Nigerian ‘Vincent Banda’ to be extradited for prosecution in Malawi on ‘passportgate’- Minister

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security  Grace Chiumia has said Malawi will push for extradition of  Nigerian who used a Malawian passport under the name of Victor Banda so that he can be prosecuted in ‘Passportgate’ scandal.

Chiumia: We will interogate Nigerian ‘Vincent Banda’

Mzimba West  member of parliament  Harry Mkandawire (People’s Party –PP) on Thursday exposed a passport syndicate in the National Assembly when he disclosed that a box of 250 blank Malawian passports  got lost in December last year.

Mkandawire told the House taht the missing serial numbers of the books were from MW853501 to 853750 and it was later discovered that one of the missing passports was issued to a Nigerian who posed as a Malawians from Mangochi with passport number MW853507.

“The Nigerian used the name Vincent Banda from Mangochi, meaning that 249 passports are still out there. Banda was arrested in South Africa en-route to UK, he was smuggling some goods,” Mkandawire told the House.

Chiumia told parliament  that a team from her ministry are going to South Africa to meet the Nigerian  “and get more information on the matter.”

She disclosed that they are working on a process to  “ bring Mr Banda back.”

Chiumia added: “We are doing all necessary arrangements on the matter and let us be patient as we are working tirelessly on matter .”

Ther Minister said the Nigerian arrest at South African airport  was based on the passport.

“We have notified immigration offices in all the countries about these serial numbers.  So, he was arrested because of the passport and that is why they gave information to this country,” she said

Commenting on the matter, Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya saif the ‘passportgate’ is a “serious matter” which should be handled  in that order.

“The matter happened on 29th December, 2016. The passport was issued in January, 2017 and there could be many passports that have been issued between December, 2016 and to-date.,” said Msowoya.

In her attempt to defend government on the matter, Chiumia repeatedly stated that she would make a ministerial statement in which the racket would be addressed.

She also attempted to gag MPs by threatening that she had more information about their underhand dealings which she was willing to expose. However, this did not stop the lawmakers from accusing her ministry of being party to the racket.

Meanwhile, Mkandawire has proposed that the parliamentary committees on Defence and Security and of Government Assurances— which he chairs—should investigate the matter because the government cannot be trusted with the task “since it seems to be party to the racket”.

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17 thoughts on “Nigerian ‘Vincent Banda’ to be extradited for prosecution in Malawi on ‘passportgate’- Minister”

  1. diphiphi well known thugs like masangwi cannot be ruled out of shit!!!!!!!!!

  2. mangochi says:

    There are so many Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese in this country who publicly boast they are “Malawians”. Genocide and war ended long time ago in Rwanda but we have so many of these people in Malawi, using our resources and staying put. There is no war in Burundi but we still have all these funny faces in Malawi masquerading as businessmen/women maso bi. And in the forthcoming national registration all of these will be registered courtesy of our sleepy sloppy government. What will it take for us to wake up and just bundle of these Pakistanis, Indians, Rwandese, Burundians etc so they can leave. We do not need them. We are told that they are investors yet most of them come to Malawi in containers, through our porous borders and use Malawi firms to finance them. The government knows this and cannot pretend that they do no know. ANyaChumia what will it take for you to wake up? You are selling your own country to foreigners and these Al Quedas, murderers will day turn against you for sure.

  3. Uchitsiru wa Mafumu ogubitsidwa on MBC TV says:

    Grace Chiumia, Minister of Home Affairs also attempted to gag MPs by threatening that she had more information about their underhand dealings which she was willing to expose. However, this did not stop the lawmakers from accusing her ministry of being party to the racket. This is pathetic. The Minister has information about other ministers wrong dealings and she decides to keep quite unless provoked thats when she will expose them.. Equally she has her own dealings thats why she is keeping information about the other ministers. Our President, where are you? Citizens of this country have suffered. We can not all afford to get treatment in India. Please save our hard earned money. Better build hospitals than leaving greedy politicians to eat our monies. Uchitsiru wachuluka mbomamu kodi izi zidzatha liti? Mukatero mafumu akhala akunena ndowe on TV.

  4. igama lami says:

    This is sickening to the core. Rwandan Vincent Murekezi also dubiously got Malawi passport in the name of Vincent Banda

  5. William Tell says:

    While you’re there also pick up Chanthunya on your way back.

  6. Munthu says:

    Malawian give the Nigerian a deal, he should turn state witness and name the people who sold the passport to him. Kodi a Malawi tinakhala bwanji kuba ehh paliponse pali ndalama cashgate we will end up selling out passports to terrorists ndipamene tizawone polekela. The problem in Malawi we have selective justice just because you someone in governmen ukaba bansi akutaya pomwe munthu wakumudzi abe mazila 5 years imprisonmen with hard labour, someone steal Billions of tax payers money is walking around free and srewing our women with the cashgate money ahh 2 – 0 . Let wake up and have integrity Malawians lets be proud to be a Malawian ehh people Q for days ku immigration just to get that passports someone just dishes out that money. If we want to sell our passport lets follow the proper channels so that the proceeds can be realised by all Malawians. Not munthu modzi or a selected few should be selling our nationalnality 10 Million a pop and all that money goes into his pocket.

  7. kamulonde says:

    Team ikukatani ku SA? Angomtumiza kuno, mukapita pachitikanso allowance gate.

  8. Mkapu says:

    Vincent Banda
    Grace u know who is keeping the 249 passports
    Dont waste tax payers money arrest medi and others.

  9. pkamlomo says:

    the minister should stop being silly. even assuming Rsa and Malawi have an extradition treaty is whatever offence this naija has committed extraditable?
    and shouldn’t it be easier to deal with the corrupt system here?
    my guess is she’s shielding some people.

  10. mtete says:

    The DPP government knows extradition issues take long and it is Chiumia’s prayer that Malawians will forget Vincent Banda. The question is: How did a Nigerian acquire a Malawi passport? Too much corruption since 1994.

    By the way, didn’t a Rwandan Murekezi get one in the name of Vincent Banda? I suppose DPP will blame someone in opposition, perhaps Uladi Musa, and parade witnesses on MBC tv. to make their case.

  11. namasina says:

    It appears you don`t have to be educated to be a government minister in Malawi.Be a bootlicker , attend some meetings locally, make a few noises and you are in.Sad thing is those that are educated allow his to happen! Nothing will change in this country.

  12. Dziko Lathu says:

    This is a very serious and worrisome situation. Somebody is indeed sleeping on the job! Wake up Grace Trump and put your house in order!

  13. Penapake says:

    Leave that Nigerian ‘Innocent Banda’ alone, deal with those who actually sold him the passport here. Do not waste our time and the limited financial resources.

  14. BIMA says:



  15. chatonda Mvula says:

    What makes Mutharika to entrust ministerial positions to uneducated people like Grace Chiumia, Kondwani Nankhumwa, Patricia Kaliati, Cecilia Chazama etc and expect them to perform miracles? Like father -like son I suppose. Malawi in not in safe hands. Grace Chiumia last time threatened the MP for Dedza East for exposing the government on similar police deals and she brought up a silly accusations that the MP was involved in criminal communication regarding children in Malawi and that the MP was under investigation. And here again, she wants to threaten other MPs for helping her with information she should have well last year when it happened. What ministerial statement is she talking about and what will that do with us instead of taking responsible officers to task? She is talking of sending officers to South Africa, yet we have the embassy in South Africa. Do these empty headed ministers know how government is run really? Government and the HE are in sleep walking indeed.
    That is why the situation for Malawi requires people like Dr Chakwera to turn things around. The environment has never been promising for MCP than it is now. What a blessing in disguise for MCP come 2019. God has finally responded to the cry of the people of Malawi for 25 years. thieves will all and for the first time rot in prison from whoever thinks is immune to the poor Victor Sithole on the ground.

    1. Charles says:

      It is the same Grace Chiumia that was defending the Rwandese killer Murekezi by saying ‘I know Mr Murekezi as a succesful business man’!! Without the legislator Harry Mkandawire bringing this issue to parliament Chiumia would not take any action. She knows the culprits and wants us to believe that she has already been. investigating the issue. The gagging and threatening tendencies that she has is a weakness. Let her tell us the progress she is making on the Njaunju and Chasowa cases.

  16. Mapuya says:

    Total failure.

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