PP expels Uladi, rejects alliance with DPP: Appoint JB’s son and Beatrice Mwale as new VPs

People’s Party (PP) has rejected any move to have an electoral alliance with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and  finally expelled Uladi Mussa  from the party after it fired him from his position as vice-president responsible for the Central Region, for proclaiming that party president Joyce Banda’s term had expired.

Ro Kachale Banda: Appointed PP veep to replace Jooma

Mussa’s sacking follows an endorsement by the party’s national executive committee (NEC) meeting in Lilongwe on Monday, according to the recommendations made by the disciplinary committee constituted by the party’s politburo.

PP deputy publicity secretary Ackson Kalaile Banda confirmed.

“Honourable Uladi Mussa has been expelled from PP for bringing the party into disrepute,” Kalaile Banda said.

PP first suspended Mussa last year for declaring that he was taking over the party’s presidency from former head of State Banda, arguing that her tenure had expired.

Kalaile Banda said PP has since appointed Beatrice Mwale as Mussa’s replacement as vice-president.

Mussa has also been flirting with the DPP and mooting an alliance with PP.

But PP politburo meeting could not endorse such   a relationship, saying the party grassroots members have rejected any working relationship with President Peter Mutharika “rotten” party.

DPP already has a working relationship in Parliament with United Democratic Front (UDF) whose president, Atupele Muluzi, was drafted into Mutharika’s Cabinet in 2004.

There has been talk that DPP together with UDF and PP will forge a grand electoral alliance for 2019 elections to lock out southern region from Malaiw Congress Party (MCP).

But PP has resolved not to be in any political relationships.

“PP is not in alliance with any party,” said Kalaile Banda, explaining that PP has solicited views of its supporters nationwide on the matter.

PP, whose two-year stint in government ended following its loss in the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections, had been divided following the initial meeting between the DPP leadership, including President Mutharika, and PP legislators in November.

Meanwhile, PP has also fired its vice president (eastern region) Ralph Jooma who recently quit his position as PP chief whip in the National Assembly.

Jooma, who is also member of Parliament (MP) for  Mangochi Monkey-Bay has been flirting with DPP and recently spoke at a DPP political meeting addressed by Mutharika where he drummed up support for the ruling party.

According to Kalaile Banda, Jooma has been replaced by  Zomba Malosa MP Roy Kachale—son to former president Joyce Banda— as vice president and could also be the chief whip.

PP has also appointed Edith Mithanga as National Director of Women, according to Kalaile Banda.

Things have been falling apart for the erstwhile ruling party since losing the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections and commentators have said the situation is being aggravated with the absence of the party leader.

Banda established PP after her expulsion from DPP in December 2010 alongside Kachali for protesting a succession plan to have Peter Mutharika as Bingu wa Mutharika’s successor. She served as the country’s Vice-President and ascended to the presidency in April 2012 in line with constitutional order after Bingu’s death.

PP was borne from a group initially called Friends of Joyce Banda at the time she was systematically detached from the government system.

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Ok fine but my question is why chosing JB’s Son?


But Mussa and Jooma are not ordinary people in politics. Their move will be felt by PP. This is no joke. Wina alira. Especially that their destination is towards the ruling party. Tiyeni nazoni. It looks like every blunder is to the advantage of the ruling party. Yet elections are next year. Pomwe MCP PALIBE chomwe ingaloze kuti ikukonzekera.

Yahya Yahya Jammeh
Hashtag, do you think Uladi Mussa doesn’t know the motive of DPP? the problem is that he was promised protection and freedom from prosecution on the passport scandal he was involved in when he was Minister. The same case with Jooma – the guy is power hungry. Peter lied to him that he will reshuffle his cabinet and offer him a cabinet post, but take it from me there is no way Peter would make such a silly mistake to drop the people who voted him to power to appoint an outsider as Minister. Doing so would mean digging his… Read more »
Kwacha! Kwacha !

Well done PP and A mai JB! Now for Mr Uladi adyendechenene. Congratulations to Ro Ka Chale and Beatrice Mwale.

Waku Gauteng

This is typical African politics people trying all sorts of tricks to keep themselves in politics and enjoy the looting. God save this nation from greed. Our nation has not developed in the last 50 years and our education system produces mediocre outcomes because we have people who think everything for themselves and none for anyone else. Most of our Malawian politicians do not have what it takes but make headlines for the wrong reasons. Greed greed greed greed and greed only and they don’t see anything wrong with it

After helping with the shooting down of the electoral laws the PP South wing has woken to its slumber. Working with DPP these days is very toxic. Nepotism has reached advanced chronic stages in the current administration. Tribalism has escalated to new heights making Northerners look like mere students at their game. Shielding of corrupt officers has been as rampant. Honestly this DPP party will only survive through another rigging of elections. their Prince of Thieves (PT) is a lame duck president presiding over the most nepotistic regime of modern Malawi. He forces other tribes to pay taxes in order… Read more »
The fact of the matter is politicians are crazy lot. Uladi and his Jooma should have known that the vampire in DPP is there to devour parties as a strategy of strengthen their changes of winning in 2019. The once mighty UDF is now a makani party as predicted by Bakili. So time for silly alliances that benefit few individuals is long gone. So I support the firing of this greedy Uladi. I must say I am disappointed with Ralph. I have known him as one of the intelligent young men from school days. I thought he could be rational… Read more »
Mfumu yopanda madyela
Mfumu yopanda madyela

Well spoken boss. Nothing but the truth…


Ralph Jooma I thought you were an intelligent young man full of integrity! What’s happening to you young man. If our young intellectuals start behaving like this without remorse and shame…….then we are doomed!


just waiting and see.we are the Giants MCP,no wonder we are going to be che champions next year.


Way too much drama for me!


too much drama for my liking!!!!!

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