PIM Rev Makondetsa faulted over ‘negative reporting’ sermon: If Malawi is ruled by bunch of crooks, media are duty –bound to tell the truth’

President of Providence Industrial Mission (PIM), Rev Dr Patrick Makondetsa has been criticised for using his sermon marking the memorial service of worship in remembrance of Reverend John Chilembwe at PIM in Chiradzulu to condemn  ‘opposite of the positive’ media for reporting negatively on issues bedevilling the nation.

Rev Makondetsa: Media not the enemy

Makondetsa, who is the general overseer at PIM, said bad reporting that concentrates on failures happening in government, political parties, churches and families is only detrimental to the country’s development.

“This spirit undermines people’s capabilities and skills. It kills the spirit of oneness and most of the time scares investors who could help to move the nation to prosperity,” Makondetsa explained.

He added: “People indulging in this, are mostly doing it out of evil, business and seeking favours.”

Makondetsa remarks comes after Minister of Information, Nicholous Dausi has accused the independent media of putting the government in “disarray”.

Dausi, who is also government spokesman, has particularly picked editor-in-chief of Times Group, George Kasakula and Times TV presenter Brian Banda of being fierce critics of government.

But commentators have argued that Makondetsa sermon was out of order as the media, both mainstream of press, electronic, online media as well as social media is a tool of liberation and empowerment.

The Nation newspaper on Monday in its editorial also pointed out that the media and government are not enemies, pointing out that the media’s role is to, as faithfully as possible; reflect what is happening in society.

“This means that when leaders of a society are God-fearing and discharge their delegated duties well, the media will report the same in the most professional way they can,” reads the paper’s editorial comment.

It said when a country is being ruled by “a bunch of crooks who steal, cheat and lie every minute they are in office, the media are duty –bound to tell the ordinary people the truth about what is going on. And such a role must never be misconstrued as bring confusion or being unpatriotic.

The paper said the democratic system of government require that Malawians have to make the people in high office account for their actions and that the leaders must also be as open and transparent as possible to the people who entrusted them with power.

The publication noted that some Malawians are “deliberately choosing to ignore” the crucial role the media play and are busy promoting animosity between journalists and government, saying it is “counterproductive.”

Leaders are being urged to start looking at the media as a partner and development and not an adversary that must be fought, defeated and silenced.

But Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development, Patricia Kaliati hailed the sermon by Rev Makondetsa, saying it is time for Malawians to be responsible and show oneness towards uplifting the nation.

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Once Malawian pastors see the president they forget their bible verses and start making hallucinations to appease the president! Kkkkkk Ndiye mukuti ndi Dr??? Shame!

m’busa wovetsa chisoni kwambiri. True men of God are known by their fruits. A busa apa you have shown yourself that you are just an earthly pastor. You cant appease men at the expense of God. You are doomed pastor. What kind of people are you leading in your church? Please tell them the truth that you are not of God. Men of God tells the truth. If there is corruption in government you are duty bound to fight against it. I have never heard or seen a pastor concealing the truth like you did. If this is your lifestyle… Read more »

“I feel like bombing the church now that I know the preacher man is lying…” BOB MARLEY

Barnaba Sila
Simply put, negative reporting is not objective reporting. It seems, in Malawi at present, our media is obsessed with castigating the government as news which most of us erroneously think is objective. Mark my words, this is really tarnishing our image as a nation. Do you think the western countries don’t have negative issues which their media could report to the world? They have I tell you! But their media is patriotic, they censer what to report. One thing we forget about Malawi is that we are influenced by regional politics. The people from Southern region where APM and Chaponda… Read more »

Chifukwa chiyani abusawo sanakambepo zakatangale ali mu DPP , nkumanena zina. Ngati abusa amenewa akubisa chooonadi ,akayankha mulandu, chifukwa iwowa Mulungu anawayika alonda, ndiye ngati londa askunena chilungamo kwa master wake ali ndi tsoka Hell is waiting him, God is Just, dont say things inorder to please someone instead of saying the truth, Milandu yanu ya Busa is more than ya munthu wamba, chonde abusa Nenani Zoona kuti mukondweretse mulungu.


in ur life dont trust a chief or a pastor /Rev they are easily swayed by money due to poverty levels. in the past men of God and chiefs could it back and criticise a govt but not nowadays


Does it need a genius to see that media is equally at fault in all this? Kkkkkkkkkk sick nation. Anyway tizindikira soon God walekerera to teach us a lesson


Zachisoni chaponda wa pa nsalu ya DPP wabedwanso dzulo.


It was wrong timing for Abusa. Instead of preaching of salvation in the name of Jesus he was busy with politics

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