Off the wall of  Dickson Kashoti: Mutharika joins the foul-mouthing politics

President Peter Mutharika has decided to practise unusual not so exciting podium politics by reminding the Malawi Congress Party that party officials used to throw dissidents in Shire river as meal for crocodiles instead of developing Malawi.

President Peter Mutharika speaks

President Peter Mutharika speaks

This is very unfortunate. Malawians have moved on and seems they do not want to look back. This is why the MCP president got a close second to the presidency as he got 27 per cent of the vote whilst the MCP did extremely well in parliamentary polls making it the main opposition.

This shows Malawians forgave MCP whatever atrocities it might have committed and Chakwera has more than once begged forgiveness. Kamuzu too asked for forgiveness.

The MCP strong showing during elections is a clear indication that Malawians have forgiven the MCP. After all, there is a new leadership on the MCP, non of them is connected to the atrocities. I wonder how the Democratic Progressive Party would react if the MCP reminds the ruling party of the murder in cold blood of Robert Chasowa at Polytechnic, not in one party system of government but during multiparty democracy because of his dissent to some policies of the DPP.

I do not think it would help matters if the MCP reminds the DPP of the killing of 20 people on July 20, 2011 when the police mercilessly gunned them down for protesting peacefully against Bingu.

All these murders happened in a democracy when our president and most of his cabinet and close allies were in top government positions. Let bygones be by gones. Let our politicians stop mudslinging because at the end of it all, it will be ordinary Malawians caught in this cross fire.

The opposition is there for checks and balances. The opposition is there to remind government of its promises to people.

Then there is this politics of “just in two years, we have done this, we have done that! I thought people vote into power a president and his party to do just that so to force people to clap hands for development projects is senseless. It would have made sense if the money for the development projects came from the leaders or their party but lol its from the very same people you are forcing to clap hands taking advantage of the ignorance, cry my beloved cry!

  • Taken off the  Facebook wall of Dickson Kashoti, a veteran journalist.
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Petre Mathanyula

Bwana tiuzeni yemwe anapha Robert Chasowa ku Poly, yemwe anapha anthu 20 in July 2011, yemwe anapha Issa Njaunju. Kodi onsewa anaphedwa ndi MCP? Mumafuna kuti anthu akutameni ngati mumatha kulankhula bwanji??? Anzanu akyamba kubweza moto musandaule kuti akukunyozani. Ife timaona ngati mwapita kumpoto kukapanga msonkhano wachitukuko, koma ayi mumakapanga msonkhano onyoza anzanu. Za ziiiii.


Man Mutharika tiye nawo akanganyawa asakuzolowere. Anaonjeza mwano koma tsono uwauze chomwe iwo ali, makamaka this toddler in politics one Laza Judas the Iscariot uyu adachita kuthawa pa pulpit nkumaganiza kuti azitiomba akamabera dziko lonse mmene amatibera ku Assemblies.


“Mutharika joins the foul-mouthing politics”? Bwana Kashoti you have rightly put it. This statement “Mutharika joins the foul-mouthing politics” means that Mutharika never did foul-mouthing politics while everyone else was. But through observation learning, you have taught him. Who is to blame now?

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