PAC tells govt to serve Malawians not donors, reject gays

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has told the government that it has mandate to serve Malawians not donors reminding the Peter Mutharika administration that homosexual laws are alien to Malawian culture and traditions.

Fr Mulomole: No to gays

Fr Mulomole: No to gays

Father Peter Mulomole, spokesman for PAC said this in response to Foreign Affairs minister George Chaponda who recently conceded that homosexuality laws were suspended because of pressure from donors.

Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom put pressure on governent to drop homosexual charges against Cuthbert Kulemeka and Kelvin Gomani latest suspects in gay case.

“Government should be decisive on this matter. It is very clear Malawians have rejected homosexuality therefore the government needs to tread carefully. Either it should serve Malawians or donrs,” said Mulomole.

Mulomole said Malawians respect human rights but that does not mean that alien culture and traditions should be imposed on Malawians.

Mulomole suggested there should be a countrywide survey to determine how many Malawians embrace gays.

However, Timothy Mtambo of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation says human rights issues have no boundary.

“In human rights there is no such things as majority or minority, infact we protect the minority in human rights,” he said

. He said Malawi does not have the luxury of choosing which human rights issues issues to observe because Malawi embraced democracy in 1994 and is a signatory to several international human rights conventions.

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U fools ! No one is talking about demonstration against donors but if it were issues to do with mutharika stupid evil doers. It is the same u who wl need to demonstrate if donors hold their aid if government do not bow down to them u u hipocrites !o u satanists


so it seems every body can do whatever he/she need there is no boundary
zopusa basi ,zinthu zikukwera mitengo the human rights kuli ziiiiii,anthu akuvutika where are you human rights you put your back at the cry of poor people.koma mukawona pali dollar pa zinthu zopusa ati no boundary,if the creator himself didn’t gave rights to a person who are you to say there is no boundary, why you didn’t marry your fellow man,who in your family did that palibe and sungalore.Now malawians can know who the big gays are.

kwalewera Zinyemba

If the human rights charters of the Un are meant to defy Gods law then Malawi should recind those agreements.

So, since LGBTA people outnumber Malawi, the LGBTA people can vote on the fate of the human rights of Malawians, right? Or is it only okay when sanctimonious segments of Malawi society want to violate the human rights of others? What if the LGBTA people just grow tired and vote to end Malawi through any number of means, would that be fair since they outnumber Malawi which is hurting LGBTA people? What is the proper response to the genocide against LGBTA people occuring each day LGBTA people have their human rights violated in the Malawi? Is the real question, do… Read more »
M Sizini
What we need is an effective Environment Protection Agency. There are very few of us who wish to live in, and raise our children in, an environment in which deviant sexual and related behaviour is considered acceptable. The globalization of gross indecency that the West seems determined to achieve must be resisted. We must never surrender to those forces that would coerce us into welcoming attitudes and actions that we have hitherto considered contemptible. If we must have such people within our borders, I suggest that we set aside a Deviant Reserve in which they will be free to indulge… Read more »
Uta wa leza

Im not surprised. You are obviously a homosexual, a well paid brainwashed agent or sadly both. Would you kindly tell the world why homosexuality was labelled a mental disorder by the american psychiatric asociation until 1975? Homosexuality is a trojan horse used by western governments to dismantle traditional family,cultural and religeous values and replace them with satanic worship, conducive to spiritual,mental,and physical enslavement.

Dr Haswel P. Bandawe
I am all for “human” rights. I take it, though, that the “rights” must and should be judged by “what if everybody behaved/acted that way” (in private or public) what would be the effect on society as a whole. That would be my yardstick for considering whether a particular “human right” is desirable or not. By this yardstick, drug abuser is prohibited because of the harm it causes to the individual’s normal functioning of his/her body functions. In some cases it leads to violence. Suicide is not accepted because taking away a life, including one’s own deprives society of it’s… Read more »
John K Black

PAC was corrupt when we demonstrated against the abuses of Bingu. They have lost all credibility. Read my blog about gayism:


Mulomole of PAC should behave like broadminded person and not impose his wishes on minority groups. He can not stop homosexuals from choosing their way of life.

Fathi Alshehaab

Mr mrambi are u gay urself? Where is ur consciour or ability between chosing right and wrong, is zat human right too! Ur bonkers….oops!

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