One voice for Malawi

By  Peter Chikaiko 

Fuel shortage, lack of forex, poor water supply, and frequent electricity blackouts, bad governance, the quota system, irresponsible use of government resources and tax payers money… by the current administration is affecting us Malawians equally including the so called Bingu supporters who will be deployed to the streets whenever peace loving Malawians want to demonstrate.

There is a story of Mordecai and Esther his nephew in the bible. The story has it to say that King Ahasuerus decreed to exterminate the Jewish race, and Mordecai asked his nephew who by then was the Queen to plead on their behalf to king Ahasuerus, to which she responded unwillingly that it was not yet time to see the king because she thought that, by virtue of being queen she was safe. Mordecai told her that “Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king’s palace any more than all the other Jews” (Esther 4:13), meaning that the moment this decree took effect she would also be killed because she was a Jew.

Looking at the problems rocking our nation, there is need for every Malawian to take part in solving them. The most unfortunate part is that these problems have been caused by one person in the name of Bingu Wa Muntharika.

Call for National unity

Malawi is a nation comprised of different communities, tribes and peoples, with different languages and cultures. And as a nation we live in constant contact with each other. We work together daily in the same economic system, buy the same products and services like fuel, and we are under the same judicial and political systems.

This follows that the chewas are not superior to other tribes for the reason that Kamuzu Banda was a chewa, neither are Yao’s because Bakili Muluzi was a Yao nor the Lhomwes because Bingu is the president, or the Tumbukas because they are hard working in class! Every policy that is made in Malawi, or bill made by parliament, is made for Malawi and Malawians. Therefore even those that are in the Bingu administration will be affected –it is just a matter of time.

Recently the civil society organized demonstrations against these problems, but some overzealous security officer who pretend not to be affected, use lethal force to kill civilians. Suppose, if all the voices that are calling for Bingu’s resignation were one voice, what a big voice would it be?

If all the churches were one church and these churches had come together and organized one big prayer for the whole nation, what a big prayer would it be? There are churches that believe in fasting, some believe in novena, while some believe in tobah. Let them that believe in fasting organize a nationwide fasting by mobilizing all the churches to take part in the form of chain fasting, likewise to those who believe in novena and tobah so that every Malawian should take part in this fight of making another dictator for the nation.

There are people who believe in witchcraft and you have your own camps where you meet. Suppose all the witches had come together, and combined all their charms, can Bingu withstand that charm?!? Or if all the witchdoctors were one witchdoctor and all their spells and black magic were one spell, what a big spell would it be, that can oust Bingu from presidency?!!

Call for MPs and the Opposition

Our honourable members of parliament, much as most of you have been labelled madeya (maize husks) in the past and present; you can make a difference by rejecting some of these barbaric laws that are accelerating the making of another dictator for our nation. Some of you were there in the Bakili administration, and it is still fresh in our memories that you rejected both the third and open term bills for him. And I know and believe that you can also do the same to this iron fist rule of Bingu Wa  Muntharika.

Opposition MPs may be you were voted and put in that position for a time like this!

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