Open Letter to President Mutharika: To get Malawi economy right, get the politics right

Dear My Dearest Mr President,Open Letter Graphic

You might be wondering why I have decided to drop you this letter. I am writing to you on behalf of all the youth in Malawibecause when you leave your office in 2024 (if your wishes come true) or when you reach the end of your inevitable life journey, whichever comes first, you will leave Malawi to this generation.

Mr President, it seems that you too easily forget that there are millions and millions of young people who live without dignity, without independence and without freedom because they cannot find jobs in Malawi. And I am talking of all the youths including those from Thyolo, your home district.

Many a times, Mr President, you have come up with contradictory statements in trying to convince Malawians that when it comes to your grand plans you will easily put the country’s economy back on track. You have also conceed to the fact that Malawi’s economy is “sick”. This has been amplified by your good Goodall Gondwe.

Mr President, making convincing statements to Malawians is not good enough. It is, in actual fact, adding an insult to an injury, to say the least. Malawi’s economy is bonkers given the deluge of negative economic data on Malawi.

As a Malawian, Mr President, I am so disgusted and ashamed whenever I browse through the economic outlook of Malawi on the internet.

Immediately you became president, Malawi was declared the poorest country on this planet earth. Are you not ashamed of this Mr President? Do you want to be associated and leave with this stinking legacy? If I were you, I would work my butt off to prove these people (who ever does the rating) wrong.

You have now been president for almost 1½years and it seems like you haven’t as yet pulled your grand plans out of your magical hat. How do you expect the youth and Malawians at large to start enjoying the fruits of your grand plans without implementing them?

At the rate you are operating, one would be tempted to think that you do not have any plans at all. This is very bad for your image Mr President, and to save your face, I would strongly recommend that you implement your much awaited plans henceforth.

Mr President, it’s a fact that next year Malawians are heading for the worst of the worst considering the global slowdown, especially in China where you have put all your hopes (more like putting all your eggs in one basket), the already hunger pandemic in the country, the continual plundering of meagre government finances.

It’s like a free for all where nobody, including yourself, candare stop anybody. There are so many examples I can give you Mr President to this regard but let’s leave that for another day.

Mr President, you also seem to have chosen the easy path of displacing blame of your own failures to anybody who comes in your mind, including all your predecessors (excluding your elder brother Bingu of course, who many believe is the architect of cash gate), opposition parties, the hostile donors community (as if a country develops with donor money), civil societies and the media fraternity. In fact nobody is spared of your fury and explosive insults.

Mr President, my friendly advice to you is that your government must respond toboth external and internal pressures and environmental factors. These environmental factors should be the basis of your economic policies.

One thing you need to know Mr President, and I don’t know why your lengthy band of advisors never tell you, is that the US is, I am meant to understand, currently involved in a “destabilising strategy” against China, the “guidinglodestar” of your DPP lead government.

Mr President, you have been in the US for decades, yourself. I am sure you will agree with me that these mad Yankeesseem to always get what they want.

Your DPP lead government, Mr President, is in a cul-de-sac and there is no evidence of any new direction or major policy shift to boost Malawi’s economic growth to create jobs and ease the political and economic ills Malawians are currently faced with. This should come as no surprise, because the “root cause” of the economic problem in Malawi, is the political problem.

Mr President, you need to implement policies that focus on growing the economy and create jobs by dealing with the key “binding constraints” on the economy including: shortage of electricity and water; infrastructure backlog, shortage of honest and skilled workers in government and onerous regulations, which increase the cost of doing business.

The current repo rate in Malawi is 36% and the lending/prime rate is 42% – something is definitely not right here Mr President. The fact of this scenario is that you cannot grow entrepreneurs, which are key drivers of job creation. The cost of doing business in Malawi is extremely prohibitive.

Mr President, the multiplier effect of this scenario is that you won’t be collecting enough money, in taxes, for your world-wide trotting escapades. At the rate you are doing things, you will one day find yourself in a situation where there will be no any company to collect your much needed tax from.

You see now Mr President, this is notgood for you as it is exactly like starving a cow to death which gives you the milk you enjoy so much.

Mr President,I put it to you that you cannot growMalawi’s economy by: (1) Building Banquet Halls at the State house; (2) Demanding to fly in chartered jets; (3) Taking friends and cronies to New York just to drink Johnny Walker Blue and Cognac, and bump into every kind of pimp in the Manhattan Red Light streets; (4) Stealing from the treasury and stanching the loot in Singapore; (5) Not addressing the real issues; (6) Arrogance and table banging; (7) Conducting selective justice to those implicated in cash gate;(8) Not being strategic; or (9) Your political gimmick of trying to build a tarred road to Kasiya.

All in all, Mr President, there are so many things you are, in my opinion, not doing right to put the Malawi economy back on track and what this illustrates is that one of the biggest “binding constraints” on the Malawi economy is politics, rather than economics.

Mr President, despite all this directionless of your administration, it is a pity that your responses and actions have largely been a combination of arrogance, threats and intimidations including table banging.

You even demand apologies Mr President. So far, nobody has apologized and I would like to volunteer making the apology you so much want and demand: “Mr President, I, The One Who Anoints with Myrrh, do apologize on behalf of every Malawian who questioned on any bad things you have done, most especially those who questioned of your trip to New York with over 100 people and blew up Mk300million to Mk500million, depending on who you talk to, even though so many Malawians are dying in hospitals because of no medication and civil servants cannot be paid in time almost every month”.

Mr President, I have volunteered to apologize on behalf of all the “unreasonable” Malawians who dare question you on the many blunders you are doing because I want you to focus on real issues of developing the country and create jobs and not be distracted by those “arrogant fools” who didn’t want to apologize.

Now that I have apologized on their behalf Mr President, it’s timeyou goto your office and pull out all your developmental plans and implement them henceforth.

Mr President, I heard you praising our own old Uncle Bob, the he-matriarch of Zim, as THE African Hero. Really? Old Uncle Bob, an African Hero today? I think your timing in praising Uncle Bob is dismally misplaced Mr President.

But I understand your misjudgement Mr President, because the right time (early 80s) when we were all praising Uncle Bob, you were not around. Your praise in 2015 to Uncle Bob as an “African Hero” isuncalled for. It has just exposed your ignorance intoday’s Africa’s political dynamics.

The true “African Heroes” of today Mr President, are those leaders who are waging economic wars and winning them.

Mr President, I also understand that a document stamped “secret” dated 15th October 2015 has been sent to you by your chief Spy, NicholasDausi, accusing Dr Lazarus Chakwera of conspiring with Civil Society Organizations to bring “regime change”.

This, to meMr President, is not governance but, to borrow one Chewa idiom, zamasanjezenizeni, zamchombolende. Treason is charged to somebody who wants to bring “regime change” by forceful means (or mwaupandu). Exactly what the Midnight 6 intended to doafter the death of your brother.

Mr President, Nicholas Dausi is not a Spy. If he is a real Spy, as he claims, then he should bring to book all those involved in the stealing of Mk20billion and Mk577billion. Why is he exerting his energies on useless things which won’t help the country but only bring unnecessary confusion?

Mr President, Dr Chakwera and the Civil Society Organizations in Malawi including any Malawian do not have to respect anybody but the facts, and they certainly have not been “given” the space or the right to function by your seemingly all powerful and magnanimous DPP lead government.

Mr President, in case you don’t know – before you came to Malawi, in 1993 Malawians fought for the right to freedom of expression, which now form the bedrock of our Constitution.

Freedom of expression, Mr President, is integral to democracy, and democracy is unimaginable without the right of individuals to express their views without censorship and retaliation by government

In conclusion Mr President, there is a phrase that has become popular with your leadership style or rather your personality: “You punch above your weight”. I came here when I was already a millionaire; I am a friend of Obama (so what, if you indeed are?); I am just here to help you Malawians – blablablabla.

You seem not to stop spiting all the nonsensical demeaning and humiliating insults which creeps in your small head or rather your big head to Malawians as if you are some kind of mythological demigod.

Mr President, I don’t need to remind you that you are neither a demigod nor did Malawians callyou from wherever you were for your help. I don’t know where you get all these crazy ideas Mr President.

Your goal and salvation as a leader Mr President, should lie in dealing with the many miseries Malawians are faced with now. Proper schools, hospitals which are properly resourced, a secure environment and an enabling environment for economic growth which creates jobs – this is the role of a responsible government. Not forever lying in wait for an opportunity to pillage and plunder.

If you have no ideas on how to do these things Mr President, I am more than willing to help you – and I am not looking for a job, I already have a good one.

Thank you for your time Mr President. I intend to contact you very soon just as a courtesy follow-up of this communiqué.

Sincerely yours,

The One Who Anoints With Myrrh.

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6 years ago

Your a true Malawian Thanx for the later it’s for Peter Muthsriks to prove himself

6 years ago

only those who read the bible can understand this situation, we are living in the end of times seasons, and nobody can solve these problems, its only Jesus Himself who can accomplish all these problems. you will be tired with talking and talking up until you realise that Jesus already told us of these events.

6 years ago

Feel that we are in the end pple,that’s why we might expect to face problems. Don’t fight against each other ,we are in the end. The president can not sought these problems let us refer these to God. God help pple

6 years ago


Winston Msowoya
Winston Msowoya
6 years ago

I would like to congratulate wholeheartedly the writer of an open letter to President Peter Muthalika on behalf of Malawians in diaspora.Bravo true son of Malawi.You have courageously and intellectually represented the opinions and ideals of all the downtrodden people of Malawi.Once again,keep the banner high we are with you in our last and decisive struggle against the impostors who have destroyed our dear mother Malawi beyond repairs.To remain in power,these impostors have created all sorts of evil tricks to divide our people and finally rule us.The most effective and dangerous sinuous is the division they have created on us… Read more »

6 years ago

i wasted my vote voting for this idiot.i wish i had use it to wipe my bum.he is the most useless president ever.

6 years ago

Let’s start with two kids per couple/family. Maybe some economic plans could actually start to work…

6 years ago

What a stinking piece heeiishh. And you call this a letter? God forbid.

Mbowe Mulambia
6 years ago

This guy has just expressed his opinion but some stupid people are blaming him just that they belong to DPP

Long Dick
Long Dick
6 years ago

We have a KING COBRA on nyasa now!

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