Nude photos of Malawi Police woman causes stir, fired

Pictures of a Malawi Police  officer posing nude in a room seemingly to be at a Police Training School (PTS) have been leaked and circulating on social media cuasing stir.

Scandalous porn cop: Constable Chionjeza

The Police officer only identified as Esther Chionjeza and it is allerged that she just graduated in the last pass out parade late last year.

According to reports, Constable Chionjeza who is reportedly to have graduated from Limbe Police Training School and was posted to Chileka Police Station had a secret affair with one of the Senior Police Officers during training.

It is allerged that she then sent the pictures to his secret lovers who unfortunately was later caught with the pictures by his matrimonial wife.

Unconfirmed reports states that the Woman Constable has since been relieved  from her duties.

But when contacted for a comment on the matter, Malawi Police National Spokesperson James Kadadzera refused to give details of the matter.

Kadadzera opted that this reporter meet him in person suspecting it was someone who just wanted to expose and tarnish the image of the Malawi Police Service (MPS).

“I can’t just release information to you basing on phone communication. We need to meet and verify your authenticity,” Kadadzera told Nyasa Times in a Whatsap response.

Meanwhile, it is not yet known whether Esther will be charged for indecent exposure.

However, other quarters suggest that the one who leaked the photos is the one to be prosecuted.

This is not the first time for a Malawian to have nude pictures leaked.

Last year, Deputy Minister of Defence Vincent Ghambi also made headlines when a video clip portraying his face was also leaked.

It was allerged that he intended to send the clip to one of his secret lover who was reportedly to be one of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Sendela dancing Queens.

In 2008 Nyasa Times were the first to exclusively report on biggest story ever of  Blantyre socialite and the wife of a Blantyre-based prominent lawyer  who had been fingered in highly circulated pornographic photos and video clips.

Grey Nkungula,  who was General Manager of Malawi Switch Centre – a subsidiary of Reserve Bank of Malawi, was the man seen in compromising situation with Tapiwa Msiska, former wife of prominent lawyer Moderchai Msiska, in the highly circulating photos.

Other photos and video clips showed Nkungula having sex and posing in various nude poses with various other women.

Msiska -an auditor – was fired from her work p l ce, Delloite and Touche, while the Reserve Bank board also sacked Nkungula.

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24 thoughts on “Nude photos of Malawi Police woman causes stir, fired”

  1. ghetto teacher says:

    the last days …

    I’ve seem everything on this and the girl is my school mate and there’s nothing of this kind she has been head of since her secondary schools..

  2. Mlopwana says:

    Ma 11 ndi dhilu hvy……. Mlomwe wakwa nyezelera. Munthu wamkulu aziziwika ndimakutu osangoti nseee ngati plasma-ka under 5…..hamukoka. com

  3. patroys says:

    Just leave her ndikwake kumalisecheko

  4. MasterMind CRP says:

    This is so called unfair to the one who exponse her nude photos to the public. to be honesty 90% of people who’re in love they sent nude photos to each other komano apapa Umunthu ndiwo udasowa kwa munthu emwe amatumizilidwayo. in fact he dated her with reason to make her slave. how can a person with sprit of God do that? chenicheni chomwe amafuna after all chidali chiyani kwa iye if may i ask? ( some questions remain unanswered ) Nafeso timatumizilana ma pics but no matter what there is no need to publicate it. the man i mean her bf must be judgeged as he breaks someones rights and pay for it.

  5. Mushuu says:

    She’s herself 2 blame and now she is facing d consequences of her stupidity

  6. igabel of Damdoryn,harties says:

    i agree with u analyst 0….whoever take your words is wiser.I would be happy if your comment was a published article on its own coz it contains a clear advice.Many will agree that dont send your nude pics to anyone no matter how u trust them.

  7. Mac nyoxy says:

    Koma yaa!! tiyeni nazoni a police muma kwana, muma katenga matenda kwa mabwana ku training ko mkumadza tipatsa ife kunja kuno mbuzi.

  8. CHIM says:

    Leave this poor girl alone

  9. Raphael Moyo says:

    Very sexy Malawian woman to be involved in sex scandal. Where are the photos? You can’t blame her. She is beautiful

  10. kulcha deep digger says:

    osangomusiya bwanji mesa
    ndiza personal

  11. kwacha says:

    Guys this is the best i have watched on Malawi Porno scandals. The woman is sexy and needed publicity. Very handy and am sure can manage even very difficult circumstances. sexy breasts. beautifula face, , look at the hips and the flower on her libia. Get off the Police job and get married to your man waiting for you out here. i enjoy looking at your pics and wish i meet and ask you to get married to me. Will fin out just where you are, got your number baibe.

    1. Chikosa says:

      send us the photos. tizingomva zammaluwa? mwina nzabodzatu izi??????

  12. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    Constable’s work ethics may have been compromised including that of the
    senior police officer who is already married. Both should have been disciplined.
    But these were consenting adults. It happened to two USA naval officers some
    2 or 3 years ago. Whatever they were doing was a private affair.
    Whoever leaked the nude photo should have sought permission from
    them for its release. Their privacy was violated. Assuming the constable is alive, then,
    damages for eave dropping and violating her privancy should be sought. So too damages
    for humiliation. It is important to guard against one’s reputation. The cyber space is clogged
    with hunters who take any chance to spoil things. But this world is cruel.

  13. Shaniya says:

    Izi zikuchulukira chulukira chifukwa chani? The one who exposed mzakeyo nayenso ali chimodzimodzi ndimzakeyo. Sikuti zimene tikuzionazi pa mayi wa police yu zikusiyana ndi za azimayi ena. In short tikungoonetsera uchitsiru wathu anthufe. Athu owona zithunzi akuona maliseche a mzimayi … apa ndekuti maliseche a mzimayi aliyense awonekera pambalambanda.

    Azimayi muziwupeza osapanga zinthu musanaganize. Osangokambilana ndazimuna anuwo bwanji.

  14. rotten cops says:

    It is a common thing in Police training schools for senior male office to exploit trainees. In Zambia at Lilayi Police Training School, this bad behavior has also be exposed. Please fire the senior police Officer because this young lady was forced to be sending these nude photos. Again the one who leaked the photos should be caged because this girl was not sending the photos to the public but to the lover whom she thought was sensible. Our Police are rotten because there is no leadership in the services. I wish Mr. Kamwana, Lunguzi were here. Kamuzu told us party ndi Nkhondo, and we disagreed with him. He was not only referring to war using weapons but social and moral war. Since the end of one party system, Malawi has not seen peace. The presidents we have had after Kamuzu have contributed to the current situation. Malawi will never develop if we continue to elect these Southerners. Malawi can only develop if we have a president from the North or Centre. God fearing people are from the North

  15. racheal says:

    tikamapemphelera mabanja Mulungu amamva ndipo amayankha

  16. The Analyst says:

    Let no one, on pretext of love, friendship, marriage or whatever; send their nude pics to anyone, not even a friend/wife/husband or whoever.
    . . . You see, friends and enemies are just two faces of the same coin.
    Yes, the nude photos are mostly sent to your best and trusted friends. But who doesn’t know that “Your best friend could be your worst enemy.” – Bob Marley?
    . . . It’s also important to know that when you submit your nude photos to anyone, you become their slave. They can use and exploit you, with threats like “I will leak your nude pics.”
    . . . But even if mutakhala kuti simunayambane, “What can possibly go wrong, does go wrong [sooner or later]” – Murphy’s Law. And your nude photos can somewhat find their way into wrong hands.
    Moreover, sending your nude pics to anyone, is a clear manifestation of kusokonekera mmutu. Otherwise, munthu wabwinobwino cant do this! Not even for love! And whoever loves you, will never ask for your nude photos.
    . . . Know this that, pali zinthu zina (e.g. nthumbwana) zomwe zimangosangalatsa kuzidya but not kuziona. You can as well keep the stuff to yourself.
    . . . But, if (chifukwa chakusochera mmitu kwathu), and someone has asked for our nude pics, we must always demand their nude photos also. So that if (by whatever misfortune) enemies you become, and one decides to act stupid by deliberately leaking the other’s nude photos, you can retaliate, proportionately.
    . . . Komabe will your shame disappear and integrity restored, just because you have also leaked the other’s nude photos? No! Kodi is it fine to die in a road accident or in battle as long as you don’t die alone? Not at all?
    . . . Just don’t be stupid and take or share your nude photos.

    1. Bodza says:

      Abale ndaonerako za a polisi mkazi ali bwino. Mabere abwino tchire lowirira. Thanks !! Inde chibwenzi changa amanditumizira zimenezi assaaaa

    2. Onaphiri says:

      well analysed. okumva wamva

  17. Abro says:

    Just heard she has committed suicide, how true is this?

    1. Mwitiwa says:

      False. She alive and well. She is carefree. She is not even concerned. She is new at Chileka Police Station but her bad reputation is already preceding her.

  18. chilombo says:

    And why didn’t you Elija Mphimbi the reporter go there to meet the spokesperson in person to get the full story before publishing? Kulephera ntchitotu uku, mukungolemba zonva kwa anthu m’malo motiuza chilungamo. Tamapangani zochangamuka mukuziyalutsa apa!!!

    1. Francis says:

      Analibe transport. Ma Journal a mpanje kkkk

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