PP’s Msonda in a brawl with truck driver: Malawi police yet to make arrest

The former ruling People’s Party (PP) publicist, Ken Msonda was involved in a wild brawl with a truck driver that left both of them severely injured, Malawi Police confirmed of the incident and have since taken over the matter but is yet to make arrest.

Truck driver Kanyenda showing his injuries after a brawl with Msonda

Truck driver Kanyenda showing his injuries after a brawl with Msonda

Msonda: Grateful to police for saving his life

Msonda: Grateful to police for saving his life

The shirt Msonda was wearing after sustaining cuts

The shirt Msonda was wearing after sustaining cuts

Police said the incident which occurred on Monday evening will be treated as a State case whereby Msonda and the driver will be charged with fighting at a public place as well as conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Msonda and S&I Carrier truck driver, George Kanyenda got into a brawl at Liwanda trade centre in Machinjiri after a quarrel over a packed truck that blocked a road to Msonda’s residence.

Kanyenda had packed a 40 tonne truck on a road to Msonda’s house which infuriated the politician.

Tempers are said to have flared when Msonda got into the truck to remove it, and the driver instead started insulting the politician before splashing beer on him.

Kanyenda is said to have loudly called Msonda ”Wa PP uyu, mwana wa Joyce Banda (He is a PP official and Joyce Banda’s aide)”.

Msonda, according to police, retaliated to Kanyenda’s insults and attack by hacking him on the hand and forehead with a panga knife that he got from his car.

”Mr. Msonda was the one who rushed to South Lunzu police in Area 5 (Machinjiri) and the driver followed him there. They started fighting in the presence of officers. The driver hit Mr. Sonda with a glass bottle,” explained Blantyre  police publicist, Elizabeth Divala.

Divala said it was difficult to arrest the two at the time of the incident as they needed immediate medical attention.

”Both of them sustained serious injuries and were given a letter to seek medical help. They were advised to report to the same police station on Tuesday, but the driver gave an excuse that he wasnt
feeling well,” added Divala.

Divala said the two are yet to be arrested in a matter which she described as a civil case.

‘Political attack’

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Msonda who prides himself as a political foot-soldier suspected the incident to be a political attack.

”I suspect he was sent by some politicians because he recognised me as PP official. My life was in danger; he was so aggressive and my neighbours failed to cool him off. He splashed beer on me, broke the bottle and cut me on the hand, instead I had to defend myself,” explained Msonda.

He added: ”I rushed to police and he followed me there and attacked me again in full presence of three police officers. I thank the police for serving my life”.

Msonda said was waiting for police to conclude their investigations on the matter.

But in a separate interview, Kanyenda’s boss, Ben Chiwaula blamed the politician for starting the fight which he said had left his employee critically injured.

”The driver was coming from Mozambique and had stopped at Liwanda in Machinjiri to talk to a friend, a fellow driver from our company,” said Chiwaula.

Chiwaula said Kanyenda had left the truck, ferrying fertilizer, running.

”While he was talking to his colleague, he heard a sound like somebody was moving his truck. He rushed back thinking it was carjackers, but people told him it was Mr. Msonda an official of Peoples Party,”  added Chiwaula.

He claims Kanyenda did not know Msonda until the incident when people called out his name.

Chiwaula defended his junior’s failure to report to police on Tuesday as was adviced by the law-enforcers, saying he had fainted  and we rushed him to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where he was discharged on the same day.

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Lord Denning Chatsika
Lord Denning Chatsika

Koma nsonda ndi power kuchimenya chi driver choncho congrats


mr msonda is really a good boxer

Jelbin mk

Msonda was wrong to get into someone’s vehicle because a vehicle is like a house which can be accessed only with an approval of the owner but to splash a beer on him was too much to bear even if it was me I could overact trust me. And I don’t think this is a civil case as the police put it, this is a criminal case where aggravated body harm was caused.

Jelbin mk
A myao musatiyankhulitse pambali kodi have you ever gone to school? Does a councillor need to be standing on the road checking which vehicles compatible with which road. The rules are already there restricting heavy vehicles from entering residential areas and the it is the duties of the traffic police to make sure that those restrictions are paid the needed attention and fully abided by. Mr you seem to be too obsessed with councillors I don’t know what did they do to you therefore I can’t pass judgment on you. And the issue here is too far from councillors because… Read more »
mthako wa alhomwe

so the truck driver splashed beer on him….we can assume he was drunk. No further comment


Mitima ya achinansonda ndiyowawa ndikale after kuluza kuja. No wonder they hide pangas in their cars as a security measure..Zikumawawa poti they were booted out unexpectedly komanso ndalama sakuzipeza ngati kale nthawi yomwe anali m’mboma. They feel insecure that amaganiza kuti anything negative that comes their way nde kuti ndi attack from a fellow politician. Alibe mtendere koma ali ndi manyazi. Ndiolusa kwambiri komanso nsanje….nde iwe truck driver kumaputa anthu ngati awa eeeeee kaya..ndangodusamo.


Msonda amagaya taonani Ebolayo

wales banda

Nonse munyongedwe basi

jajaa@ yahoo.com

Musonda anatemera mankhwala a ndeu. Ali mwana amamenya mudzi wonse chifukwa chake Kutchenatchena anamuthamangisa


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