Phyzix sings his heart out ‘beautiful’ for Malawi women: Condemns GBV

Malawi’s kaleidoscopic Afro hip-hop artist, Phyzix populary known as ‘Captain Bae’ has sang his heart out for all women in the country in his new hot single, serenading them in the moonlight of ‘happyness’ calling them beautiful.

Saint Realist teamed up with physic to appreciate the beauty of beautiful women
Gamba wa suit: Phyzix has signed a renewable contract with PC Merchants where PC Merchant will be responsible for dressing up the rapper

The zestful protegee Phyzix, real name Noel Chikoleka, the spirited hit-maker of the chart-burstling song, Follow, on Monday night unleashed a hit-song aptly titled, Beautiful, in which he is featuring silky-voiced singing sensation, Saint Realist praising all women as beautiful advising them to always stand high and to forever be confident at all times.

In the new song, Beautiful, which is tipped to dominate the airwaves, the Gamba wa Suit tell the women that they are not only beautiful but they are also what every man depend and lean on and that they must not allow anyone to look down on them because they are special.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, the 2020 top-selling musician with his Gamba Season EP, King of the Ghetto who is also a banker, marketer, entrepreneur and women and girls’ rights activist said: “I have sang this song to honour all women and tell them what they already, that they’re beautiful and powerful.

“This song is about women. It is about girls. This song is for women and girls to always remember that they hold the power and they must not allow anyone to look down on them.

“Every woman is beautiful and source of every man’s success. Adam was nothing in Eden until Eva came onto the scene,” said the Noninoni rapper.

Chikoleka, who last year run a youth activism campaign, Mutipatsa? Which earned him a series of interviews at the BBC headquarters at Bush House in London – a campaign that was backed by wife of the country’s vice president, Mary Chilima – in which he was demanding equal opportunities for the youth from the national cake said women are the engines of development and therefore they must be appreciated.

Said Phyzix: “Every woman and every girl must be treasured and valued. They are the strong gender. The source of lives and livelihood and the custodians of everything we hold dear as people and as a nation.

“This is why I decided to team up with Saint to dedicate this song all the beautiful women in Malawi.

“Here is a gift to all women. A song that seeks to remind all women how important they are and also to remind all men that women must be respected,” added the Zangoyamba mwachibwana rapper.

Mami ndinu Chimkazi, wina asadzakunyozeni!” partly raps the militant husky-voiced Chikoleka in the beautiful melodious tune.

And Saint has done the song a great justice with his assuring and soothing voice when he hooks in a heart-grabbing chorus and sings;

“Now make me tell you every woman know is beautiful. Every woman is beautiful!”

‘Wave of abuse’

However, Phyzix, the songwriter, composer, rapper and producer, who is married to the award-winning songbird and Zodiak Broadcasting Station presenter and producer and a father to a baby-girl of four, Alyssa, says he is appalled by the current wave of abuse and gender-based violence  (GBV) on women and girls.

“I wish to categorically condemn the current wave of sexual violence against women and girls. We have amidst us monstrous and evil men who in the recent been sexually abusing women and young girls. I am so freaking angry with all this.

“The men who are meant to protect these women and girls are the same that are supposed to protect them. And I feel sick in the stomach to hear some men defending this stupid and devious trend by saying women and girls are raped because of the way they dress. Like seriously?

“What kind of bulls**** is this? Now women cannot dress the way they want because some sick-minded idiot who rape them?” charged the Makofi rapper.

Added Phyzix: “Rape is evil. There is no defence for it. Those who do it are evil. There is no excuse for it. It is a vice. There is nothing wrong with how women and girls dress, what is wrong is that some men are evil minded and these must be plucked from our society and be locked away.”

Phyzix said he will soon embark on a strident  campaign against sexual abuse and GBV on women and girls.

“Women and girls rights are being trumped on and if we stand aside and watch and do nothing then we are just as guilty. We must stand up against these cowards for enough is enough.

Chikoleka added that he intends to engage with the Chief Justice of the Malawi Judiciary, Justice Andrew Nyirenda to raise an alarm with him on the rising of sexual abuse cases and pray to him for the courts to give stiffer punishments to perpetrators of this heinous crime.

“I know there laws that governs crimes but I would like to engage the Chief Justice and beg him to push for stiffer punishments on crimes of sexual violence against our girls and women as desperate times calls for desperate measures.

“It is time we give a death penalty to perpetrators of sexual violence so we can protect our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends and everyone,” said a seemingly angry Phyzix.

Meanwhile, Phyzix has since signed a renewable contract with PC Merchants where PC Merchant will be responsible for dressing up the rapper throughout the year as their brand ambassador.

“This a great opportunity for me. I am grateful and thankful to PC Merchants for instilling good manners in me, Gamba wa Suit.

“Good dressing is equivalent and people address you by the way you dress and anyone who would like to look good like I will alwas be, I recommend you go go buy your suits and all kind of your clothes from PC Merchants because they are very good, very good,” equipped Phyzix.

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