Phyzix releases new ‘hot music’ video: Encourages Malawi youths to vote wisely!

Facing extreme poverty, chronic unemployment levels, youth abuse and exploitation, gender imbalance and inequality among the young persons and lack of educational and vocational opportunities among the youth folk, this place is fast becoming one of the worst places to live in the world.

This Southern African impoverished land-locked country is immensely endowed with infinite treasures of natural resources and yet shortage of basic amenities is the order of all day, every day – this is a place which is blessed with five fresh-water lakes and many rivers, but the people struggles to get drinking water and electricity is as scarce as finding cats making love.

This is a never-has-been-to-war state where the young people forms the majority of the population and yet most of them are used for political gains by Zimmer-frame and wheel chair politicians who promises them a lot during electoral campaign but fulfils none when they are handed the grips of power through the ballot.

In this place students are strictly selected to go to university based on where they come from and not necessarily on their academic prowess and grades they have scored during examinations.

A majority of the youth in this former British colony, which prides itself as a God-fearing nation, instead of doing something productive about their lives, are busy painting themselves and dance in political rallies all to please politicians.

Such a place appears to be just a fig of a stretched and far-fetched imagination but in reality, all this and many more, such gloomy happenstances are an everyday features and order of the day.

Does this place sound familiar?

Well, Malawi is the country and it is just a few months away before it holds its tripartite elections and 54 percent of registered voters are the youth and the politicians are back at it, using and abusing the younger generation to propel them to power so they can forget them once elected into the corridors of power.

Not anymore, as someone has decided that enough is enough and demands equal rights and justice for the youth and is calling upon all the young people to vote wisely in the forthcoming elections in order for them to have a fair share of the country’s political goodies.

Malawi’s trail-blazing Afro hip-hop artist and rapper Phyzix real name Noel Chikoleka who is popularly known as ‘Man Phyzo’ and ‘Gamba wa Suit’ has started an active-citizenship movement to encourage the youth in the country to take charge of affairs and demand a better deal from political leaders in the country.

The movement which is targeting the voting-age youth in the townships, offices and higher learning institutions is asking all young people to take control of the country’s destiny through their power of the ballot and vote wisely so the country can have a leader who will have the best interests of the youth in the country after May 2019.

The Lilongwe born and raised rapper, writer, lyrist and producer but now Blantyre-based marketer, banker and entrepreneur, Phyzix, the Cholapitsa hitmaker also known as Captain Bae recently started the “Mutipatsa?” movement which has gone viral and has become very popular among young people.


Phyzix the Captain Bae, who earlier on, released the Mutipatsa movement theme song, Mutipatsa? said in an interview with Nyasa Times: “There is no excuse for the youth in the country not to be in control. We are the majority and our votes count and therefore we must demand what is just for us.”

Added the Mwachibwana composer: “As a youth movement, we are asking, ‘will give you give us’ all what we want if we vote for you? We, the youth think that enough is enough. We have been used and abused for a long time by politicians and now is the time that we demand a better deal. We need jobs, we need quality education, we need businesses and we want loans, will they give us?”

Chikoleka explained that as an artist he has a social responsibility to sensitise the young people through not only music but other avenues to encourage the youth, the leader makers of Malawi to use their power of the ballot to make Malawi a better place for all especially the youth who have an active life.

“Someone had to take a lead and tell the young people that they must stop painting themselves, dancing for political leaders and just singing “Boma ilo! Boma ilo! Boma ilo! It’s time we take charge and control. We need to vote for someone who take this country to a better place where all people will be happy and proud to call Malawi home,” said the Ghetto sisunga kape rapper.

Phyzix, banker and marketer at NBS bank said he was motivated to start using art to ignite the youth into becoming active citizens and be decisive on governance issues.

He said: “I want to help the youth to be involved in all the stages of the forthcoming elections and be aware and understand all that needs to be understood.

“I think it is only fair that the people who will decide who be the next president of Malawi must understand each and every candidate’s vision through their manifestos and be able to vote for the best person for the job and not merely just for the sake of making someone a president.”

The Mutipatsa music video is out and is a very powerful tool to educate the youth as regards how best to use their power of the ballot to make a difference because this is the time for the youth.

“We have been fooled for too long. Malawi needs to change for the better and the only people to do this is us and the time to do it is now,” said Phyzix.

Phyzix, a well-known rapper, freestyle artist, songwriter and performer was born Noel Limbani Chikoleka on December 18th has collaborated and worked with UK’s Sway of Konvict Music, UK’s Dekker & Johan(Radioclit), The Very Best, KoNd-1, Zinja, the legendary Tapps Bandawe, Tay Grin the Nyau King, Theo Thomson, Young Kay, Lulu, Atumwi (Piksy), Annie Matumbi, Daredevils, Third Eye, Dominant 1, Tigris, Barry Uno, Kell Kay, Nepman, Gwamba, Martse, Dan Lu and Jinx among others.

Chikoleka said: “There no excuse not to make Malawi a little better if the youth, the majority of the voters vote wisely and pick up the right person for the job. Enough of the mediocrity. For those who want to know which side I am on, here is my simple answer; I stand for the truth and justice.”

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Ras Shillo
Ras Shillo
3 years ago

Iwe umaziti fizikisi nde wopoyilaso heavy. Matama basi koma sutha kuyimba. Ulibe kalikose mphawi wa chabe chabe

3 years ago

Za ziii!

3 years ago
Reply to  mbuje

@ mbuje
You are such a sorry sight or bunch of human fresh. What is wrong with this project if one may ask?. The whole reason why people will be voting in May 2019 is to put in place a government that delivers. This is exactly what this song is all about. You are so archaic and myopic in your intellect. Shame on you social misfit.

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