Ntaba intimidating chiefs over MCP’s support in Lilongwe Msodzi North

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)vice president for the Central Region Hetherwick Ntaba is being accused of  using Senior Chief Chadza to intimidate chiefs in  Lilongwe Msodzi North to ensure their subjects do not vote for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate Sosten Gwengwe in the October 17 by-elections.

Dr.Hertherwick Ntaba speaks at the funeral of Chief Kabudula (C)Stanley Makuti.

Three senior Group Village Headmen and Two Group Village Heads  from the area confirmed in separate interviews  with Nyasa Times having been summoned by the Chief Chadza at his Msozi headquarters who told them he was under instructions of Ntaba.

“Yes its true our Senior Chief here is totally desperate to have DPP Candidate win the polls. The chiefs is threatening to remove us from our positions once MCP wandidate Sosten Gwengwe wins these polls, saying those are orders from Ntaba,” a  Senior Group Village Headman (name shielded).

He  said the chiefs are being asked to mobilise their subjects to vote for the DPP candidate a Mr Daka.

The senior chief Chadza  has since promoted Village Headman Kapatamoyo to become Group Village headman just to strengthen his campaign chances and also as a token of appreciation for the job well done during one of his meetings.

“We are wondering is this democracy. The same people that made us suffer in one party dictatorship have moved to another party and still being dictatorial,” complained the chiefs.

But Ntaba dismissed the report as “baseless” and “malicious” .

There has also been reported fears of electoral fraud in the area.

Some constituencts are being asked  to surrender the voting IDs to the chief, saying everyone doing so would be rewarded with soft loans.

Gwengwe confirmed the about  receiving reports of  snatching of voters IDs and chiefs intimidation but he was quick to refer the matter to MCP director of elections, Maxwell Thyolera.

“These issues have been submitted to the party  and Malawi Electoral Commission now at this stage you can only talk to the party,” said Gwengwe.

Thyolera could not immediately comment.

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Mbuzi zopanda mana

Pitala 81 years, Goodall Gondwe 82, Ntaba 77, Chaponda 76, etc atithandizapo apo madoda or nkhalamba zimeneezi


Whether you mention of atrocities committed by old MCP zaku zimenezi meinaso ukulankhulawe sanabwere know for tinaliko linali Dziko la Mkaka ndi uchi kunalibe cash gate kunalibe maize gate kunalibe namapopa

Kumene kunali wa MCP musiyeni wa MCP atenge mpando wake. Msalandane mipando 2019 isanakwane. Nkhondo yeniyeni idzakhale 2019 pozungulira dziko lonse kugulitsa presidential candidate wosati izi za campaign ya mkhonde. Izizi za pa constituency anthu amafuna munthu wa kwawo potengera mbiri yake yamunthuyo wosati chipani ayi. Nchifukwa chake amatha kusankha MP wa independent koma president nkuvotera wa chipani chawocho. Ndiye kuti kupambana bye-election sikuti mwatenga boma ayi. And none can measure presidential race by winning a constituency election.In Lilongwe MCP MP can win with 6,000 votes and the same number goes to Chakwera as president seconded by DPP with 3,500… Read more »

eshi mulindichintchito akapokola


That’s the difference between UDF and DPP. UDF wouldn’t bother then about AFORD or MCP in their perceived stronghold areas.

“The same people that made us suffer in one party dictatorship………..”. Which party was in power at that time of suffering? Which party was causing such sufferings? Will the people not be justified by not voting for such a party? If they decide not to vote for the party that inflicted suffering on them, should we then blame Dr Ntaba for that? Which Gwengwe is contesting in this by-election? I hope it’s not the Gwengwe who was Amai’s running mate and the one who castigated Chakwera for being ungrateful to Nkhoma Synod when he ( Chakwera) dumped them after training… Read more »
Hatton, I wonder if you have a functioning brain. Are you implying that MCP made you suffer and DPP is making you enjoy your modern life? If there is a party in Malawi’ s history that doesn’t care about your welfare, it’s the DPP. Are you able to remember and see the people that made MCP bad, who have tried to blend in a democracy? I will help you :Heatherwick Ntaba and Nicholas Dausi are two examples of perpetrators of political atrocities in late Dr Banda regime. It was hard for them to accept democracy in 1992 and it is… Read more »
I can’t believe that in this century there are still people who takes truth to be a lie. It’s so sad for malawians as far politics is concerned to refer a modern MCP as murderers. We all know that the founding members of UDF and DPP are muderes and now they are using mcp to go away with atrocities they committed. Bakili Muluzi himself had many people killed during the time of mcp. The mcp we see now comprises of young people who don’t even know what happened then. Ndizinthu zokhumudwisa kwambiri kuona anthu ngati Dausi kumanenamwana obadwa ma late… Read more »

Shame to our chiefs they don’t act as community leaders but money mongers. Zinazo tizileke koma mpaka mfumu kumaopseza anthu? Kumalanda timakadi tovotera? Zamvekanso akuti akumayenda usiku. Onse amboma ndi otsutsa Ali ndi mbiri zimodzi. Alekeni anthu asankheko satana wabwinoko pakati pa asatanawo

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