PP govt better just sort out the mess or Malawians will

Whether foreign interests or unnamed diplomats are behind the protests that some civil society organizations are planning to protest against the PP handling of the Cashgate and the proceeds from the sale of the presidential jet as alleged by Information Minister Brown Mpinganjira, is neither here or there.

What should be of concern to the PP administration is not to have some imaginary ideas of some conspiracy against it lurking out there.

Rather, it should deal with the true ‘conspiracies’ that are shaking the very core of its foundation and greatly put into jeopardy its chances of triumphing during the Tripartite Elections on May 20 which is fast approaching.

Malawian President Joyce Banda and the Dassault Falcon 900EX jet Photo: GETTY IMAGES
Malawian President Joyce Banda and the Dassault Falcon 900EX jet Photo: GETTY IMAGES

In case PP or its Mpinganjira needs reminding, the true conspiracy against it is the fact that the Joyce Banda administration has presided over the greatest fraud ever to happen in this country and this is the siphoning of billions of kwachas from the national Treasury which has only ended up in people’s pockets better known now as Cashgate.

And then it put into the mix the fact this administration has not been straight with the Malawian people on governance issues that they get concerned with every day, hinging on transparency and accountability.

Let us take the presidential plane that former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika bought for himself but which the current president told the nation that she would dispose of as she did not want to associate herself with the excesses of the previous DPP regime.

The official line is that the plane has been sold yet media reports suggest that none of the proceeds were banked with the Reserve Bank of Malawi. The question that the PP administration should answer is: Where is the money? If it was used to buy arms or God-knows-what, where is the evidence? Why can’t it present that evidence to Malawians?

In the absence of the above, this is a suspicious transaction involving a national asset and Malawians want straight answers which, sadly, are not forthcoming.

Then there is the rot and mess in public service delivery epitomized the other day by pictures of workers at Kamuzu Central Hospital hurling decomposed bodies from its mortuary as result of non-functioning cold rooms.

That this has shocked the nation to foundation of its very existence is an understatement yet it is just a mere sign of how bad or is it worse things are, on the watch of the slovenly incompetent PP administration.

Of concern to Malawians is fact that the President chooses to fly out to some exotic destination on the very same day, the nation is forced to grapple with this open incompetence of her government as manifested with the scandal at KCH.

For the sake of the little respect and reputation that is left for this PP administration, it should simply sort this mess once and for all because if does not, Malawians have the chance to take matters into their own hands come May 20.

As for Mpinganjira’s rantings, they are typically empty and aimed at diverting the attention of Malawians on the true foibles of this government which we have aptly articulated above. Why does he not name and shame the so called foreign influence that is behind the protests?

But let it be known to Mpinganjira that it is the inborn God-given right for Malawians to demonstrate against an incompetent government like this one. It does not depend on donors or any foreign influence or threats of what has obtained in other countries due to aggrieved people demanding there demanding their right from oppressive regime.

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