PAC to name and shame ‘cashgate’ suspects: Malawi leader clears 7 rotten ministers

Public Accounts Committee (Pac) of Parliament  chairperson, Alekeni Menyani, said his committee may use discretion to release the names of suspects in 13 case files regarding K577 billion audit report in what is known as Malawi’s  ‘grand corruption’  Cashgate scandal —the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill.

Menyani: We will release the names

Menyani said corruption in Malawi government is rampant and there is no political will to fight the vice.

“This DPP government is not only being perceived to be corrupt but it is corrupt,” said Menyani in an interview aired on Capital Radio.

He said there is regime attempts to defeat justice in the ‘grand corruption’.

The K577 billion was suspected to have been siphoned from public coffers according to a data analysis by Price water house coopers (PwC) of May 2015 but the unreconciled funds have been revised downwards to about K236 billion.

“There is strong suspicion that we have seven corrupt ministers  – involved in cashgate scandal – who are still serving in Cabinet,” Menyani noted in the radio interview.

“There is totally no political will from the executive to deal with corruption.  We must soldier on and we are going to the bottom of the matter,” he said.

Menyani said  since government could not release the names of people and companies allegedly involved in the scandal, the PAC will name and shame the suspects including the seven ministers.

“We are going to be simply realising names to the general public,” warned Menyani.

He said the absence of suspects’ names renders the audit  report a useless document, and infringes upon the rights of taxpayers to know who embezzled the money, saying they want to bring into account all those involved.

But  President Peter Mutharika said he was aware that his administration is accused of being the most corrupt in the country’s history and that it is selective in its prosecution of suspects of Cashgate

In his address at Habitat ground in Mzuzu last week after touring upgraded feeder roads in the city Mutharika claimed none of his Cabinet ministers are mentioned in the K236 billion forensic audit report covering the period between 2009 and 2014.

“Let me say this in English so that Malawians and foreigners who live or work in this country and criticise my government understand on the alleged seven ministers. There are no seven ministers, I asked Accountant General, Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] director, and there are no seven names,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also challenged the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament to proceed and investigate the wealth of his brother and former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika.

He said PAC needs to establish the truth, and stop torturing his family.

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The first 4names are Chaponda, Kalilani, Musa and Vuwa


The first 3 names are Chaponda, Kalilani, Musa and Vuwa


Why can’t they just name them. Tired of this daily rhetoric that lacks action. The president gave an OK to whosoever has valid information to bring it to him for immediate action till now it’s just the same song “we will name them”


“The absence of suspects’ names renders the audit report a useless document, and infringes upon the rights of taxpayers to know who embezzled the money, saying they want to bring into account all those involved”

SO this MP concurs with APM that there are no names? So where should APM get the names? The opposition in Malawi is indeed a bunch of clueless and headless chicken. With this type of hyena reasoning can the oust DPP out of power? No ways! DPP is here to stay.


That is typical of MCP MPs – mufa ndi Bp chaka chake ndichino. DPP idakali kulamulira Malawi mpaka muchulukane ku central region, otherwise we make the numbers for DPP victory.


you must be living in the old stone age. check with national statistic office for latest population projection in malawi. As of february central region has surpassed southern region in terms of population by over 400,000 people. Wait for 2018 national census and you will be shocked with figures from central region.


For once do it we have been fooled for a long time. Authorities have taken good advantage of poor innocent Malawians because they know we are voiceless. If there is indeed any truth it should come out and for once poor people should shame the rich corrupt.


Rich are becoming richer,poor are becoming poorer. Unfortunately poor people are (1) paying huge tax to the rich people. (2) praising rich,clapping hands at meetings when they obviously know that they are suffering. (3) fearing to ask the truth not knowing its their constitutional rights. (4)and no allowances or benefits an ordinarly poor malawians receives despite huge promises. a poor malawian moves on to cast votes to a same person who cheated him/her yesterday. LETS WOKE UP MALAWIANS. Kodi lamulo lochotsa mtsogoleri asakuchita bwino palibe??? oops!


this idiot called mutharika makes me vomite he is a big crook as far as am concern i think malawians we should refuse to pay tax coz its him who benefit from our money while no development look in the hospitals no drugs so where do our tax go?yilakwe ilakwe basi ariyense azipanga zomwe akufuna lets se where he is going to get the money coz its only out tax which bring the food to the mouth of this idiot monkey

Zander mutiuze
The only way tog Come to this is to engage foreign investgators Who can go into foreign banks suspected money were deposited there. Peter knows Malawian will not find evidence because money of his brother is in foreign accounts abroad. Malawians should get assistance from donor countries to finance because They did in Malawi but its not helping. After all its their money too. He said he will not shield anyone in his campaign but what is he doing now? He lied. He is a thief too. He came to sack poor Malawians. Malawians thought it was his brother but… Read more »

PAC being a branch of parliament can’t be taken to court read the constitution! Kkkkk koma ma Nyasa!

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