Off the wall of Dickson Kashoti: DPP should stop whining

The erstwhile ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  officials should go into serious soul searching, not only because of its crashing defeat at the ballot box during the 23 June presidential election, but because of the revelations of the massive economic plunder and massive looting of public resources the party has encouraged in the past six years, which president Dr Lazarus Chakwera is putting the cost at a staggering K1.3 trillion.

Chakwera and Chilima to clear the rot by DPP

In the civilised world, the party was supposed to apologise to the nation because of these embarrassing and humiliating reports instead of being defensive.

Therefore for the DPP secretary general Grezelder Jeffrey to write president Chakwera to protest against the arrest of some DPP followers on various series of alleged crimes is not only senseless but a sign that the party remains arrogant.

More so the letter was written on a day the police arrested the party director of youth Dyton Mussa who will be answering murder charge for the brutal killing of the Tambala family in Lilongwe.

President Chakwera and Dr Saulos Chilima should not be bothered with useless letters because they are busy with their mission to clear the rubble and filth which the DPP has left behind.

What Ms. Jeffrey has done is like applying salt on a fresh wound.

Our memories are still fresh how the suspected DPP cadets petrol bombed the UTM office in Area 24 whose building housed the Tambala family, killing the father, the mother and a child, leaving six children wounded, and orphaned.

Time for backing medicrioty is over.

I think the DPP took Malawi as its estate, as a kingdom, this is why they were stripping the country of all its resources with arrogance and impunity, with a ndiope ndani attitude.

I am now tempted to believe the Tonse alliance narrative that former president professor Peter Mutharika might not have been in control of state affairs after all, this is why there was free for all attitude, this is why we had all this anarchy and chaos.

For instance, the more state vice president Dr Saulos Chilima whistle blowed on abuse of public resources in some parastatals, the more the DPP did it.

In some instances, the plunder was even done just two days or a day before the election day.

If it was possible, I would have withdrawn my vote which I cast for professor Mutharika, I wasted my vote.

Anyway, I did it because I did not know the extent of the plunder and corruption and mediocrity.

If my vote had given the DPP another five year mandate to rule the country, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the country would have been on its knees economically, politically and socially.

Ndiope ndani?

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Hypocrite Z
1 year ago

Do not despair Dr Kashoti. You are not alone. There are 1.3million low IQ hapless subjects (and hopeless) who still reason like Miss Kondwani Nakhumwa.

1 year ago

Kashoti is a sell out who wrote and claimed that the June 23 election was marred with massive irregularities and that over 9 million voters (more than those that registered to vote) voted. I doubt the brain is still functional.

Neurosurgery Prof
Neurosurgery Prof
1 year ago

You mean Mr Kashoti you are that politically myopic NOT to see all those DPP ills to an extent you voted for Mutharika to continue???some things just beat me odd!!

Destroyer of liars
1 year ago

Dickson Kashoti voted for DPP because he was not happy with UTM going into an alliance with MCP. He voted for continuation of plunder which he is against now after revelations, whether his regrets for voting for DPP makes sense or nonsense it’s up to him and the public to judge.

1 year ago

S zkashoyi mufuna udindo eti mwachedwa…

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