One-on-one with Miss Blantyre 2013: Nerani Nthara

Nerani Nthara is a Polytechnic student who last Friday, 6 December, 2013, won the Miss Blantyre 2013 title. Nyasa TimesKimpho Loka caught up with the 20-year-old and in this interview she shares her inspirations and aspirations. She also has a special message to young Malawians on the use of condoms.

Nyasa Times: First of all, congrats for winning the Miss Blantyre 2013 title.

Nerani: Thank you so much.

Nyasa Time: Who is Nerani Nthara the model?

Nerani: Well, am a very reserved person, I like to observe things before I act or say anything. I’m a laid back person. People say am shy but I don’t think so [Laughs]…

Nyasa Times: …tell us a bit of your background, family and education.

Miss Blantyre seated after being crowned

Nerani: I was born to Mr. and Mrs. Nthara 20 years ago and am the first born of three children, being the only girl. I did my secondary school at Kalibu Academy then I passed well and was selected to the University of Malawi to do Quantity Surveying. I always want to make my parents happy so I try my best to work hard in school and be an example to my two brothers, Brian and Thomson.

Nyasa Times: When did you start modelling and what inspired you?

Nerani: I started modeling not a while back, two years ago. I also auditioned for Malawi Fashion Week 2013 and I was picked, but I couldn’t attend because boot camp clashed with school, hence I had to withdraw.

Nyasa Times: What is your unforgettable moment taking part in the Miss Blantyre 2013?

Nerani: I met new people who inspired me, for example Samantha Crozier [Miss Blantyre executive director] who was Miss Malawi 1998. I also met new friends. But of all, when I was actually crowned Miss Blantyre, getting the crown was an amazing feeling. I knew there and then that when you put your heart into something, you can make it happen, regardless of what people say.

Nyasa Times: What plans do you have for the next 12 months or so as Miss Blantyre 2013?

Nerani: As Miss Blantyre, I believe it is my responsibility to set good examples for the youth out there. I want to show people that with hard work and determination we can make this happen. I plan to advocate for the environment; we need to plant more tress and take care of our environment. We can see now that we’re in the month of rains but it is nowhere to be seen; this is due to lack of tress, contributing to global warming and if we don’t change then hunger will surely strike. Secondly I want to advocate for the street kids, so they get into orphanages and get education. Everyone has a right to education. We are the future of Malawi, and some of these kids have talent that will not only benefit themselves but Malawi as a whole. I also want to change the mindset of people that models are prostitutes, not all models are like that. We all should not be categorised as loose. We are different people with different personalities, behaviour, goals and so on. And me being Miss Blantyre am sure people will surely change their mindset.

Nyasa Times: Modeling is regarded as a failure in Malawi, what’s your take on that?

Nerani: Um, I must admit there is some truth in that. I believe that Malawi has very beautiful girls with brains as well, however advertising firms have not promoted such girls instead they take models from outside Malawi instead of promoting our own Malawian models. We have potential and we have what it takes to put Malawi on the map and have other countries hire Malawian models. Secondly, I feel like modeling agencies promise things which they don’t fulfill and in the end models get put off. However, I believe we have what it takes to change the saying that modeling is regarded as a failure in Malawi.

Nyasa Times: After Miss Blantyre, what next for you?

Nerani: I think greater things are yet to come. The exposure I will get from this will make me achieve my goals.

Nyasa Times: What message do you have for Miss Blantyre 2014 contestants?

Nerani: Well, I would encourage them to go for it. Follow your dreams don’t let people’s opinions discourage you. Embrace you, love yourself and in all things put God first because He is the master planner.

Nyasa Times: As a young woman, what is your value when it comes to condom use?

Nerani: As a young woman I believe that abstaining from sexual intercourse is the best way of preventing diseases e.g. HIV/Aids, and being faithful to your partner is important. However, we know that it is impossible for everyone to actually practice this; hence people need to use the condom. I believe if we can’t abstain, then we should use a condom so that we prevent contracting HIV and other STDs, unwanted pregnancies and so so. Life is a gift from God and needs to be handled with care at all times. We only get to live once, hence it is our duty to take care of ourselves. So I should say that the use of condom should be promoted to avoid the risk of losing our lives.

Nyasa Times: Thanks for the interview Nerani.

Flaunt it: Nerani Nthara, Blantyre beauty queen

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