Peter Mutharika says confident of ruling Malawi: Shares policy points

Presidential candidate for the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, (DPP) in the 2014 elections Peter Mutharika  says his academic experience, international travels and connections he has developed over the years gives him confidence that he can effectively rule Malawi and helping it achieve its domestic, global and developmental responsibility.

In his ‘legacy speech’ make available to Nyasa Times in which he has tackled issues of social responsibility education policy,   youth empowerment, eradication of hunger and health care says he feels it is his social responsibility to take on leadership in Malawi.

He said while Malawian might have seen him as a minister taking charge over several  ministerial duties under the late Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika presidency, he do realize that his late brother leadership could assume that his beliefs and standards might be the same.

“Be assured that as every family is raised, brothers and sisters are siblings for a lifetime; however, we are also aware that each one of them is independent of their views, standards and beliefs despite of the family ties. As the future president of Malawi, I have every right to ensure good governance of government policies enforced and that the social welfare of my fellow citizens are protected and improved,” he said.

Peter Mutharika:  My beliefs are different
Peter Mutharika: My beliefs are different

Education policy

On his education policy Mutharika says his government will establish community colleges which he says are the foundation of the community empowerment in academia.

“Providing knowledge to the nation marks the beginning of the great nation that is self-reliable, sustainable and strong. Malawians in the future can innovate the nation and empower the youth. They say that knowledge is power; this foundation will build a powerful nation that is literate, well informed, enlightened, and capable to run the country. Women will be strong pillars of their family with improved entrepreneurial skills and the men will be able to work on extra skill sets that can build a nation through engineering, construction, carpentry arts and crafts”, he says

He reveals that he want to build 5 universities in the country and open Ndata University which he says the current government is failing to do so.

Mutharika also says he will build teacher’s training colleges and take care of the teachers to make sure that they get what they need to do a better job for the children and the leaders of tomorrow.

“My government will build vocational schools all over the country where people and the youth can attend training sessions to learn craftsmanship like carpentry and building during the evenings or weekends giving them time to work during the day”.

This he says will guarantee job creation, poverty alleviation and improved skill sets that will guarantee a reduction of unemployment rates in the country and an increase circulation of money improving the economy and growing the industry through trade.

Youth Empowerment

He says his government will accord what the Malawi youths deserve.

“As you know, our current government promised the nation that the youth will be going to Korea to school which was not true. I will make sure that I bring to life what I have committed to the country and the people of Malawi.  The people of Malawi have the chance to change all the things that are considered wrong at this time.

“Our population comprises mainly of the youth and these are essentially the future leaders of our great nation. It is therefore essential that as a country we invest in them so they become productive and play a major role in the economic development of Malawi”

Eradication of hunger

Mutharika says among other a thing the party is working on is to eradicate hunger and stop food shortages saying during Bingu’s presidency, prices of maize were reasonable for the rural citizens.

“Food is important, in order to work, you need food, for medicine to work well, you need food, for everything to work well, you need food. I will make sure that the country regain the food power we had prior to the late President’s passing. I would like to see and lead the country to be independent to an independent food production. My main goal is food security”.

He says however says he is not against donor funding but there is great need to raise Malawi to be independent and be empowered to create its own people and infrastructure.

“I am passionate for change in this nation and for my people so that we have new and improved ways of doing things. Our children rely on this change to happen now so that 10 years from now we can sing a song of victory. This is why you should choose me as your president. I am a happy warrior; I demand happiness for my fellow Malawians! Let’s redefine Malawi, together we can!”

Health: Internal Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

Mutharika explains that he will make sure that the health plan in the country is reviewed to ensure that hospitals, medicine, doctors, nurses and all health supplies are available to the people.

He says inadequate medical resources and supplies have been the reasons why people in Malawi have lost their lives.

“I speak on this with passion because I have firsthand experience and I know that you have been victims as well. Sometimes people cannot afford medicine in the pharmacies when the public hospitals do not have them. My initiative must take place to protect you, the people of this nation because Malawi has a right to live; everyone has a right to access drugs at a reasonable price.

“It is our birthright to make sure that our basic necessities are being met. It is in pursuit of happiness that Malawi must be a healthy, stronger, happy nation”.

He says he will make sure that medicine is available so that people have access to them without too much effort. It is in my goal to have hospitals near people.

“I want to work hand in hand with the Ministry of Health to ensure that the procedure and policies are revamped and adhered to. One way of reaching this goal, is to make sure that the government can reinvest in the training facilities and equipment so that that we have efficient and well trained medical stuff.”

He concludes that the journey towards a better future does not only sit in his hands alone all Malawians doing a bit towards the ultimate goal which is happiness.

“Are you in pursuit of your own happiness? The time is now! Be spiritually in control for a better Malawi! We deserve to live a happy life.  As a “happy warrior” I chose to take Malawians to the next level, the level that is empowering and self-reliant, redefining our future starts now!,” he says.

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