Political scientist warns against tribalistic leadership: Bad for Malawi’s transformation

Malawi’s future passionate desire of achieving genuine inclusive transformation will remain a farfetched dream if ‘tribalistic’ leaders continue to governing the nation, University of Malawi’s political scientisit at Chancellor College, Ernest Thindwa has warned.

Thindwa making his presentation
Part of the patrons at the TA function

Thindwa made the observation during the Transformation Alliance (TA) first Southern Region Chapter Meeting jeld in Blantyre on Saturday.

Transformation Movement, a political movement chaired by former Information Minister, Moses Kunkuyu, among others wants a complete overhaul of the country’s political system.

It believes the system is totally rotten and only enriching ‘presidential thieves’ and their cronies.

In his 30 minute presentation entitled: The Malawi We Need: A Political Perspective,  Thindwa took a swipe at leaders that promote particular tribes; almost making them bigger than Malawi, a tendency he said continues dividing the nation.

“Isn’t the president supposed to be the father of all? But haven’t we seen presidents making their tribes most relevant and superior? Are these the leaders we need for Malawi’s transformation? Surely no! These are bad for the much sought after transformation,” said Thindwa.

He further attacked personalized parties that have family attachments ‘robbing the people power to give constructive criticism for fear of reprisals’.

Wondered Thindwa: “We have the DPP that started with Mutharika (Bingu), now it’s with another Mutharika (Peter). UDF was there with Muluzi (Bakili), now its another Muluzi (Atupele) with it. AFORD was with Chihana (Chakufwa), now with another Chihana (Enock). Are we serious the parties have no other members with sound leadership?”

Other presenters during the function were renowned historian David Dudwa Phiri and Youth Activist Leon Matanda.

Phiri noted that the country has lost its significance in the civil service due to poor planning by government.

“Our civil service used to be a model for many countries. They could come and learn from us. Then we only had thirty graduates against a population of four million. Today, when we achieve something, we forget how we achieved it. When we suffer, we don’t know how the
suffering came about. We must begin planning seriously to redeem Malawi’s civil service,” said Phiri.

In his remarks, Kunkuyu said they decided to hold the interactive gathering in its continued consultative and recruitment drive.

TA is expected to hold its mini-conference later this year where among others it is expected to release a comprehensive document: ‘The Malawi Agenda:  A Resource Book for The Malawi We Want’.

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Zander mutiuze
7 years ago

I am glad to reda this artickle. Its true Malawi after dictatorship is ruled by familj members it started with Muluzu Atupele. Bingu imported his brother Peter. JB wanted her son and Sister in government. What is a heil? Is Malawians business. The reason is because Malawians are cheated in believing in tribalism and regionalism. We have been ruled by Southetners and Central has Malawi been better? The waste which has happened is When Bingu started with his Lomwe thing. This has caused hatret to the Lonwes. The government of APM is only people from Southerner and Lomwes. The whole… Read more »

7 years ago

Winston Msowoya,I and many of our readers,are missing your contribution on the issue of tribalism which enlightened us greatly.Please,we used to gain a lot from your fearless and fair narrations,you are an inspiration to the young generations and we hope to read your comments as the issue has now gained momentum nationwise.May God bless you!!!!!

7 years ago

Thindwa has a point

7 years ago

KKKKKKKKK !!! Thindwa !! Kumvetsa ulesi !!! Tribalists ndi a Tumbukatu. You are talking to a brick wall.

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