PAC conference underway: Malawians must  stop tolerating failure —Rev Chingota

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC)  chairperson Reverend Dr. Felix Chingota has said during the opening of the governance watchdog’s sixth All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference underway at Mount Soche Hotel in  Blantyre that the country continues to slide backwards in terms of development because of citizens’ tendency to tolerate failure by those entrusted to lead.

Rev Chingota, PAC leadership and delegates t the two day conference at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre

Chingota challenged that the quasi religious organisation will not be stampeded to promote falsehood as it  continue  its watchdog role  to proclaim the truth and held those in power acocuntable.

Chingota  also expressed concern on the failure by President Peter Mutharika’s administration to act on resolutions that delegates came up with during the fifth All- Inclusive Stakeholders Conference held last year.

Chingota therefore challenged delegates to the conference – which is being held under the theme: ‘The state of governance and public trust: Reclaiming our destiny’ – to take to task duty bearers saying Malawians must determine their own future.

Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (Osisa) is funding the conference.

The  conference apart from discussing a report on the feedback from the Fifth All-Inclusive Stakeholders’ Conference and chart the way forward, there will be major talking points on governance situation in the country.

Economist Henry Kachaje, who is one of President Mutharika’s most acerbic critics,made presentations  on how corruption is affecting Malawi economy.

In his presentation, Kachaje unveiled that corruption is worsening in Malawi.

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15 thoughts on “PAC conference underway: Malawians must  stop tolerating failure —Rev Chingota”


  2. AMDALABAMBO says:


  3. joze says:

    Iwe MBUYA Mgoloso..ulibe nzeru..sungafanizire terrorizm ndi ku London ndi Manchester ndi acts of terrorists pamene cashgate nkuba kwa dala..DPP ikutsekerera wokuba..ndipo PAC iyenera kunena mopanda kubisa munthu mmene abusa amalalikira kuti uleke chigolololo / kuba / ufiti etc. samanena akubvindikira maso ayi…Bravo!!! PAC

  4. mbili ya bakha says:

    a mbuya musayerekeze manichester ndi malawi. tili kutali sitingawafikepo. kodi kwathu kuno ndani amacoka pa mpando zikaipa? amangofutikila olo kufutukitsidwa ku mpando wina.azathu malamulo awo anakhazikitsidwa ndipo zimatsatidwa. iwo wanyapo amacoka yekha ndipo ngati anthu asakunfuna sakunfuna basi. sizakwathu kunozi kuzolowera licking other peoples arses,nde angausiye mpando? tinazolowerea kuimbila mmanja fiti-thangata. za kwa azungu sizicedwa kufufuzidwa nkuona pakhota nyani ncila. ndipo wa ciwembu ca manichester wapezeka ndipo ena akufufuzidwa. kwathu mlandu unafufuzidwa kudziwa mathelo ake ndeutiwo.utsilu uli panowu. kuweta mamba mmanyumba.
    yahaya will his country till …….. yrs

  5. Nkhwilitoto says:

    Mbuya mgoloso or whatever u call yourself I nice cadet komano osamaiwala kunonkunja mudzakuona kufunika kwa PAC mukachoka m’boma 2019.
    Nthawi imeneyo MCP ndi Chakwera adzakhala akutsogolela.

  6. john says:

    PAC has spoken and let those who have ears hear and those with eyes see.

  7. Sam Chipala says:

    My question is do we really still need PAC in Malawi????

  8. bulutu says:

    The problem is that some of us will support anything done by our favourites whether wrong or right. Look at teachers now. Is this not failure? Should someone smile at such situations? If by vote our parliamentarians rejected the increase in funding to Education ministry and yet some schools are in thatches, inadquate and classes are conducted under trees in many schools. Shame. University education can take 6 years instead of 4 years because of this and that requiring money. Roads which are a development achievement are substandard and require maintenance before they are completed.Should we clap hands for such. Almost all government contracts have this and that language as witnessed by claims from foreign companies in power field, oil drilling etc. God help us!!

  9. Mbuya mgoloso says:


    Whether it’s for a common good for Malawians or is for the quest to see a new administration in Malawi PAC MUST THINK TWICE AND know that who soever they are saving God in Heaven is watching .No one is perfect and that’s why a woman or man who looks for a 100% perfect man/woman respective will never get one. What is needed is tolerance and in tolerance everyone knows and learns the very ethics of being atleast good in a way
    .2 Corinthians 12:9-10 reads
    But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.
    So even PAC OR government can 100% be right no matter what !
    1 Corithians 10:13 reads~No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure PAC being religious they were supposed to champion for peace and prayer when temptation of leading Malawi into a trench comes not engage in physical fight .remember 1 Peter 5:7 reads ~Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.not calling a group of bandits to discuss the fate of Malawi .leave the physical fight to the political parties let PAC in a way believe in Philippians 4:6 ~ Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

    So who are PAC to think that the only way to uphold the very foundation of this nation is to say that someone somewhere is very wrong and must be condemned . We all are Malawians of good will and we believe that the best way to improve is to allow dialogue a chance instead of not appreciating the little gains we have made after cash gate.
    I know this will not go well by some quoters here in but i think its too much now from pack . If we are coping from the west styles we have to stop and look at what is happening to them when a problem comes.

    Watching international media when Manchester and London bridge issues erupted you will see that no one condemned the government but they held hands tight to fight but why is it when there is a problem our learned PAC always point at the government? why?
    We are heading towards disaster if PAC will continue like this

  10. mijomba says:

    Malawians are dogs look at some of the comment here. The group is trying to punch some sense in us and based on greedy minds we r trying to be negative a malawi changamukani

  11. Maunits says:

    Tchaya tchaya tchaya tchaya PAC this govt is too corrupt and not fit to continue beyond 2019. They need red card full stop. Did a thief Chaponda attend it today.

  12. mbuje says:

    We elect government through universal suffrage and not through this pseudo body of self annointed greedy men! Who elected Chingota to speak on our behalf! This grouping lacks legitimacy!

  13. santana says:

    PAC will come out losers in this meeting. As Trapence has said, PAC needs to walk the talk not just putting its failures under the carpet. Divisions in PAC is just another manifestation that all is not well with its leadership. PAC’s executive should explain to Malawians why its own members are not trusting the body. Chingota and Mulomole wanted to use the Committee for their political gains but nkhanga zaona hence the furry on the other three members. Mulomole and Chingota should know that they can fool people yes, but not all. There are people out there whose eyes are always open such that cannot be twisted by people of Chingota’s caliber. Akuchepera kaba kwambiri. The nation is waiting to hear the Chingota’s and Mulomole’s achievements during their tenure of office though its already expired. Why cant the two learn how PAC was conducting its things during the time of Boniface Tamani and Daniel Gunya?

  14. Ganzan Edward says:

    God Mey Help Malawi

  15. digo says:

    Osapsatira mchira, kuno nkwathu guys get

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