Opposition hits at Malawi ruling DPP over abandoned infrastructure projects

Opposition political parties in Malawi on Thursday held a news conference at Crossroads Hotel where they expressed their frustration following the countless abandoned projects by the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chakwera with fellow opposition leaders addressing a news conference

Leader of opposition in parliament  Lazarous Chakwera, who is also president Malawi Congress Party (MCP), led the news conference where the leaders tackled a number of critical issues affecting the nation.

Chakwera accused  DPP leaders  of self-aggrandsiment, and wrongful enrichment  ahead of national interests.

He mentioned some of the stalled infrastructural projects  such as the Churchill Road  (Illovo Roundabout to Mitima Road roundabout).

“The dual carriage way had stalled when contract price escalated to around twice the original price due to implementation delay and change of designs.  The project has been handed over to Fargo, the initial contractor for a contract price of K400million The  strange  thing  is  that  President  Peter Mutharika  uses  this  stretch  of  road  every  time  he  drives  to  his  home.  No one cares and he does not care either,” said Chakwera.

He also mentioned about the Chiradzulu Turn-off to Maselema Roundabout road in Limbe which he said when it started MK12.4 billion was spent but the  project cannot be concluded because of a stand-off in compensation due to, among other things, deteriorating standards for respect for rule of law.

On Liwonde to Nsanama road, Chakwera said construction started 10 years ago amid great fanfare and pomp. The  works  remain unfinished .

He also mentioned the Zomba Airwing Jali  to Chitakale in Mulanje road which  he said started 10 years ago and the project has been receiving budget lines yet this is only the second year that saw some serious works with re-mobilization on bridges and culverts .

Other examples which Chakwera gave during the presser included  Thyolo to Bangula Road,  Mzimba, Ekwendeni via Kafukule road,  Lirangwe to  Liwonde  via  Chingale  road,

In the central region Chakwera gave examples of Lumbadzi  Dowa, to Chezi road. Dual carriage way from Capital Hotel roundabout to Area 18 roundabout.

The opposition also wondered the stalling of Nsanje Inland Port.

“This  project  was  started,  completed  and  officially  opened  at  a  cost  of  MK4  billion  over  7  years  ago.  It remains unused and is a monument to needless waste. We are today asking this Government to explain this,” said Chakwera

As that was not enough, the opposition political parties are demanding government to explain the stalling of Commercial Court Building along Sanjika Road in Blantyre.

“DPP should also explain Blantyre police station project  which was started 15 years ago.  This year  MK500 million budget  was allocated to it.  The funny thing is that construction has not yet started,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera also accused the DPP administration of “official deception”.

“Construction  of  roads  in  the  townships  is  done  for  political  purposes  to  give  the  people  the  impression  that  the  government  is  serious  about  infrastructural  development.  However,  the  roads  are  so  sub-standard  that  they  are  pot-holed  within  a  month.

“These are projects that were started with Presidential political pressure without proper planning procedures.  Contractors were hired and made to mobilize close to campaign time.  Contractors used own resources, and sometimes got loans from banks.  Months down the line, the government could not pay.  This has led to contractors charging implausible interests over unpaid debts.  In  some instances, up to around 42%.” said Chakwera.

The opposition Leaders also alleged that rampant  corruption,  theft,  waste  and  embezzlement of  public  funds  and  resources  at  the  highest  levels  of  government  has  destroyed  the  developmental  impact  of  all  these  massive  investments.

“It is massive amounts of money going down the drain. Many  of  the  roads  were  abandoned  and  the  money  disappeared  into  private  pockets.  Road  contractors  openly  talk  of  budgeting  for  bribes  to  government  Officials  and  giving  10%  to  the  ruling  party.  This,  sadly,  is  a  cost  which  is  borne  by  the  tax-payer.”

The opposition  pointed out that Malawi has a serious governance crisis.

Among the political leadsers who attended the news conference included  George  Nnesa of MAFUNDE, Loveness  Gondwe of NARC,   Sam  Mpasu of NLP, Mark  Katsonga Phiri of PPM.

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Kunena Mosapsyatila
Really, empty tins really make alot of noise like the Dausi’s who bark at any criticism that comes their way, even when it is constructive. Some body is criticting a situation with facts and evidence, you call that one an empty tin. But when the likes of Dausi tell you lies allday on MBC, they are think tanks of Malawi!! You must be joking and a big comedian of the year.Mwazolowera kuwononga zinthu ndipo maubongo asokonekera ndipo mwazitenga kukhara zowona kapena zabwino. These are such people who are even symphathising with ESCOM on the issiues of blackouts because they are… Read more »

Empty tin makes a lot of noise


Chakwera sometimes you baffle me. You are just an empty tin. You like listening to your own voice.. and look at your team at the conference. Tired and expired. You better close your mouth than talking senseless issues.


Ngakhale galu akanyela amaseta. DPP is a dead dod.

Mr. Chakwera, I am yet to hear anything positive coming from you about the sitting government. I stand to be corrected if that is the definition of opposition. Or, have I ever heard you say anything good about anybody? Maybe you are the type that is only pessimistic and never optimistic. Have you been to your home, Malembo of late? have you seen the road infrastructure tacking shape there? Have you been to Lilongwe and Blantyre recently? Have you not seen any roads being constructed there? Do you understand any basic economics? What do you understand by inflation hitting single… Read more »
Biti John

Mbuzi za opposition.
Kunalibe zina zochita eti
Athakati ndithu!
10 to 15 years ago?
Jesus Lord have mercy !!
Waste of space on earth !


Cn I have the total number of supporters from the other four parties? Where was PP?

Joleen, you speak like a dog with chiwewe. If I may ask how long has Dpp been in government? Don’t talk because you’re from south and you want people from south to be ruling. Let us all come together for the benefits of malawi and the future of our kids. Dpp government is indeed doing things without planning. Mr Bingu, Joice Banda and this Peter have brought malawi ten times backwards. Are you happy when every single news paper on earth writes about us being the poorest nation? Mr Bakili Muluzi though he was not educated but he left our… Read more »
Fake Petros
Kukondetsa mbava to the extent of obscuring one8 thinking capacity. Essentially over the past 15yrs Malawi has been ruled by absolute mediocrity in the name of dpp. Forget about the 2 year’s PP rule by default. If anything probably the best years in recent times in terms of livelihood of a common man (ignore rantings that the economy is on truck and now the inflation is in single digits). Anthu akukutika ndi mavuto kunja kuno. (Of course not referring to Dausi ndi Kondwani anthu oti ayamba tuma pot belly ndi u minister, to them of coz zinthu zili bwino. Dpp… Read more »
I want to differ with Joleen Makondetsa. The mentioned projects were initiated by the DPP-led government and here Chakwera is spot-on to demand an explanation from the DPP led government If you have ever traveled the Ndirande road at Chimseu going to Ndirande Mountain you would agree with Chakwera that its one of the substandard roads that is today heavily potholed and yet substantial taxpayers money was paid in an effort to drum up support for a DPP MP – Mr Sangala. WHY? 1. The DDP led government did not build the road in good faith rather it was sort… Read more »

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