Non-functional elevator at Kamuzu Central Hospital deplorable – Newspaper

Ministry of Health and Population has been advised to always “give attention to detail” to ensure a situation where patients at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) are having to endure additional pain following the breaking down of the elevator  does not arise.

Eunice Banda (wearing head scarf) being assisted to carry her husband on a wheelchair up the stairs.-Photo by NPL

Adaily newspaper, The Nation, reported that  patience are forced to move up and down the three-storey hospital’s staircase following the breaking down of the elevator this week.

KCH hospital director Jonathan Ngoma said the elevator is “very old” for effective functioning and  it has become difficult to have it repaired “so much that the supplier is struggling to provide us with its spare parts since there aren’t many buildings using such model of elevators anymore.”

In an editorial comment , the paper noted that  this is not the first time the KCH has been in the news for bad reasons.

“At one point, the mortuary was not functioning, creating a bad environment for hospital users,” it recalled.

It said the current situation, which is not pleasant, and the previous ones, should not be encourages to happen at one of the country’s main referral hospitals.

“We understand other hospitals nationwide have a myriad of challenges that affect their operations. This calls for government to get down to business and use the resources available to sort out the mess in the entire health sector,” reads the comment.

It said  “under normal circumstances”,  an impostant institutions such as KCH is supposed to have a maintainenca budget.

The paper calls for the lift  – which is too old – to be replaced, saying authorities at KCH should not compromise  services they provide.

Meanwhile, Ngoma told the paper that the hospital has since recommended to have the elevator replaced and government has since advertised in the local media for a competent supplier to express their interest through a competitive bidding process.

He said: “Interested suppliers have already submitted their bids and as we speak the process is underway to identify a replacement of the lift.”

Accoridng to Ngoma, the situation has forced the hospital to employ porters to carry patients and dead bodies up and down the three floors.

KCH is the major referral hospital for the Central Region and parts of the Northern Region

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The article just shows how fore sighted Kamuzu was. Such lifts were always functional and used by patients. On other matters pertaining to Ralph-I was just left laughing. Malawians need to learn to think outside their mediocre boxes if any do exist. They guy used his time well and made sure he got something that would be of use in his other life after prison. I see mostly dull comments from my brothers and sisters that have done these things from FAKE UNIVERSITIES some of which operate out of MIM. Mzanu wachita tu.. Inu muli phe ndi PHD ya FOOTBALL… Read more »
Ben Phiri Canada

Well done ada bwana. What a proud moment to be tonga. Very few can achieve that from inside a Malawian jail.

A true representation of the tonga people- resilience and hard work!


Congrats big man


So what ? As a lawyer he lost credibility, he’s corruptible amalawi lets try hard kuthana ndi ziphuphu or katangare in Europe who can be happy with his Phd? Lawyer kumaba eti? This is not good News to share tothe nation mr zikhale mng’oma am very happy hes doing well I wish he could have been suspended or his licence taken not practicing anymore..

Yahya Yahya Jammeh

Kalulu, this is the problem with our sub-standard journalists. They don’t know how to use the 5Ws and H. The critical question as you put it is which institution did Kasambaras enrol with to read for his PhD and when did he start studying for it? The journalist has just parroted what Zikhale has told him. What if he is lying? I feel sorry for the journalists from MIJ. Their tutors have no track record of practising journalism, they just employ retired secondary school teachers to teach journalism and what do you expect the products to be?

Malawians have an idiotic zeal for academic self recognition that is not reflected in actual socio-economic gains for the country. Half of the civil service and political elite have so called graduate degrees and look at the very feeble and pathetic developmental progress of the country. No innovation, creativity, start ups, scientific or agricultural ideas, no transformative sweep of infrastructural platforms, nothing, zero, zilch. Just talking ,demos and stealing public resources to hide under the mattress and roof like villagers. No financial sophistication to create new industries and create wealth and jobs. Kuba basi , mahule ndi mowa.and speaking English… Read more »
Timvê ziti

This man has defied the odds. What an inspiration. Congratulations.

Defender of Faith

Abale tandiyankhani:
1. Kodi patakhala alimi awiri ; wina anphunzitsidwa ku Bunda ndipo wina anaphunzira kwa abambo ake osapita kusukulu ndiye ndikupezeka kuti onse akukolora zofanana atapatsidwa zipangizo zofana. Kodi panepa ktswiri ndi ndani?
2. Wina kukhala loya nkusekeredwa pamulanduwake koma wina nkukhala nfumu nkuzipulumutsa pa mulandu wofana kodi wopambana ndi ndani.
3. Choncho wina atakhala ndi Phd wina Honas , wa Hohaziyo kumapnga zooneka ndi maso wa Phd kumapamga zolezera wanzeru ndani?????
Azikhale Nonse Mukawerenga mundiyankhe

Kalulu 2017

Kodi PhD mukunenayi tatiuzeni zomveka? Which institution? When did he register as candidate? In what field? What was the thesis? Who are the advisors? Otherwise zikhala ngati za Dr Ben Hill yongopatsana pakamwa yopanda rigorous research.

hambakahle kamdidi

I actually had the same question. When studying for a PhD, you do some class work (let us assume he did before going go jail), then you do your thesis research which take a bit of time as it involves a lot of back and forth communications … comments….inputs from the supervisor and others. Then you go and defend your thesis. When did he do all these processes regarding the thesis???????? When and where did he defend his thesis?



Inu vuto lanu ndi chani? Ralph is one one the best Lawyers Malawi has ever produced. It’s a well deserved PhD

Peloma Pepe

Good questions @Kalulu2017. When I saw the headline, I rushed to read the article because I had the same questions. Tiuzeni mwamvemvemve apa osati nkhani zoduladula!


so the jailman allowed Ralph to access computers, books, remote library and research whilst in jail. that is commendable. CONGRATS Ralph

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