North Malawi MPs to hold presser over ‘Chinese projects’

Parliamentarians from the northern region are going to hold a press briefing to express their dismay over government’s distribution of various development projects that are going to be funded by the Chinese government, Nyasa Times has learnt.

Dan Msowoya: North Malawi deprived

Dan Msowoya: North Malawi deprived

The seven projects, pegged at a whooping K1.3 million dollars, include the construction of Chileka International in the commercial capital Blantyre.

One Member of Parliament (MP) said the press briefing would be “held during the first week” of the next session of the national assembly which reconvenes from tomorrow[Friday].

“We want to express as our reservations,” said the MP who refused that we publish his name. “What government has done has been unfair to us and actually is an insult to all of us who come from the northern region.”

The legislator could not say whether their colleagues from the government side would be part of the presser.

“We’ve extended an invitation to them, and we hope they should take heed of it so that we work in unison,” he said.

Government spokesperson and information minister Jappie Mhango, who also comes from the northern region, was not immediately available for comment on Thursday.

But he told local press last week that government was “justified” with the distribution of the projects.

Commentators have bashed government especially Pres Peter Mutharika for the “unfair distribution.”

Mutharika comes from the southern region tea growing district of Thyolo.

Political commentator and former Alliance for Democracy (Aford) secretary general Dan Msowoya had told Nyasa Times that the northern region had been “deprived.”

Msowoya, also a spokesperson for a forum that is advocating for a federal system of government in Malawi, added the distribution “justified” their calls that the country should “let go the present unitary system of government.”

He had described it as system that was letting Malawi “down” both socially and economically.

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Which northern MPs? Am a northerner but I don’t see which MP can stand for the North. Ulyezi basi. Uncle Jose mukuchitapochi for Mzuzu? Mbwe mukuti u will fight for the north don’t cheat us.




But why tumbukas always make noise not any other tribes? do you think you are clever guys than others? Born in a village should it be the reason to torment Malawi? Be careful guys for all these nonses.

Afana Zedi

The Southerners have been running this country for ages and still Malawi is underdeveloped. The laughing stock in SADC region. Let them take the Chinese projects and let’s see if that will bring prosperity for the landless peasants of Phalombe, Chiradzulo, Thyolo and Mulanje. Time for cessation. We can’t continue to be ruled by ignoramuses just because they’re in majority. The whole country is being held back

james mariano

Malawians belong to one family.why insulting each other?

Concerned citizen

Stupidity no 13 wanva ?


Atumbuka agalu inu munakhala bwanji?….first accept kuti u r a stupid minority grouping ihv ever seen….Anthu ozikonda anyapaphi….U think malawi belongs to u?….even if iwere Mutharika dafenately icould do worse than him…Atleast mutharika think about ur angangas at Enukwenu or Hora since all of u hv migrated to bt and LL..if iwere apresident icould not appoint any minister from ur region, in my five year term icould not visit ur stupid bushy area to see kuti mungatani zotsiru…..osangoyamika kuti tikukusungani kuno kumwera abakha inu…..Ndiye olo mupange press briefing mupindula chani…nyero za manu….


Zikomo mlomwe


Kodi timve ziti atumbuka obalalika nzeru inu? Lero mukasonkhana; eeeeeeeeh Malawiyi timugawane ,kenako eeeeeeeeh koma quarter system, tsiku lina,eeeeeeeeh boma litipatse chitukuko Ku north, mumaganiza bwanji koma???? CCAP synod ndi iyo mwakwanitsa kuisokoneza mtundu wotembereredwa inu.Mumachoka kwanuko kukapanga settle Ku region kwina nkumati “tifuna development Ku north” za ziiiiiiiiih !!!!!¡ chitukuko Chimapita komwe kuli anthu. Muyambe mwabwerera kwanu ndiye muzikapempha chitukuko. Mwamvaaaaaaa???¿


Dont waste time talking about such an issue mr msowoya (a failure in politics).let the chinese develop this country. Ask Mtambo to tell the west to develop the north. Karonga chitipa road was built by who?????. Muziyamika


If it is the Chinese financing the development projects, please dont cry for them.Azaona chinameta nkhanga mpala posachedwa


Northerners please keep your cool mmm! Fatsani pang’ono guys amayi munawavotera aja akubwera posachedwapa abwera ndi chuma chankhaninkhani. Akungodikira kuti boma liwapezere nyumba, ndiye nyumbayo ikusakidwabe. For now tipemphe bwana Timothy Mtambo amene amadziwana bwino ndi azungu a UN kuti apemphe chuma choti chibakuthandizani mukudikila amayi

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