kalilani recently accused CSO leader under the anti-NAGATE banner for reporting the diverting of NAC funding to entities that do not directly deal with HIV/AIDS intervention solely based on political manipulation or abuse in NAC’s HIV/AIDS grant decision making processes to Global Fund describing them as lacking patriotism.

“Instead of rushing with negative issues to donors, it was vital for aggrieved parties to first opt for domestic dialogue. The spirit of persuading donors to pull out their support in cases of perceived funds abuse is counterproductive and bites the poor Malawians the most,” Kalilani is quoted as saying.

“ When we went to Geneva recently, we found a pile of documents from Malawi to the Global Fund. The documents were aimed at casting a dark picture of the country so that the fund could stop assisting us. Why should right-thinking Malawians be at the forefront asking Global Fund to suspend its support for us. Let us be positive. Let us be patriotic,” Kalilani said.

However, in its editorial comment , Malawi News of February 28th 2015, called on government to soberly examine in the whole NACGATE saga to gauge who was a true patriot.

“A word to the two ministers: Before blaming others as being unpatriotic, they should examine the actions of those who dined and wined on the account of Aids/HIV money and consider whether they are true patriots because to us they were not. We know who a true Malawian patriot is,” reads the Comment.

While quoting a dictionary meaning of a Patriot as a person who defends and loves his or her country, The Malawi News editorial standpoint argue that before pointing fingers at CSOs, the two ministers should scour their conscience to gauge whether the DPP government and its NAC have been patriotic.

“Is using money meant to save lives of people living with HIV/AIDS from NAC to wine and dine patriotic? Does using the fund to dance and jive in a cultural jamboree for a grouping that the President belongs to a true show of patriotism?”

The editorial comment further dismissed the Ministers talk that the CSOs rebuffed calls for dialogue.

“The two ministers talk of dialogue. But which dialogue is this because we remember clearly that CSOs called on Mlakho and the First Lady’s trust to return the money and this was met with utmost arrogance and rudeness by officials such Mr Mabvuto Bamusi and Dr Collins Magalasi. They insisted that come rain or sunshine, the money cannot be returned,” reads the editorial.

At least 22 Civil Society Organisations staged nationwide demonstrations on 13th January 2015 in protest over diverting of NAC funding to entities that do not directly deal with HIV/AIDS intervention solely based on political manipulation or abuse in NAC’s HIV/AIDS grant decision making processes and deteriorating state of governance, rule of law and human rights.

According to the petition directed to the President of Malawi, the CSOs demanded government to desist from politically abusing the public institutions, resources and funds for purposes which are contrary to their mandates and not in the best interest of Malawians; the President to dissolve the board of NAC and institute a forensic audit of NAC disbursement of AIDS funds since the time NAC was granted the principle recipient of HIV/AIDS related funds by Global fund and put in place clear steps to ensure that National Aids Commission is no longer susceptible to political abuse and interference,

The petition also  called on the President to condemn NACGATE and provide assurance to the nation that this shall never happen again in future; initiate the review of NAC policy and procedures on fund disbursement; and also ensure that First Lady’s Beautify Malawi (BEAM) and Mulhakho Wa Alhomwe should refund K5million and K9.4 million respectively to National Aids Commission (NAC) to be used for its intended HIV/AIDS response functions.


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What is wrong with our first ladies always getting their hubbys into hot soup being first lady is more than enough your name is already on the billboard whatelse do u want


A Nankhumwa ndi a kalirani tizingokuyang’anirani mukuba kuti tikhale patriotic mwagwanayo


amayi ali pheee

Not a njenjenjeman

Bravo CSO and citizenry of goodwill. This should give encouragement to the general citizenry that it is possible to stand up against any abuse of public purse and achieve redress than hurting in silence. No one should make us feel guilty because the support has actually been secured that way. Come to think of it, the support hasnt been terminated but govt seems not pleased why? Its actually good because its the line ministry of health that is now directly involved which should be even better. Why tears?


Indeed power corrupts and blinds those riding it.But one day is one day and the down trodden will triumph.


Vuto lathu a Malawi ndilokuti timalora kuberedwa chifukwa okubawo ndi anzathu. Ena nkhani ya cashgate saonapo vuto poti akubao ndi anzao komanso Ena sakuona vuto pa nacgate poti mbavazo ndi anzao.




Patriotism for what???????plz munabera nothing like that we want the truth from mec n court. myb we will b


Mbuzi za minisita.
You underrated CSOz and Malawians chifukwa maonangati ndinu madolo.

You’re in std 1, first day, on page 1 so tread carefully.


Arrogance and selfishness were the main catalysts of finding piles of document in Geneva. If BEAM cooperated right at the beginning,dialogue would definitely take its course. Kuwopa kuvomeleza machimo ndi chintima chozikuza ndizimene zawonongo nkhaniyi. Ndalama inali yochepa yoti akanatha kuvomelezana kumweza.

Nkhani ikakukanikani m’banja ndi pamene mmafuna ankhoswe. Kakakhala pauta sungakalase. APM was @ a dilemma on BEAM. #JUSTMARRIED# angazuzulane? Ummmmmmmmm! Nde sikukhala azizukulu2

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